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23rd Sep 2022
Navratri and Durga Puja

Navratri 2022 Dates and Durga Puja Muhurat

Navratri or Durga pooja is the most awaited time of the year, as it marks the beginning of the festivities ahead, including Diwali, Karwachauth, Chhath, Gowardhan, etc. Navratri is equally popular in all states of India; however, the enthusiasm for the festival is unmatched in the southern and eastern parts of India, especially in Bengal and Gujarat. This beautiful festival of nine nights marks the descent of nine forms of maa Durga from their heavenly abode to bless their devotees. 

Navratri – The origin And Spiritual Significance

Navratri emphasises the victory of good over evil and highlights the importance of a spiritually enlightened path to its worshippers. History says Mahishashur, a vicious demon, started a war against the gods. To fight him, all gods, including lord Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, combined their supreme powers to create the mother of all abilities, manifesting feminine Shakti – goddess Durga. She eliminated Mahishasur after nine nights of a furious clash against him with her power and wisdom. Another story talks about the famous battle between lord Rama and demon Ravana where the first defeated the latter after seeking blessings from maa Durga. It is believed that before going into the war with the Ravana, lord Rama sought approval from maa Durga, and to achieve the same, he wanted to offer 100 lotuses to her. But, he could only find 99. Rama was ready to compensate the last flower with his eye (Nayan) but stopped by maa Durga, and she blessed him to be the winner against all evils. The tenth day is thus celebrated as Vijaya Dasham – the day good overpowers evil.

These nine nights stand for wisdom and soul connection with the mother divine. While dancing and celebrating their way, devotees experience something expanded and meaningful about life that guides them throughout their journey of existence. All the prayers, chanting, shankhnaand, and meditation connect our spirit deeply with the feminine divinity. Our negativities, stress, and hopelessness disperse with the illumination of the soul. We dive deep into the joy of positivities as many experience rejuvenation, calmness, and a sense of rest in their being during these nine days. 

Let’s know about the Durga puja 2022 start date and the auspicious timings of Navratri. Read along to know more about Navratri 2022 dates

Date and DayWhat happensTithiProcedureTimings
26 September, MondayGhatasthapana/kalashsthapna Maa Shailputri pujaPratipadaOn the day of Ghatasthapana, people put soil in a clay pot and sow barley seeds mixed with wheat and corn. The seeds must be watered every day. The seeds will sprout and grow into yellow grass. This yellow grass is also called Jamara. It is only done in the morning.Should be morning timings (6:10 am-7:51 am)
27 September, TuesdayGoddess Brahmacharini PujaDwitiyaDevotees can offer a prasad made up of sugar, fruits, and Jasmine flowers. They can do corresponding mantrocharan and prayers to please the goddess.Pooja should be done early morning
28 September, WednesdayGoddess Chandraghanta pujaTritiyaA prasad made up of milk like kheer can be offered to Goddess Chandraghanta followed by related prayers and mantras.Pooja should be done early morning
29 September, ThursdayGoddess KushmandaChaturthiA prasad made up of Malpua can be offered to her, followed by related prayers and mantras. Deep prajwalan is a must.Pooja should be done early morning
30 September, FridayGoddess SkandamataPanchmiA prasad made up of bananas can be offered to her, followed by related prayers and mantras. Deep prajwalan is a must.Pooja should be done early morning
1 October, SaturdayGoddess KatyayaniShashtiA prasad made up of honey can be offered to her, followed by related prayers and mantras. Deep prajwalan is a must.Pooja should be done early morning
2 October, SundayGoddess KalratriSaptamiOne can offer sweets made of jaggery to the beloved Devi Kalratri, followed by related prayers and mantras. Deep prajwalan is a must.Pooja should be done early morning
3 October, MondayGoddess MahagauriAshtamiOne can offer Coconut to the beloved Devi Mahagauri, followed by related prayers and mantras. Deep prajwalan is a must.Pooja should be done early morning
4 October, TuesdayGoddess SiddidatriNavamiOne can offer bhog made-up of sesame seeds to the beloved Devi Siddiatri, followed by related prayers and mantrocharan. Deep prajwalan is essential.Pooja should be done early morning

