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17th Jun 2022
Benefits of drinking hot water in old age

Extraordinary Benefits of Drinking Hot Water in Senior Years

Hydration is an essential key to maintaining your health. Our body consists of 60% water, and water consumption is beneficial for fueling our body and supporting organ functions. It helps our cells to absorb nutrients and can aid in fighting infection. Even though little research has been conducted on the benefits of drinking hot water, Ayurveda and other health advocates recommend consuming warm water, especially early morning or nighttime, with an optimal temperature ranging from 54 to 71 degrees celsius. Anything above that can cause some burns or scalds in your mouth. Add some lemon to make hot lemon water for an extra boost of health benefits and Vitamin C. This article talks about the potential benefits of hot water when consumed daily.


Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water For Skin

The vital benefit of drinking warm water is that it helps to detoxify and cleanse your system from the inside. It includes breaking down the fats and removing toxins, helping heal the cells and increasing collagen and elastin production. It aids in improving the skin texture and delaying premature ageing of the skin. As the body is hydrated well enough, it causes sweating, which flushes out toxins and infection-causing germs, thereby preventing any skin infections.


Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water With Lemon

Starting your day by drinking hot lemon water will keep you hydrated and boost the potassium levels required for body functioning. It assists in regulating blood pressure and nerve-muscle communication. Lemons have nutrients and vitamins that aid in preventing cell damage and in maintaining stomach acid levels. In other words, it helps with the digestion of food. Regular consumption of warm lemon water benefits your immunity, and enzyme functioning aids in reducing hunger pangs and so on. Since these consist of citric acid, it is best to dilute the juice with warm water before consumption to protect your enamels.


Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water In The Morning

The main benefit of drinking warm water in the morning is that it boosts your metabolism. It helps activate the digestive system by cleansing the intestine and eliminating waste from the body. The warm water may act as a lubricant for the movement of food consumed and even have a positive effect on gas expulsion and flatulence.

Another advantage of drinking hot water is it helps to relieve respiratory tract infections or nasal congestion like a stuffy and runny nose in the morning. The water temperature can warm up the area and loosen the mucus build up in your throat.


Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water For Weight Loss

Regular consumption of hot water activates your body’s metabolism, which can help burn fat throughout the day. In addition to that, lemon and honey are a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins. Drinking hot water with lemon and honey benefits your digestive and immune systems. It helps to flush out toxins and undigested food from the colon and improves liver functioning, leading to a healthy way of shedding fat.

It even acts as an energy booster and plays a part in lowering bad cholesterol.


Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water On An Empty Stomach

Dehydration is the main cause of many health issues like constipation, headaches, skin problems, and many more. So regular consumption of warm water is good for health. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach affects your bowel movement and detoxification positively and even helps prevent kidney stones. It helps in increasing the metabolism and blood circulation, which helps prevent premature ageing of skin and body organs.


Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water For Hair

Healthy hair and skin are one of the benefits of drinking hot water. Drinking hot water in the morning can lead to better blood circulation and reduction of stress levels. It helps in stimulating the scalp and improving cell health. Moreover, it can be beneficial for people with weak or brittle hair. Staying hydrated helps in healthy hair growth and quality.


Here are 13 unexpected benefits of drinking hot water:-

1. Relieves Constipation, Hydrates Your Body, And Aids In The Removal Of Toxins

One of the effects of drinking hot water daily is that it helps hydrate your body and removes the toxins from your system. Difficult bowel movements, uncomfortable stomach aches, and constipation are your body’s way of telling that it is dehydrated. Consuming hot water on an empty stomach can improve digestion and bowel movement.


2. Congestion Alleviation

The concoction of lemon and honey in hot water helps with nasal congestion, and it helps eliminate common infections like cold, cough, runny and stuffy nose etc. The hot water aids in lessening the irritation caused due to mucus buildup as it loosens the clogged sinus and membrane. It can also ease and soothe the throat pain caused by the infection.


3. Relief From Constipation

Insufficient water can be a major cause of constipation. Drinking warm water with honey benefits the functioning of the digestive tract and improves defecation.

It may help soften the stool making it easier to pass motion. Regular consumption may help those who suffer from acute constipation syndrome by cleansing the colon.


4. Aids In The Detoxification Of The Body

The other advantage of drinking hot water is that it helps to detoxify your body. While drinking the lukewarm lemon water, there is an increase in body temperature, which activates sweat production, thereby effectively flushing the toxins out. It protects the kidney and helps in improving skin quality.


5. Helps Reduce Pain

Many women suffer from menstrual cramps during their periods. Drinking hot water can help them relieve the pain as it has a soothing and relaxing effect on the abdominal muscles. The warm water helps in blood circulation, increasing the blood flow. Proper water intake can resolve headaches caused due to dehydration.


