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12th Oct 2022
Valuing the elders in our society

Incredible Ways to Increase the Value of Seniors in Society

If the younger people are the future of a country, seniors are the beacon in society. The years of experience and knowledge they have gathered are precious and help us to replenish our knowledge and understanding. Therefore, we should always acknowledge the enormous contribution of seniors to society. Nowadays, some youngsters treat seniors as a burden. Some even send their ageing parents to old age homes. These incidents arise because of our diminishing value for seniors. Perhaps our society has also failed to instil care for the seniors in the minds of the younger generation. To bring back the value of the seniors in society is by taking some small initiatives as given below:

Ways to increase the value of the seniors in society

1. Talk to Seniors

Talk to seniors whenever you are free. They may be either your family members or neighbours or acquaintances. Ask them about their health. You can also ask some questions or interesting facts about their past. It will help you learn something from their past experiences, and they will feel good sharing some memories with you. You can also ask them about societal differences during their time and at present. You can also take some crucial opinions from them about current happenings.

2. Spend Some time With Seniors

If you have seniors in your family, you can organise a small family gathering and make seniors the centre of attention. Take care of them and talk to them. Allow them to participate in your discussion. You can organise a picnic party on the weekends or once or twice a month with the seniors of your family and neighbours. You can invite the children and seniors to participate in the arts and crafts competition. It will also allow them to show their hidden talents. 

3. Visit Hospitals and Old Age Homes

You can visit nursing or old age homes and talk to the seniors there. You can also take care of them by spending some time with them. For example, you can feed the food when a senior is too ill, or you can take them to the bathroom. By doing these small acts, you will also feel happy and fulfilled. It is an excellent way to give value to seniors.

4. Invite to the Important Occasions

Consider seniors’ opinions when you organise a particular function like a wedding, award ceremony, or any other celebrations like festivals. With their permission, you can even give them some vital responsibility to manage the occasion effectively. It will make them feel wanted and can be a practical way to increase the value ofseniors in society.

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When you take the initiatives mentioned above, it can become like a custom in society. Thus, children will also learn from you to respect and enhance the value of seniors in the community. It will also be beneficial for you in the long run. A society can never be complete without this essential section of people, and taking such small steps makes the whole community’s transformation possible.


Why should we value the seniors in our society?

Seniors are wise, knowledgeable, and experienced people. Their advice and opinion can help us to make crucial decisions in our lives.

How do we view seniors in our society?

Some of us really love and revere seniors, while some other people often view seniors as boring and burdensome people who have lost interest in their lives.

How can we show our respect to the seniors?

We can show respect to the seniors by talking to and listening to them attentively. We can also spend some time with them, going outdoors in the pleasant weather.

How do you show respect to parents, seniors, and authority?

We can respect parents, seniors, and authority by seeking their advice & opinion on important matters. 

How do you honour the seniors?

We can honour the seniors by inviting them to special occasions and appreciating their roles in society.