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14th May 2020
Fun Entertainment Ideas for Seniors Around Your Hometown

Fun Entertainment Ideas for Seniors Around Your Hometown

Free Entertainment for Seniors

Since many older people are on a fixed budget, they have limited income for fun. To compensate, they can usually find free activities to help stay active socially and physically. Many local museums offer visitors a free night once a week or once a month.

Open mic nights at the nearby coffee shops provide local entertainment at no cost. In addition, the seniors get a chance to perform by reading a poem or singing for a small audience. A book or gardening club provides fun and interaction with others on a regular basis. In addition, it is usually free, unless the people choose to meet at a restaurant.

Another option for older people to enjoy free admission to events is to volunteer their services. They can serve as ushers for plays or concerts in exchange for free tickets to the event. Many small programs have limited budgets and are always willing to exchange volunteer help for a few seats to the show.

Become a local tourist. Encourage your senior to get out and see new attractions or spend time in an area of town where they never go. It’s common for people to get into such a routine and go to the same places and miss out on many restaurants, stores, attractions and activities right in their own town.

Keep Learning – Keeping the Senior Mind Active

Adult classes are available in many communities. These programs are often enrichment courses which teach new skills or enhance current ones. A senior can choose a class to refresh their knowledge or learn a new hobby. Some ideas for fun courses:

  • Drawing/Painting
  • Computer lessons
  • Dance classes
  • Singing/Chorus lessons
  • Theater/Drama
  • Ceramic classes
  • Scrapbooking
  • Piano lessons

Some of these classes are designed to be one-time events while others are offered on a regular schedule. You can help a senior choose an activity based on their mobility and how easy it is for them to get out of the home. In addition to occupying their mind and time, these programs allow them to spend time with other people and develop new friendships.

Plan a Day Trip  Activity for Seniors

Pan a trip to a nearby town with a senior. They can enjoy new sights, especially if they spend most of their time at home or within their own community. A day trip opens up a whole new world within driving distance. Choose the location based on an attraction or event, such as a winery or festival. Plan a route which offers scenic views or fun stops along the way and make it a fun day.

Keep the destination close enough to allow for multiple stops to stretch stiff muscles and joints. Go at a slow pace, allowing the senior can keep up and not become overly fatigued. The activity or event should only last for two or three hours to allow for ample travel time back home.

These trips can be fun with just the senior and a family member or friend, or they can make it a group event with other retirees. It gives everyone a chance to visit along the way, and they can experience new locales for a break in their routines.

Entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive or require a lot of extensive planning for seniors. They will enjoy local activities and nearby locations to provide a sense of adventure and fun in their lives. These plans enhance the quality of their lives and help improve their physical health, as well as their mental and emotional well-being.