6. Gets Rid Of Colds And Improves Sinus Health

Lemon and honey in hot water are beneficial in preventing upper chest respiratory diseases like cold, cough and other infections. It is an immunity booster with Vitamin C and other nutrients that give lasting relief from the common cold. The vapour from the warm water can aid in letting out the mucus from the nose and throat.


7. Increases The Consumption Of Coffee And Tea To A Healthy Level

If you don’t prefer to drink plain hot water, adding tea or coffee can provide you with even more health benefits. Moderate tea and coffee consumption can reduce the risk of some cancers, stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart issues and many more. It can also elevate mood and reduce stress levels.


8. Stress Reduction

Drinking warm water is said to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Hot water can improve the central nervous system and stimulate red blood cells. Thus it aids as an energy booster drink and improves your feelings and calmness.


9. Nasal Congestion May Be Relieved

Drinking warm water throughout the day can help to eliminate nasal congestion. The hot water can improve mucous movement and help in reducing stuffiness. The steam water enables you to breathe better by unclogging and relieving sinus pressure. It can also speed up the phlegm excitement from the nose.


10. Boosts The Nervous System

Dehydration can cause mood imbalance and reduced brain activity. Drinking warm water before bed and immediately after waking up can reduce people’s anxiety levels. It helps to calm one’s nervous system with less pain and aches, which can, in turn, have a positive effect on brain function.


11. Aids In The Relief Of Achalasia Symptoms

People who suffer from achalasia have trouble swallowing their food as the oesophagus fails to relax, which prevents the food from passing to the stomach. One of the benefits of drinking warm water is that it eases their symptoms, and it assists in relaxing the oesophagus and provides relief from chest pain.


12. Makes Your Skin Glow

Glowing skin is a sign of a healthy body. Drinking warm water and honey benefits the skin by improving blood flow and boosting collagen production. Packed with antibacterial properties, it purifies and eliminates the toxins and even acts as a natural cleansing agent.


13. Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

A natural remedy for preventing premature ageing is regular drinking lemon, honey and hot water. Lemon and honey have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties with their power-packed nutrients and antioxidants. The vitamin C, flavonoids etc. in it, helps with cell rejuvenation and collagen production.


Does Drinking Hot Water Increase Blood Pressure?

Drinking warm water before bed can improve blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels and muscle relaxation. Regular intake of water can mean improvised and efficient blood flow to all the body’s organs and can affect blood pressure and cardiovascular health.


Disadvantages Of Drinking Hot Water

One of the main disadvantages of drinking boiled water is the risk of burns and scalds on the mouth. It is extremely important to know that the relevant temperature in drinking hot water is between 58 to 71 degrees celsius. Anything above that may cause damage to the taste buds and tissue damage. It can lead to low levels of thirst signals, leading to less consumption and inadequate body hydration.

In addition, the disadvantage of drinking hot water and lemon and honey without moderation is that it can affect the teeth’ enamel and blood sugar levels. Also, overconsumption of coffee and tea may increase the level of caffeine and can lead to headaches, anxiety and other side effects.



To conclude, there are several benefits of drinking hot water, including improved blood circulation, simplifying digestion and detoxification, promoting hydration and the functioning of the central nervous system, and decreasing your stress and anxiety levels.



What will happen if I drink hot water every day?

The advantage of drinking hot water daily can include:

  • Lowering your stress levels.
  • Improving blood flow.
  • Breaking down unwanted fats and flushing out toxins from the body.

    It also stimulates digestive health and helps the body fight infections like colds, coughs, etc.

How much hot water should I drink a day?

The human body requires approximately 2 litres of fluids, including beverages, for proper hydration. It can depend upon one’s body type, activity level and temperature of the area. Staying hydrated can help prevent many diseases.


Can hot water reduce belly fat?

Even though spot reduction is a myth, the benefits of drinking warm water in the morning can help flush out unwanted toxins and kickstart your metabolism. Along with the consumption of warm water in the morning for weight loss, you can also include a range of exercises and healthy eating to promote the shedding of fat.


Is drinking hot water good for the skin?

Having hot water is good for your health and your skin, and it helps in repairing cell damage caused by sun damage and boosts collagen and elastin production, thereby preventing ageing of the skin. Warm water and honey benefit the blood flow, resulting in better circulation and removing toxins.


Is drinking hot water anti-ageing?

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning is considered a natural anti-ageing drink. The warm water helps the kidney and liver to remove the waste, while the lemon helps boost the immune system. It assists the skin cells in increasing elasticity and prevents further cell damage.


Does hot water increase blood pressure?

Consuming hot water is good for health as it helps to increase blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels and relaxing muscles. It supports increased flow to organs and muscles that can indirectly be beneficial to controlling or regulating blood pressure.


Is drinking hot water all the time healthy?

Drinking warm water before bed and after a meal may help break down the food faster. It supports regular bowel movement and the prevention of constipation. Moreover, it ensures your body’s hydration and can help in weight loss by controlling unwanted hunger pangs.