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19th Aug 2022
Emotional Need And Care Of Elders

A Close Look At The Emotions Of Elders

Ageing can irritate some elders in general, but elderly persons have distinct social, psychological, and emotional requirements that change over time. Older folks’ psychological, physical, emotional, and social needs should all be considered for the best possible care. Understanding their needs can help them grow and flourish in the comfort of their homes.


What is the social and psychological need of elders?

According to studies, complete social isolation and loneliness cause significant health problems in older persons. Here are two elderly social requirements that can help to alleviate and perhaps avoid isolation and loneliness.


1. Real relationships

Relationships and experiences are essential for older individuals. Most people have casual acquaintances while they are younger, but as they get older, their relationships deepen. Older individuals do not want your sympathy; they want your intention. They would like to understand that you care deeply about them, not only to relieve your guilt.


2. Frequent Social interactions

Unintentional social seclusion may result from cognitive impairment. Social connections, on the other hand, can help to slow cognitive deterioration. During COVID-19, elders’ social links are much more limited than before.


At the very least, check in with your elderly relatives. Here are a few options to start the conversation:

  • Request a summary of their day
  • Inquire about how they are feeling (mentally, emotionally, etc.)
  • Inquire whether they have devoted time to a new or old pastime
  • To exercise their memory muscles, ask them about their childhood and what life was like back then


What is the emotional damage caused to elders if not handled on time?

It may lead to severe depression as socially distressed and isolated elders expect attention and due care from their dear ones. When they do not get it, their emotional wheel gets imbalanced. Diseases like nerve injury, paralysis attacks, suicidal thoughts, and occasionally sudden death with multiple organ failures happen.


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Older people do not say directly what they feel. You have to be extra patient, extra curious always to understand and listen to them more and more. It is often said that old age becomes a bitter fruit.



What is emotional intelligence?

The ability to express their emotions to others, and identify, embrace and accept the changes with time is known as emotional intelligence.


Is emotional intelligence a way out of the emotional imbalance in elders?

When confronted with age-related changes in living circumstances such as physical health, money, and social support, older persons with higher emotional quotient can improve their life satisfaction and experience more good feelings than negative emotions.


What are the components of emotional intelligence?

  • Understanding the source of emotions
  • Evaluation of such emotion
  • Self-management and control


What difference between feelings and emotions?

Feelings are short term whereas emotions are long-term and sustain for quite longer. Feelings originate from one’s senses, whereas emotions are the product of what one perceives and thinks about others.


What is the type of emotions?

Happiness, sadness, fear, and anger are the primary emotional categories.


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