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21st Apr 2022

The Legend Of Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir, Jaipur

Jaipur is known all over the world for its magnificent and exquisite temples. The High Kings and rulers who reigned in the city built the majority of the city’s temples. So far, these exquisitely built and constructed temples have attracted a huge number of worshippers that wish to attain the Lord’s graces. The craftsmanship and grandeur of the temples surpass those of other temples around the world. These temples are also excellent places for everyone, from kids to elderly people, to spend some silent time relaxing in serene surroundings. One such temple that we will be discussing today is the Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir. 

Who Is Khatu Shyam Ji? 

As per Hindu mythology, Khatu Shyam Ji is Barbarik’s incarnation, a god of the defeated, as he always supported the one who is defeated. As the ancient legend goes, Barbarik is a Hindu deity, usually worshipped in the western region of our country. He was the grandson of Bhima, the second Pandava, and the son of Ghatotkach and Maurvi. Maurvi was the daughter of Daitya Moor, a Baniyo ruler. All this is stated in the Skanda Purana, even though some claim that Barbarik was a warrior who hailed from the south.  

The Legend of Barbarik  

Barbarik was reincarnated as a man because he was constrained by the concept of always fighting on the relatively weaker side and that he would not be using his weapons to seek personal vengeance. As a matter of fact, he was forced to watch the war of Mahabharata without participating in it. Barbarik is known as Khatushyam Ji in Rajasthan and Baliyadev in Gujarat. It is said that he was brought down by Lord Krishna before the great war in Kurukshetra so that his grandfathers’ (Pandavas) victory could be sealed. He was idolized as a result of his sacrifice, thanks to a blessing bestowed by Krishna. 

As the grandson of Bhima and the son of Ghatotkach, Barbarik had always been a fierce warrior, even in his childhood. His mother, Maurvi had taught him the art of combat. The Gods (ashtadeva) bestowed the three invincible arrows onto him. As a result, Barbarik earned the moniker “Bearer of Three Arrows.” When Barbarik came to know about the inevitability of the war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, he got eager to watch the war. He also pledged to his mother that if he feels compelled to participate in the war, he will do so by acting according to his principle of fighting on the weaker side. Eventually, he rode his Blue Horse to the field, armed with three arrows and a bow. 

Barbarik’s Tall Claims Of Winning The War of Kurekshetra 

Now, before the commencement of the war, Krishna asked every combatant the time it would take to get over the war. Bhishma Pitamah said 20 days, Guru Dronacharya said 25 days, Karna said 24 days, and Arjun said 28 days respectively. Krishna asked each fighter a question and received a response in this fashion. Now, while Barbarik was on his way to the war, Krishna, cloaked as a Brahmin, came to a halt in front of Barbarik to test his might. On being questioned how long it would require him to conclude the war on his own, Barbarik replied that it would take him only a minute. Krishna then inquired of Barbarik as to how he planned to end the epic fight with only three arrows. Barbarik stated that one arrow would be sufficient to slay all his war rivals before returning to his quiver. The first arrow, he explained, is meant to designate everything he wishes to destroy. If he chooses the next arrow, it will display all the objects he wishes to preserve. Finally, on the use of the third one, it will demolish everything that isn’t marked before returning to his quiver. Hence, he can lock all his opponents with one arrow and destroy them with the other. 

Krishna’s Challenge To Barbarik’s Might 

Krishna now dared Barbarik to use his arrows to bind every leaf of the Peepal whose shadow he was standing beneath. Barbarik accepted Krishna’s challenge, closed his eyes, and began praying in order to unleash his arrows. Krishna stealthily plucked a leaf off the tree and tucked it beneath his foot as Barbarik began to meditate. As Barbarik discharged his first arrow, it pierced through all the tree’s leaves before lingering above Krishna’s leg. Barbarik inquired about the reason why the arrow buzzed above Krishna’s foot. To this, Barbarik answered that there might be a leaf under Krishna’s foot to which the arrow was aiming.Barbarik suggested Krishna lift his leg up so that his arrow could mark the leaf, if the same is not done, the arrow will pierce Krishna’s foot and mark the leaf.

