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6th Nov 2020
Benefits of having a pet, with elders

Amazing Benefits of Elders being accompanied with Pet Animals At Home

Pets love unconditionally, their love is beyond limits. Having a pet at home can transform your life and bring so much happiness. Pets are compassionate, goofy, and comforting. Therefore a pet is probably the best companion to humans, especially the elderly. From improving health to set a positive mood, pet animals bring in a great number of benefits to their owners’ lives.

According to recent studies of few countries, people in households have more pets than children. Even in India, more families are opting for pets, claims statistics. Older adults who live alone love to have a pet around. Are you also planning to get a pet for your loving parents? If yes, let us present the benefits of having pets around the elderly.

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Healing benefits of having a pet for senior citizens.

Enhances Mood

People who already own a pet would surely agree on this- pet animals know the secret of keeping humans happy. Believe it or not but pets are best to enhance your mood in any situation. It has been seen that the elderly who stay with pets are happier than their peers who don’t keep pets. Studies also suggest that seniors with pets have fewer chances of falling into depression or other chronic disorders.

Maintains Blood Pressure

Living with pets maintains blood pressure and prevents anxiety in growing elders. When they play with pets serotonin and dopamine increase. It boosts their immune system and improves overall health. Pet experts tell that heart patients who live with pets survive longer than others.

Elders’ Best Friend

Having a pet at home means having a permanent good friend. Researchers state that pets make a good friend with humans and old adults who live alone love to have pets around. These innocent creatures are an immense source of love for everyone in the family. As they are goofy and playful in nature, they keep elders young, kids happy and everyone engaged. It has been noticed that the elderly who live with pets at home are more active and fun-loving. Elders with pets always choose to play with their pets than anything.

Complete Entertainment:

These cute bundles of joy are a perfect pack of entertainment too. No matter how you’re feeling or what you’re doing, pets always keep you entertained. With their cute personality and quirky habits, they help elders to get rid of boredom. We don’t realize it but having pets around also distracts seniors from everyday problems, ensuring that they’re engaged and entertained. So instead of wasting lots of money here and there for entertainment, just get a cute little pet for your beloved elders.

Build a Sense of Responsibility in Humans

Having pets at home builds a sense of responsibility in adults. No matter which animal you bring as your pet, it will always require your attention and assistance to adjust in the home. Helping and caring for pets makes elders more responsible and patient. This is a very good thing for old-adults who become less social, it helps them keep their values alive, allows them to practice good habits, and helps them maintain a schedule. So if you also want to keep your elders happy and calm, just bring a pet for them.

Stress Busters

You’ll surely agree on this point if you already have pets at home. Remember how it feels to come home after a tired home and seeing that cute little bundle of joy waiting for you? It just melts you right! Similarly, they are true stress busters for the elderly too. Seniors who live alone feel happy by being surrounded by pets. Cuddling with pets is all that elders ended after a boring or tiring day. With pets at home, the elderly always remain healthy and stress-free. Learn how to reduce stress and anxiety

Build Social Connections

You’ll agree with this one! People with pets have more social connections. Ever noticed how everyone attracts you when you go out with pets? Yes, when you go out with your pet, people around you become more apt to connect with you. Elders need social connect the most and pets help them with this.

Understanding the Unsaid

Here’s another value that they develop in humans! Pet helps you understand the unsaid. When you see your loving pets wanting to express something, you always make an extra effort to understand them. With pets, non-verbal communication is important, this habit of understanding the unsaid doesn’t only help you hear your pets but also makes you more patient in your everyday life. At the same time, elders feel so loved being around with pets.

Get The Right Pet For Your Home

We have already told you about the endless benefits of having a pet at home. But it is important to get the right pet! Every animal has different traits and habits, therefore it is essential to ensure that the pet you’re adopting is the right for you and your family. But how to ensure that? Well! Here’s a list of questions, answer them for yourself, it will help you choose the right pet for your home?

  • What is the life cycle of this animal?
  • What are the general eating habits of this animal?
  • How much assistance and daily exercise does it require?
  • How large will it grow?
  • What is the cost of veterinary care? Is it affordable for you?
  • Do you and your family have enough time and patience to look after the pet?
  • What is the right habitat for the pet?
  • Check if pets are allowed in your locality and apartment or society?
  • Are you or any of your family members allergic to pets?

Best Pets To Bring Home


When it comes to the best pet to bring home, dogs top the list. Dogs are proven as the most in-demand pet across the globe. For their faithful and loving nature, dogs are adored by everyone. The bond between humans and dogs is just heavenly. These gentle creatures will care for the elders in a way that it will keep them active and happy.

Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

  • Dogs prevent chronic disorders.
  • Dogs keep you healthy.
  • Dogs are always loyal.
  • Dogs keep the home safe.
  • Dogs keep your heart healthy.
  • Dogs keep you active.
  • Dogs are the best companion for old adults as well as kids.


