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12th Aug 2022
The Hidden Treasure in Dancing

Explore the Route to Achieve Balance and Wellness with Dance

Are you wondering if you could feel the same way you did while you were young? Well, look no further. You will learn the art form that requires the least effort and most passion. Dancing comes to the rescue of seniors, especially those living alone and independently. The sole purpose of any dance form is to promote health and wellness, potentially focusing on disease prevention or living well with a disability rather than treating the effects of sickness and disability. The benefits of dancing as an exercise include aerobic fitness, healthy heart health due to increased breathing and heart rate, and enhanced coordination, flexibility, and mobility due to low-intensity exercise.


Benefits of dancing it out

Dancing helps your physical, psychological, cognitive, and emotional health. In addition, it also provides the following benefits:


  • Power and Control:Participation in a dance encourages a sense of power and control and activates other control mechanisms within us. For instance, taking part in a dancing class with planned routines instils confidence that one can use to overcome obstacles and create new opportunities. After a successful dance performance, personal accomplishments include a heightened sense of purpose and belonging to society.


  • Emotional Well-being: Studies on dance and social engagement highlight the benefits of social support in group participation in arts activities, such as dancing. Sharing exciting or productive tasks like teaching each other dance steps also encourages emotional well-being. The importance of social engagement and its connection to physical and mental health cannot be understated. Numerous studies have shown that loneliness and social isolation  can have a variety of harmful impacts on one’s health. It is where dance and exercise come to your rescue.


  • Physical Well-being:Dancing is one of the best exercises most suited for seniors. While dancing for yourself can help you relax and unwind, dancing on stage can help you express emotions or tell a story to an audience. Therefore, dance is essential to your overall well-being and this art form is a way of self-expression.


  • Form of Workout: Almost any dance can be a workout, but the intensity depends on how you practice.Dance is an ideal way to improve balance. Dance movements demand hand, leg, and body coordination, which is a great way to exercise. Such mind-motor exercises have been found to help seniors maintain good body balance. Additionally, dancing includes various movements and stretches, which will strengthen your core and improve your ability to control your muscles. Dance and exercise provide excellent general strength training. Dancing is synonymous with a full-body workout because it involves the entire body. Hence, dancing exercise for seniors is the preferred workout procedure. One can also do dancing exercises at home by following any slow-paced dance and exercise tutorial.


  • Prevents Memory Loss: Learning new steps and routines are common in dance.A dance routine is ideal to keep the mind as well as your muscles active. Hence, it has been shown to lower the risk of cognitive loss as you age.


  • Motor Skill Development: In any stage of life, developing motor skills can be pretty advantageous. Learning to balance and hop on one foot is a fun and crucial skill. For more experienced dancers, quickly and fluidly switching weight from one foot to the other helps reduce injuries and improve the quality of life. Increased agility can be a massive advantage of dance workouts for anyone willing to dance.


  • Prevents Depression: It has been established that dance helps those with anxiety. Dance training can be so mentally demanding that there is little room left to ponder the overwhelming aspects of life. This is why it is sometimes referred to as ‘moving meditation.’ A dancer who spends an hour or more in intense focus comes out feeling renewed and with a new outlook.


  • Social Well-being: For the younger generation, dancing class is where social skills like sharing, taking turns, and respecting personal space are first explored. These are essential abilities for both kids and adults. An excellent, regulated setting to learn about these ideas is a dance class. Even as an adult, participating in a dance class also has the advantage of fostering teamwork. Dancers use interpersonal communication techniques, including negotiating, mediating, and compromise, to create a characteristic result. These are some of the most critical life skills that you can put to use.


  • Improved Posture: Another excellent benefit of dance and exercise is better posture. Dancers continuously monitor how their shoulders, necks, and heads are positioned as they refine their technique. These motions develop into muscle memory and habits that transfer into a self-assured, poised appearance in daily life.


  • Boosts Self-esteem:You learn a new movement or routine while you dance. It can boost confidence and be highly gratifying. Any sort of exercise can increase self-esteem. But there’s simply something about nailing a new move or choreography that makes you feel like you can take on the world.


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Times are ever-changing, and you must make efforts to lead a healthy and satisfying life rather than just running from one goal to another even after retirement. Whether you dance your heart out, create a new dish, or wear the latest designer clothes, you must fulfil your heart’s desires. Even if, it is as simple as leading a healthy life. The concept of ‘wellness’ refers to becoming aware of and making decisions that will contribute to leading a healthy and meaningful life. It includes a harmonious balance of environmental, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual welfare. Your bodies are accustomed to reacting to stressful situations, and thus, your response to such a situation matters the most. Your happiness depends on leading a balanced lifestyle, prioritising your wellness, and reducing your stress response in tough times. By practising an art such as dance, your hearts are emphatic, and you can enjoy the most fruitful treasure of life. So, enjoy life as it is-delightfully and gratefully!



Why should I learn dance as an adult? 

On so many levels, including socially, emotionally, professionally, and physically, dancing can help you advance. Keep an open heart and willingness to learn. It may change your life if you commit to it and are in it for the long haul.


Will dance and Pilates make me feel happier?

The action of dancing encourages both mental and physical well-being. Dance makes you happier since it stimulates the endorphins, the hormones that make you feel good.


Can I dance and lose weight?

You can significantly reduce your weight while dancing. Since dancing is a cardio exercise, you will boost blood flow throughout your body. As a result, your metabolism will increase when your body is not moving. You will eventually start to lose weight.


Do I require a dancing partner to learn the dancing?

No partner is necessary to participate in dancing or to learn how to dance in general. During individual sessions, your instructor will switch between leading and following while thoroughly describing the correct footwork, pattern, technique, and style for each dance. Regarding group classes, students cooperate with their mates and work while adhering to the instructor’s instructions. Dancing exercise at home can also be preferred, where you just need to follow the instructor.