As told, Krishna lifted his foot, and the arrow marked the leaf. Next, the third arrow gathered and knotted all the leaves, including the hidden one. Observing this scenario, Krishna realized that Barbarik’s arrows were so powerful and mystical that even if Barbarik has no idea where his targets are, his arrows will easily locate them, culminating in irreversible harm. Krishna had done all of this to know the power of Barbarik’s arrows. He thought that he will not be able to hide the Pandavas at the time of danger if Barbarik participates in the war. His arrows will easily track the whereabouts of his rivals. Hence, the Pandavas will not be able to save themselves from these mystical weapons. As a result, Krishna acquired a better understanding of Barbarik’s incredible strength. 

The Legend Behind The Name Of Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir 

When Krishna asked Barbarik whom would he support in the war, he answered that as per his principles, he will fight for whatever side is the weakest. He perceived the Pandavas to be the weaker side because they had just seven Akshauhini troops compared to the Kauravas’ eleven. As a result, he proposed to support their side. Krishna, on the other hand, inquired of him if he really had considered the repercussions before making such a commitment to his mother. Barbarik believes that by assisting the Pandavas’ side, which is somewhat weaker, they will be triumphant. Krishna, on the other hand, explains to his mother the true ramifications of his words: Krishna claims that whatever the faction he favors would eventually make the other party worse, as a result of his strength. He will remain unbeatable. As a result, he will be compelled to transfer sides in order to help the weaker side. So, in a real conflict, his inability to keep up with each side will wipe away both sides’ whole armies till he alone is left. As a result, neither side would emerge triumphant, leaving him as the sole victor. 

Krishna’s Astonishing Demand From Barbarik 

With such a situation in hand, Krishna realized that the proceedings of the war will be haphazard. He then sought help from Barbarik, in return for which Barbarik swore to assist. Lord Krishna demanded his head right away. Barbarik was taken aback. He asked the Brahmin to reveal his true identity. Lord Krishna then revealed his Divine appearance to Barbarik. He conveyed to Barbarik that the boldest Kshatriyas’s head had to be sacrificed before the combat. As Krishna thought Barbarik to be the strongest of the Kshatriya warriors, he requested his head in an act of charity. 

Krishna’s Boon To Barbarik 

Barbarik obeyed the Lord’s command and submitted his head to Krishna. In return, Krishna blessed Barbarik that in the Kali Yuga, people will know him by the name of Shyam, which is one of Krishna’s numerous names. Lord Krishna also gave him the boon that whosoever worships Barbarik will be granted their wishes just by recalling Krishna’s name with dedication. 

Barbarik’s Great Sacrifice 

Barbarik was sacrificed on the 12th day of the Shukla Paksha, “Phalgun Maas”. He pleaded that regardless of the fact he was surrendering his skull, he wanted to witness the war till the end. Krishna granted his wish, and his head was mounted on the top of the hill with a view of the battlefield. With the battle’s culmination, the triumphant Pandavas started rambling over who was to be praised for their victory. Interrupting, Lord Krishna said that as it was Barbarik’s head that beheld the proceedings of the war, his opinion should be sought. As Barbarik’s final word, Lord Krishna was held responsible for Pandavas’ victory as his participation, strategies and assistance were very crucial.  

Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir’s Origin 

Since then, the place from where Barbarik’s head was dug out, Shyam Kund, a temple was consecrated. People from all over the country visit the Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir because they believe that the Almighty grants everyone’s wishes here. This temple is one of the most sacred temples in our country. If the devotees pronounce the name of Khatushyam Ji with pure intentions and true piety, they will be blessed, and their troubles will be removed. Hence, no matter your age, one should visit this temple at least once; especially the elder people must pay a visit to this holy site.  

The Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir hence becomes a popular visit for anyone. In India, most visitors are basically the elderly folks, but still, the ancient temple also remains popular among the youth and people of all age groups.  

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Frequently Asked Questions on Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir

Is Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir open now?  

Due to the covid protocol, the temple was closed. But as the situation has eased down a bit, and the temple has reopened for its devotees. Online reservations are now available. Bookings can be made on the Mandir Committee’s official website.  

Can we go to Khatu Shyam without making a reservation?  

All devotees who wish to see Khatu Shyam must first register online. The devotees will not be allowed in the darshan line without their online reservation.