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11th Oct 2022
Life lessons picked up over the years

How to Be a Better Person Inside Out?

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better” is one of the how to improve yourself everyday quotes. Regardless of what has occurred previously, setting long-term goals is an effective way how to work on yourself as a person. Consider the following tips to be a better person. 

1. Not being angry

Letting go of getting angry at somebody is easier said than done. Festering anger within your mind or heart is highly unhealthy and can have long-term ramifications. It can lead to bad decisions affecting your mental and physical well-being. You may cultivate bad habits like alcohol or resort to drugs to ignore pent-up anger. Digestive issues, sleeping distress, heart attacks, etc., are some health problems that occur as a result. Letting go of anger is one way to be a better person. One way of coping with anger is to write down the feelings of rage that will make one realise the pointlessness of the whole ordeal. Praying is another effective method of decreasing anger levels. Meditating for a certain number of minutes daily will also help.

2. Admiring oneself

Complimenting oneself every day can be a wise method forimproving yourself. It is essential to realise your personal gifts as they positively impact your mental health. Before beginning your day, spend a few minutes a day acknowledging your best attributes as a person. Whether you determine to set goals and accomplish them, have a fine-looking haircut, or get a new asset, it helps to feel good about yourself regularly. 

An emotional boost can effectively improve the mood of others around you. Having a positive vibe by starting with the right attitude is contagious in a good way. It is an acceptable manner how to improve yourself professionally around others in the workplace. 

3. Forgiving attitude

Having a forgiving practice for any negative attitude shown towards you is ideal for developing a positive impact. Harbouring negative thoughts and ill-born intents will only worsen your peace. Forgiving the wrongs done to you will help you in letting go and in personal growth. Giving thanks and praying for all the good in your life is another coping mechanism.

The best part of suffering from any wrong you have felt is the lesson learnt. What wisdom time teaches one is beneficial for overcoming any negativity. Practising simple mantras such as ‘I forgive and let go can be chanted to let go.

4. Helping others

Helping other people, such as lending a helping hand to seniors, taking the garbage out for an immobilised neighbour, carrying the groceries for an incapable person, etc., are some ways to be a better version of yourself. You will receive more respect and admiration from others. Also, you will feel better about yourself and the others around you at the end of the day. 

5. Pay attention to others

Giving attention to the others around you and listening to them is an acceptable way of steering away from oneself. We often tend to be immersed in our problems that we don’t feel for the others around us. Research shows that listening to a colleague’s difficulty at work or a friend’s incapability to deal with some issue will make you realise how great things are going for you. Talking to a friend for some minutes a day and listening to them will immensely benefit you.  Listening to stories or watching a video in learning a new language is also beneficial. Listening to such inculcating sessions will help us understand and practice a new learn language. This is one of the best ways to stay focused and evade negative thoughts. 

6. Not making excuses

Playing the blame game is never suitable in the long term. Regularly pointing the finger at someone else, whether a family member, a colleague, or a church member, is not beneficial at the end of the day. Personal growth is possible only when we own up to our faults. Taking the blame for something you did will help you in the process. You will never have any negative thoughts on your conscience and be at peace with yourself. 

7. Have an honest approach

Speaking a lie is never an honest approach, whether at work or otherwise. One would not like it if the same lie was told to you. Telling the truth is the best method for working on yourself. Honesty can be an emotional boost to everybody around you too. Learning to be truthful and articulating an open attitude. There will be no chance of anybody violating your trust, and you will be a trustworthy person. 

8. Showing respect

Having a sense of respect towards the others around you is essential. Using the garbage bin when you need to chuck waste and not haphazardly dispensing waste is a manner of showing respect to the cleaners in your neighbourhood. Being thoughtful of others’ emotions when speaking to them and considering others’ opinions. Others’ religions, lifestyles, cultures, professions, ethics, etc. ought to be respected to maintain peace in society. Having negative thoughts about such ideas will cause one to be inconsiderate. 

9. Practicing Politeness

You can ruin a perfect day if you offend impolite people around you. On the other hand, if you greet those you meet on your way to work will cheer them up. Saying a simple hello, thanking, staying in a queue, or holding out the elevator door to the neighbour are a few tips to be polite to the others around you. 

10. Educative behaviour

Staying updated on current developments can help you to be socially interactive. It can help you to strike a conversation and not offend others. 

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Believing in oneself and prioritising the others around you are some of the best rules for improving yourself. Considering others by showing respect, being polite, lending a helping hand, not pointing the finger at others, educating oneself, listening to others, forgiving others, etc., are some ideal practices in becoming a better version of yourself. 


What are some ways of showing politeness to others?

Greeting others with a hello and exchanging pleasantries such as ‘thank you, ‘sorry’, ‘excuse me, etc. are some polite ways. 

How can one show respect towards others?

Not offending others based on their religion, caste, colour, social standing, language, etc., are some ways of showing respect.

What can make you a better person?

Evading anger, forgiving others, being polite, respectful, respecting others, not making excuses, etc., are some ways of improving oneself.