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24th Jul 2022
Why is Foot care Important For all Seniors

Learn Why Seniors Need To Pay More Attention To Their Feet

Foot problems take a toll on seniors. Due to various reasons, seniors have to face foot ailments. They affect mobility and balance. Since blood circulation reduces as we age, it takes a lot of time to heal the sores in the feet. Diabetic patients also face increased discomfort in their feet. As diabetes is a common disease among seniors, they should emphasise foot care. Almost 24% of seniors are estimated to suffer from foot pain. The most viable options for taking care of feet are to wear comfortable foot care shoes, massage the feet, apply foot care cream, etc. Unfortunately, several people ignore the importance of their feet, which leads them to regret it later.


Importance of Foot Care For Seniors

There are many benefits of a consistent foot care routine for elders. Seniors will eliminate many problems by following a proper foot care procedure. Some benefits of foot care have been mentioned below:


  • Reduce Foot Pain and Other Infection

A senior is often confronted with the challenge of intimidating foot pain caused by various factors, including weight gain of the body, wearing uncomfortable shoes, etc. But, foot pain can be reduced by following proper procedures.

Like foot pain, other infections namely skin lesions, fungal infections, and nail problems are also common among seniors. These infections can also be treated with the help of foot care.


  • Reduce Foot Conditions Arising Out of Diabetes

Diabetic people face many foot conditions that cause trouble. For example, the nerves of a patient with diabetes get damaged easily, and the patient loses sensation in the feet. As a result, the patient may not feel any minor injury which may lead to repercussions.


  • Reduce the Itching Caused by Dry Skin

Lack of sufficient water in the body leads to the development of dry skin in the feet of seniors. Due to excessive dryness, you may have to suffer itching and burning in the feet. You can get relief from this trouble only with the help of proper foot care like giving a massage, applying cream, and washing your feet in warm water.


  • Prevent Fungal Infection

Fungal infection often causes itching, burning, and redness and this fungus will target your feet in dark, moist, and warm areas. Once you notice these problems, you should apply athletic foot powder and sprays that kill the fungus and relieve your feet from the infection.


  • Prevent Foot Sores

Foot sores are shared among all people, irrespective of age. However, seniors face this a lot as their skin becomes prone to infection quickly for various reasons. Therefore, seniors need to take additional care to prevent foot sores.


How to Take Care of Your Feet?

Most people are not aware of the proper foot care procedure. There are many easy procedures to take care of your feet. Some recipes have been mentioned below:


  • Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

Clean and dry feet are not easily affected by fungal and bacterial infections, which also help prevent footsore. The feet should be cleaned regularly with warm water and soap. After cleaning, dry your feet as soon as possible, and leaving your feet wet in the water will cause infection.


  • Keep Checking Your Sores

Most seniors keep resting on the bed or chair. While resting their bodies, their feet are prone to sores due to continuous pressure on the feet. In such a situation, feet should be kept in the air for a few minutes without touching any surface.


  • Moisturise Your Feet

Moisturising your feet is essential if the skin of your feet is dehydrated. Since dry skin is prone to tearing, cracking, and breaking, you should keep your feet moisturised regularly. Apply foot cream or lotions to your feet after washing and drying your feet thoroughly.


  • Footwear of Proper Size

Wearing footwear of the proper size can prevent many foot problems. Do not use loose or tight footwear. Seniors should prefer to wear open footwear instead of closed shoes. It will also enable circulating blood to the feet without any obstacles.


  • Clean the Socks

Avoid wearing the same shocks for more than one day. Clean the shocks with detergent and water once you use them. Using the same shocks will also cause bacterial infections, as bacteria tend to occupy a damp place. Therefore, it is essential to wash the socks once it gets wet from your sweat.


  • Massage Your Feet

There are many benefits of massaging your feet. It improves blood circulation, heals pain, and stimulates the muscle. It also keeps the numbness and stiffness away from the feet. In addition, taking a foot massage can prevent many other problems without medication.


  • Get Your Toenails Trimmed

It is essential to trim your toenail to avoid any injury or pain. For example, an overgrown toenail may get injured while walking and cause pain. If you cannot bend yourself to trim your nail, you can take the help of other family members to cut your toenails. You can also visit the parlour to get your toenail trimmed.


 Take the Help of a Doctor

Minor foot problems are common among almost all people. But the seniors with diabetes or other complications need to see a doctor even if they have minor foot problems. Foot care in diabetes is essential as it may lead to further complications. Even if you do not have diabetes, still you must visit a doctor if you suffer from foot problems that persist for a long time.


Foot Exercises for Healthy Feet

Many foot exercises help to keep the feet healthy and strong, apart from making them flexible. The muscles of the feet get support by doing regular foot exercise. Some accessible activities for improving the health of the feet have been mentioned below:


  • Raise Your Heels and Curl the Toes

Sit on a chair, and then keep your feet straight on the floor. Raise the heels and hold the position for five seconds. Then again, raise the heel and curl the toes.


  • Stretch Your Big Toe

Sit straight on a chair. Then take your right leg on your left thigh and move your big toe upward, downward, and to the right and left by using your fingers.


  • Curl Your Toes

Sit straight on a chair. Then, you must keep your feet flat on the floor. Place a towel under your feet, try to grasp the towel with the help of the toes of one leg, and repeat the process alternatively with both legs.



In many cases, foot problems can be considered the first symptom before appearing of any other disease. Moreover, seniors are easily susceptible to various foot problems. However, by taking good foot care at home, many foot problems can be kept at bay. In addition, since diabetes is a common problem among seniors, foot care for diabetes helps prevent many complications. Therefore, seniors should focus on foot care and take suggestions from the doctor whenever required. Install the Emoha app to get 24×7 emergency support for seniors. Its daily help desk answers all your questions, and you will get access to more than 500 doctors through this app from the comfort of your home.



Why is foot care Important?

Foot care is essential to prevent foot problems, including foot pain, foot sores, numbness, etc. which are prevalent among seniors.


Why is foot care in diabetes important?

Diabetes causes trouble as it reduces blood circulation by damaging the nerves, leading to serious foot problems due to a lack of sufficient blood flow to your feet.


What are the benefits of foot massage?

Foot massage improves sufficient blood flow to the feet, removes numbness, and stimulates the muscle.


What is the best exercise for neuropathy of the feet?

You can try stretching your calves, hamstrings, balance exercises, and many other exercises that improve your neurons.​​​​​​​​


What is proper foot care?

Proper foot care includes checking the sore or injury in the feet, cleaning the feet, giving massages, etc.