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21st Jun 2022
What is spirituality

A Quest To Answer “What Is Spirituality”

Exploring your spirituality may help you enhance your well-being, whether you’re rediscovering an old spiritual path, renewing your devotion to an already established one, or finding a new spiritual fulfilment source.

Spirituality is a deeply personal experience, and everyone’s spiritual journey is different. However, research reveals that many people, regardless of faith, have found spiritual stress alleviation beneficial. You may begin your spiritual journey by doing the following:


Spiritual – Meaning

There are multiple definitions of spirituality given by learned scholars worldwide. Some argue that when you are spiritually advanced, you tend to see many unwanted things done by your close ones. They have false intentions toward each other but think no one knows about it, which generates a feeling of detachment.

The contemporary approaches to spirituality provoke two critical questions. First, is spirituality essentially individual, or is it also social? If we explore the Web, most available definitions of spirituality emphasise inner experience, introspection, an emotional journey, personal well-being, inner harmony, or happiness. So how does spirituality connect with our social existence? Second, is spirituality more than a useful form of therapy—concerned with promoting everything comforting and consoling? In other words, can there be tough spirituality and is spirituality capable of confronting the destructive side of human existence?


What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the awareness of a feeling, sensation, or conviction that something exists, which is more of being human than sensory experience and that the greater total of which we are a part is cosmic or divine.

Spirituality is the recognition that our lives have meaning in a context that extends beyond the humdrum daily existence of physical demands that drive greed and hostility. It implies understanding that we are a vital component of the universe’s deliberate unfolding of life. Spirituality isn’t just one route or set of beliefs. The advantages of spirituality are that you can experience spiritual encounters in various ways. For many, this may be faith in a higher spiritual power or particular religious practice.

Others may feel interconnected with the rest of humanity and the environment or feel connected to a higher state. Some spiritual indicators include:

  • Posing probing questions regarding pain and what occurs after death
  • Developing stronger bonds with others
  • Having empathy and compassion for others
  • Feeling a sense of oneness
  • Awe and amazement are common emotions.
  • Seeking pleasure in the absence of monetary goods or other external rewards
  • In search of meaning and purpose


What is Spirituality Life & Why is it Important?

Spiritual meaning can be best understood by reading mythological content. Spiritual books such as the Quran, Gita, bible etc., have covered various facets of spirituality. The discussion over the validity of spiritual beliefs such as the presence of God, the meaning of life, the absolute reality of moral rules, and many others usually comes to a halt between mature spiritual searchers and sceptics. The sceptical person seems to the spiritual person as a blind guy attempting to speak about sight when he lacks it. The spiritual person looks to the sceptic as a fragile person motivated by emotional needs to locate some deluded region of comfort or support. A believer does not need to show God exists practically since his presence is self-evident in his creation. Others argue that while the apparent order in the cosmos at macro and micro scales is sufficient to show that there is an intelligence at work far bigger than the human intellect, this does not warrant calling it god. The discussion will undoubtedly continue endlessly since neither side understands the other.


Spiritual Person – Meaning

The Buddha teaches how human nature causes suffering and how to transcend the unavoidable sorrow of unconsciousness to a position of knowledge, peace, and acceptance in the Four Noble Truths. The Eightfold Path lays us a practical plan for achieving the pleasure we all seek by intentionally letting go of detrimental tendencies of resistance and attachment. Buddhists talk about ‘skilful’ acts or behaviours, which brings us to the essence of the spiritual life: a desire to develop oneself, climb beyond unconsciousness and the agony it causes to a condition of higher enlightenment; to think and conduct skillfully rather than haphazardly or immaturely. Spiritual person meaning is defined well in Buddha’s teachings, wherein he highlights the qualities of processes of spiritual people.


True Quality of a Spiritual Person

One of the truest qualities of a spiritual person is that they are authentic. Everything about them is real, and they do not fake it just for society. A spiritual person may have the following qualities in them:

  1. There is a sense of urgency in them
  2. They are wiser and more intelligent than the rest
  3. They are down-to-earth and humble
  4. They do not hold anything against anyone
  5. They are creative and compassionate
  6. They have a sense of purpose yet are flexible in many ways
  7. They are honest human beings and have a purposeful life
  8. They are independent and disciplined
  9. They are calm under pressure and ready to help others at any given point in time


What Makes a Person Spiritual?

Spirituality definition is the study of universal themes, which includes love, compassion, altruism, life beyond death, wisdom, and truth, with the understanding that certain people, such as saints or enlightened humans, have attained and displayed greater levels of development than ordinary people. For spiritually oriented people, aspiring to embody the qualities of such inspirational figures becomes a significant aspect of their life path. Spiritual people tend to have worldly experience and look at life in full circles.

People who have practiced spirituality for ages, especially older generation people, consider the twitching of the right eye as spiritual. Right eye twitching targets to foreshadow life events, explain personality traits and hint at subconscious thoughts.


Science & Spirituality

Spirituality is a positive attitude that sees the best in everyone and everything. It is an inward journey to find inner peace, and it is all about increasing our ability to live, love, and learn. Spirituality is the process of bringing Dharma and Karma into harmony. It is defined as “the process of self-transformation from polluted to pure awareness to obtain inner peace, happiness, and wealth.”

When we discuss science, we talk about truthful information, factual knowledge, reasoning, and proof. People began to question religious beliefs in search of rational understanding. The more scientific discoveries, the more questions about belief systems arise. On the other hand, science takes a more sensible approach; it is a work of logic and proof.


Spiritual Quotes

Some spiritual quotes I have leaned on time & again are given below:

“If something happens, why are there many versions of the same incident? Because, human mind is very tricky, ego plays great role in defining an incident. If in your favor, you talk about it with great enthusiasm and if not in your favor, your mind reject it with some explanation. That creates a conspiracy theory and confused the entire world. Teach your mind to see things as it is.”


“When you are running alone. You just focus on finish line. But when you run with many people, you tend to get lot of distraction and you run with caution. Similar thing happen in spiritual journey and common journey. Worldly distraction always create problems for spiritual seekers.”


“Try once more! Because in this time and space, your time is limited. Unresolved deputes can never take you forward. Even in next character (next birth) you possess has to start all over again from where you finished(this life). Forgive people, forgive yourself, disconnect from the pain you caused or are feeling right now. Try one more time. Resolve your issues.”


“The chaos, war, lynching, love, care, outrage, compassion and drama in the world will continue. Do not be surprised, It has been happening forever. What should you do? You just look at it without prejudice. People involved in these events are just victims of their own karma. Detach! Learn and Spread positivity without getting attached to it. It is the real spirituality.”



How spiritual are you? What are your sources of spirituality?

My level of spirituality is somewhere between low to medium. My sources of spirituality are spiritual people and some religious books. These include Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, humanism, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and new age spirituality. People who practise share their real-life experiences, which are great to know and reflect on.


What is a spiritual mean?

Spiritual is non-materialistic relation to thoughts and beliefs of a person more than physical surroundings and bodies.


How will you show you are a spiritual person in your life?

You can show you are a spiritual person in your life by loving yourself, joining a spiritual club and being truthful.


How to become spiritual?

Common ways to become spiritual are exploring your spiritual core, looking for deeper meanings, expressing yourself better, trying yoga and meditation, travelling a lot, and taking time to meditate and think positively.