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30th Mar 2022

Why Every Senior Should Visit The Kalkaji Mandir

To have Kali Devi instilled in your heart redeems you from sins, per Hindu lores. According to Hindu beliefs, Kali is the goddess of death, doomsday, and time. She is feared because of her fierceness. But she is also the goddess of motherly love, strength, and protection. She is the symbol of victory of innocence and truth presiding over evil. When the world seems to be ending, she emerges as a true protector to liberate everyone from all immoralities. To honour her, many Kalki temples are made throughout the country, where devotees come and pay their respect to this divine entity. One of the most popular temples is Kalkaji Mandir, Delhi. 

The Kalkaji Mandir is one of the busiest temples located in Delhi, the capital city of India. It is a favourite of the elderly. The temple is situated near the famous Lotus Temple, at a distance of approximately 600 metres. Parts of the temple are said to be built around 1764 AD. Though some of them were destroyed by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The modern structure of the temple was rebuilt in the 18th century. If you are a devoted Hindu, you might as well have some love in you for Kali. As the mother of sexuality and fertility, she is the creator of all creators. If you admire her, you should pay a visit to the Kalkaji Mandir. Especially if you are above the age of 60, then as a senior, you should surely find time to visit this ancient temple. 

Why You Should Visit The Kalkaji Mandir Today 

The significance of this temple dates back to the ancient times of Mahabharata. It is said that during the reign of Yudhishtar, the Pandavas travelled across many temples, and the Kalkaji Mandir of Delhi is one of them. They visited this temple and prayed for strength and victory. Their wishes were heard, and they ruled victoriously for time to come. The prayers helped them become brave and resilient. Hence, the belief was established that whoever prays to Goddess Kali for strength shall be granted and will emerge a victor. Since then, devotees have been visiting the temple to fulfil their wishes. If you want to achieve something, you might go to this Kalkaji temple to ask for strength and the blessings of goddess Kali will help you achieve it. 

The rich history of this temple makes it a must-visit place in Delhi. According to famous Hindu beliefs, the goddess Kalki was born at the place where the temple is presently situated. This is why this temple is also called a self-manifested one.

Millions of years ago, during Satyug (one of the four Yugas of Hinduism), two unholy creatures began disrupting the gods who lived near the temple site. These disturbed gods brought forth their complaint to Lord Brahma. However, Lord Brahma refused to intervene in this affair, and asked them to seek help from goddess Parvati. They did so, and out of the goddess Parvati’s mouth emerged goddess Kaushaki (known as Kaushaki Devi). She attacked these gigantic creatures and managed to kill them, but in the process, blood from these creatures dropped on the surface of the earth, giving birth to thousands of more such creatures.

Kaushaki Devi was to fight a heavy battle with all of these giants. Seeing this, goddess Parvati grew sentimental for the one she had birthed, and out of Kaushaki Devi’s eyebrows emerged the divine Kalki Devi. Her lower lip was set on the hill below and her upper lip stretched till the sky above. Just like that, she drank the blood of all these giants as it oozed out of their huge wounds. This is how she emerged victorious over all her enemies. After this, she declared this place her abode and has been worshipped as the main goddess in this place. 

Visiting The Kalkaji Mandir – how to reach, where to stay & timings 

The temple is located in the Southern part of Delhi and has its doors open for devotees throughout the year. There is no age or gender restriction and no entry fee. Photography is allowed in all places except the main prayer hall. 

A visit to this temple is especially beneficial and comfortable for senior citizens. The Kalkaji Metro Station is at a distance of only 700 meters from The Kalkaji Mandir. That distance can be travelled by foot in 20 minutes, or only 5 minutes if you decide to take a taxi. Many taxis are easily available around the area and one side ride does not cost more than 120rs. Hence, there is no transportation issue. So if you have a knee/joint problem and cannot walk much, this visit should not be of any worry to you. 

The insides of the temple provide a spiritual and tranquil environment. A sense of serenity and devotion runs through you. It is a common belief that with age, people get closer to God. Therefore, the seniors can feel the connection between them and God in this temple. The surroundings are peaceful, so seniors with hearing sensitivity issues do not get troubled here. After the aarti, many choose to sit inside and meditate. You can also do this to feel better connected and achieve a sense of self-reflection. 

There are many hotels and Dharamshalas near the temple. They are available at different prices; you can choose to get the one most affordable to you. They provide good safety, are tourist-friendly, so you will not have to compromise on your comfort. You can easily find a place to stay for a couple of days where your needs shall be catered to. The comfort that people find around here is one of the reasons for its popularity. The temple timings are 4 am to 10 pm, so you can visit whenever you feel free; there is no hurry due to time restrictions. 

Best Time To Visit The Kalkaji Mandir 

The best time to visit this temple is during the Navratri festival. Navratri is a festival of Hindus that comes twice a year, first in March or April, and then in September or October. In Navratri, the nine Devis, one of which includes Kali, are worshipped. The temple is flooded with devotees during this time. The parking lots are packed, and people wait for hours in the queue to get a glimpse of their Devi. Milk is offered to the effigy of the Kali. Hymns, songs, and aartis are sung in the praise and admiration of the goddess. The people who perform these rituals are the mandir pujaris that are typically brahmins. The enthusiasm during this time is mind refreshing. Vendors sell hand-made crafts and Prasad outside temple lanes. All the devotees of Kali should visit this temple at least once, to receive blessings and eternal devotion from Goddess Kali. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a trip to the Kalkaji Mandir with my 76-year-old mother be safe?

Yes! Your visit to the Kalkaji temple will be completely safe and comfortable with your 76-year-old mother. The Kalkaji Metro Station is nearby, so there is not much to walk. You can easily find affordable Dharamshalas and hotels nearby to stay for the night. You will easily get every resource you might need. The temple premises are peaceful and suitable for seniors

Who is the Kalkaji temple dedicated to? 

As the name suggests, the Kalkaji temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. You should definitely pay a visit if you are devoted to Kali. Kali is the goddess of time, death, doomsday, sexuality, and fertility. The temple holds a rich and significant history and is one of the most popular Kali temples.