Durga Pooja Muhurat

Durga Pooja observes days like Mahalaya, Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami, and Vijaydashmi. During Durga Puja, every day has its significance and value. Mainly, festivities start on Sasthi and continue till Vijaya Dashmi (the tenth day of victory). The first one to name is Anjali (Pushpanjali). It happens on all three days-Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami. Many people keep a day-long fast and break it only after offering Pushpanjali to maa Durga in the evening. Another one is Kumari Puja-It takes place on Ashtami. A pre-pubescent girl is selected to be the live incarnation of maa Durga and worshipped symbolically. Next is Dhanuchi Naach- Men and women dance to the beats of dhak while keeping the clay pots filled with burning coconut husk with dhuno sprinkled on them (dhanuchis) in their hands. In the end, there is Sindoor Khela; this ceremony is mainly for married women. They smear sindoor on each other faces and distribute sweets. At last, the Bisarjan is the time when maa Durga returns to her heavenly abode through the route of water, also called the immersion ceremony. Given below dates and muhurat timings for the same.

Durga Pooja start date is 26 September 2022

Day and DateName of the event/tithiMahurat Timings
Saturday, 1 OctoberMaha SashthiSHASHTHI  “Kalparambho”  Shasthi Puja  7:03 am – 9:29 am  Durga Devi “BODHON”,  “Amantran” and “Adhibas”  In the evening.
Sunday, 2 OctoberMaha Saptami  Durga Devi “Nabo Patrika”,  bathing of “Kola Bou”,  “Saptami Puja”  Within 9:29 am and at Midnight Durga Puja  11:03 pm-11:51pm
Monday, 3 OctoberMaha Ashtami/Durga Ashtami  Within 7:01 am and  8:29 am-9:29 am    Sandhi Puja  3:36 pm – 4:24 pm  Bolidan – after 4:00 pm
Tuesday, 4 OctoberNavami   Nabami Puja within 7:01 am  and  8:30 am-9:29 am
Wednesday, 5 OctoberVijayadashmi  Dashami puja  Bisharjan within 8:30 am

Navratri or Duja Puja: Nine Days of Fun, Frolic, and Spiritual Emanicipation

Navratri, or Durga Puja, is one of the most pious times of the year as spiritual enlightenment is at its all-time high. This is when Devi Durga visits earth to bless its devotees with all its splendour and grace. During these nine days, some people observe a day-long fast, and some try to please the Devi Shakti with their culinary skills by making simple yet sumptuous prasad. 

In some areas, Navratri is all about quiet pooja or mantra chanting at home but in some places grooving to the beats of Garba or roaming different pandals with family or some bunch of friends adds to the richness. Beyond cultural and linguistic differences, this festival brings people from all walks of life together for some bhakti and fun with festivities.

One should visit pandals during these nine days- cultural events, mouth-watering food, and a community coming together for maa Durga puja is something to watch and relish forever. The enthusiasm is at some other level, and you will see the same grandeur in dandiya events. So, if you get a chance this year-do, remember to go with your friends and family, and you will imbibe an experience of a lifetime.

Relevance of Doing Navratri Puja on Muhurat during Navratri

It is believed that doing pooja on mahurat garners more fruitful results. If you are doing a Navratri puja as per the Muhurat timings, you will most likely bear positive results. It is said during muhurat timings that placement or alignment of the planets is suitable and in favour of the believers. To make the atmosphere favourable for pooja, one should do preparations like lighting the incense sticks and a diya near the worship place. Always offer flower, roli, camphor light, fruits, and cleanly prepared prasad to the maa Durga and the Kalash that you have placed. Chant maa Durga’s mantras and request her presence at the altar.


Sharad Navratri, or Durga Puja, is celebrated in September/ October every year. The most loved Navratri festival is commemorated in the country with full enthusiasm and zeal. During this nine-day festival, the nine manifestations of maa Durga are worshipped. Each form of goddess Durga exhibits a distinctive virtue or quality and is believed to take us to worldly and spiritual fulfilment. Adhere to the mentioned timings and get more benefits from your devotion towards maa Durga.

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When is Durga Pooja Kalash Sthapana in 2022? 

Durga PujaKalash Sthapana 2022 date is 26 September, 2022.

When is the auspicious time of Navratri?

The Pratipada is starting on 26 September 2022 at 3.24 am.

When is the auspicious time for Navratri worship?

The auspicious time for Navratri worship is the early morning.

What is the Vijay Dashmi date in 2022?

5 October 2022

Sindoor Khela happens on what day of Durga Pooja?

It happens on the last day of Durga Pooja.

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