Who doesn’t like cats? These little fluffy cats blend well with humans. They’re not as playful and friendly as dogs but makes a great companion for growing elders. Interestingly, cats don’t need too much care or human assistance. If you’re looking for a low maintenance pet, the cat would be just perfect for you.

Benefits of Having a Pet Cat.

  • Cats reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Cats prevent loneliness.
  • Cats keep you entertained.
  • Cats make a good companion for growing kids.
  • Cats keep cardiovascular diseases away.
  • Cats are low maintenance.


The colourful and eye-pleasing birds are also a good option to bring home as a pet. This colourful bliss to the eyes also brings great joy and positivity with their melodious voice. Birds are perfect for the people who don’t like touching pets but seeing them from afar. Kids and adults also love birds due to their fascinating looks and voice.

Benefits of Having a Pet Bird.

  • Birds are perfect communicators.
  • Birds keep the home happy.
  • Colourful birds add value to the decor of your home.
  • Birds keep kids sharp.
  • Their melodious voice keeps you fresh.
  • Birds are low maintenance.


Fish is another pet that enhances the beauty of your home. The calm and quiet fishes stay in one corner and don’t make the entire house dirty. Fishes don’t need so much maintenance, all you need is to keep the water clean and feed the fishes at regular intervals. Interestingly, fish aquariums are available in different sizes so no matter if you have a big or small house, you can always opt for it as per your requirement.

Benefits of Having a Pet Fish

  • Pet fishes make the home colourful.
  • Fishes reduce stress and increase happiness.
  • Science reveals that Fish improves Alzheimer’s.
  • Pet fishes promoted learning and researching in kids.
  • Pet fishes increase productivity.
  • Fishes also make people responsible.
  • Fishes teach calmness to the growing kids.


When it comes to a pet, bunnies are considered as the most adorable creatures. The fluffy pets are loved by everyone. Elders love rabbits so much because they’re very cuddly in nature. However, rabbits take time to adjust to humans but once they become familiar with you, they make good pets. Rabbits are too cute and small that you can keep them anywhere and can even take them around with you. Rabbits are too fast so while playing with them, elders get a perfect dose of daily exercise.

Benefits of Having a Pet Rabbit

  • Rabbits are very entertaining.
  • Rabbits are playful and friendly.
  • Rabbits are too fast and keep elders active.
  • Rabbits are eco-friendly.
  • Cuddling with rabbits takes all your stress away.


Everyone hates it when pets die, right? Well! Why don’t you bring a turtle then? Yes, a turtle will surely end up being the oldest member of your home. It is believed that turtles are too wise in nature. They’re very calm and peaceful. Turtles can stay in the same position for a hours without moving. They’re a bit slower than other animals but elders love them. Turtles are perfect for small houses as they don’t require too much space.

Benefits of Having a Pet Turtle

  • Turtles are easy to care for.
  • Turtles are very calm and patient.
  • Turtles are considered to be lucky.
  • Turtles don’t require too much space and exercise.
  • Turtles are very clean.


Goats are a living weed cleaner. So if you’ve goats at home, you will not need a weed cutting machine. While cleaning all the unwanted grass around, goats also make the perfect companion for the kids. Goats also give you mil, produce fibre and provide cheese. However, goats need a lot of space. You can think of petting a goat only if you have huge and grassy open lands.

Benefits of Having a Pet Goat

  • Goats make a good companion for the elderly.
  • Goats provide free milk and cheese.
  • Goats also produce fibre.
  • Goats are a great source of meat.
  • Goats are very playful.

Things To Keep In Mind While Bringing A Pet To Home

By now, you must have made your decision to bring a pet to your home. But wait, here are a few things that you should always keep in mind before adopting a pet.

  • Elders above 65 years of age should avoid having few reptiles, amphibians, or poultry at home. These animals release dangerous germs that can cause serious illnesses to the elders. So it’s better to avoid having such pets with senior citizens.
  • People with open wounds and a weak immune system should stay away from dogs or should take additional precautions while going near the pets. If you’ve senior citizens at home, you can consult with a veterinarian to choose the right pet for you.

Having pets at home encourage the elderly to go out, meet with people, stay active, and do more exercise. With all such benefits, it is always the best choice to let elders age with a pet. But just having a company isn’t enough, elders require utmost care for themselves. For this, get in touch with us, at Emoha. We, at Emoha, make sure that the elderly people get themselves comfortable from every perspective of life. May it be healthcare facilities, pateint care facilities, entertainment facilities, daily chores, etc., we take care of every such need of the beloved elders. Get in touch with us at eldersfirst@emoha.com or call us at 1800-123-445555.