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5th Jul 2022
Senior Talk with Mr. Harish Shrivastav sharing his life tips

7 Doctors for Every Being & 15 Life Hacks – Mr Harish Shrivastav

Every now and then, our seniors visit us at our Emoha, Gurugram office to bless the team and share some valuable life stories. Last Thursday on 23rd June, we were fortunate to have Sh. Harish Shrivastav, an Emoha member, with us at the office where he had an insightful session on Life’s Lessons with all of us. Through this blog, we aim to share his pearls of wisdom on life, in a precise and crisp format so that all of us may benefit from these and lead a more fulfilling life.

7 Natural Doctors for Every Human Being:


1. Sunlight: Getting sunlight is good for us, We need 10-30 minutes of sunlight every day as it loads our bodies with nourishing vitamins and hormones. Sunlight also boosts serotonin production in our brains, a chemical that makes us more focussed, calm, and positive.



2. Sleep: All of us need a proper 6-8hrs of sleep. The right amount of sleep improves our mood, immunity, and productivity. It is useful to maintain a healthy body weight and lowers the risk of serious health conditions like heart diseases and diabetes.


Veggies in the food

3. Veggies in the food: Vegetables (preferably seasonal veggies) are an excellent source of dietary fibres. Vegetables besides being useful for digestive problems lower the risk of eye problems, blood pressure, cancers, stroke, and heart diseases.


Daily exercise

4. Daily Exercise: We require at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Exercise is extremely useful as it boosts energy, controls weight, improves mood, adds a spark into your sex life, promotes better sleep, and safeguards against various health conditions and diseases.


Self belief and self confidence

5. Self-Belief & Self-confidence for anything and everything in life. Don’t judge others, and also don’t be bothered about what others have to say about you.


Drinking water the right way

6. Drinking water, the right way: Drink half a litre of lukewarm water immediately after waking up. Avoid drinking water while standing up. Sip water slowly in small sips like they say “Eat water and drink food”. Don’t drink water 30-60 minutes before and after the meals.


Good Friends


7. Good Friends are essential because they boost our happiness, enhance our positive energy, and improve our self-worth and self-confidence. Friends support and help us cope with life’s traumas, for instance, divorce, job loss, serious illness, death of a loved one, etc.


15 Life Tips by Mr Harish Shrivastav

1. Wake up early: It inculcates discipline in us and enhances our productivity. Waking up early helps us to better plan our day, reduces stress, improves our cognitive function, and we get time for morning workouts.

2. Learn new things: Other than your work and current skills, keep investing your time and efforts in learning new things. Besides beating boredom, it helps you to become more motivated, confident, and happier in life.

3. Listen more: The more you will listen, the more your thinking will get better and the more you will learn, in addition to gaining the trust and respect of the speaker.

4. Learn to say no: Dare to say no when you don’t want to say yes, it helps us to become more authentic and provides a choice where to put our time, energy, and efforts.

5. Take risks: It can open up an entirely new set of opportunities, and we grow through the process while becoming more confident and resilient in life.

6. Try to know and understand yourself: People everywhere are busy living someone else’s life, only after we discover ourselves we can start living. So make sure you know the answer to the question, “Who are you”? This awareness provides the opportunity to evolve things about you, in turn empowering us to make the life that we want.

7. Make quick decisions: Sometimes we take a lot of time in planning, in strategizing, and we rarely have the full 100% information irrespective of the time we may spend, to avoid this we should practice making prompt and judicious decisions.

8. Use time wisely. Time management helps in faster goal achievement as due to judicious time management, work is prioritized and procrastination avoided.

9. Get rid of useless things and items: Decluttering your environment helps to reduce stress as you are more in control, calmer, and thus happier in life.

10. Learn to invest to earn more money: Other than your job or salary, invest to earn more. Be wise in spending and always save some to reinvest properly in order to stay ahead of inflation and to build your wealth.

11. Inculcate positivity: Be positive and refrain from negativity, as it has a direct benefit on a person’s psychological and physical well-being. Bura mat dekho, bura mat socho and bura mat bolo (see no evil, think no evil and do no evil) and therefore achcha dekho, achcha socho, and achcha bolo (see good in everything, think good and talk good).

12. Eat less than your hunger: It slows down ageing and can safeguard against conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Also, avoid junk food and eat a light dinner.

13. Smile and laugh a lot: The more you laugh, the better it is. Smiling and laughing improve immunity, reduce stress and pain, and go a long way in improving mood and positivity.

14. Always be responsible: It helps in experiencing better relationships. Responsibility makes us more confident, this leads to improved decision-making and better problem-solving skills.

15. Do good but don’t expect anything in return: Helping others is not a give and take transaction, it’s not a barter system. So focus on your karma and don’t expect anything in return. Nature will bless you with good things, they will come, and when they do, be thankful.