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30th Aug 2022
Motivations to Exercise Regularly

How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Exercise Consistently?

Being fit is the best way to improve your quality of life and reduce your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses. The problem is that you often let minor lapses in motivation snowball into weeks of sedentary behaviour. But getting motivated to exercise consistently does not have to be so difficult.

Here are four strategies to stay motivated to workout consistently:

1. Set Small, Reasonable Goals

When you want to get fit, you will have to start somewhere. You will have to set goals for yourself. To stay motivated, you will first have to select reasonable goals. For example, you want to walk 15,000 steps daily or 20 minutes of cardio exercise in the gym. Whatever plan you choose, it should be something you can reasonably achieve.

2. Find The Fitness Activity You Enjoy

If you only workout because you feel like you have to, you will be less likely to stick with it. If that is the case, you are unlikely to stay motivated. It might be best to try out once to figure out which workouts you like. For example, some people prefer a plank exercise while others do breathing exercises. But do not forget to mix things up a little bit. You do not want to overdo any one activity or routine until your muscles get used to it.

3. Make Your Fitness Routine Convenient

If you have the option, it is generally easier to stay motivated to workout if you make it easy on yourself. In other words, you need to get your fitness routine as convenient as possible. You can do this by aligning your workouts with your goals. If the plan is to get in shape instead of bodybuilding, you can go for weight loss exercise instead of heavy weight training, making your fitness routine significantly more convenient. 

4. Do not Let Yourself Off The Hook

If you want to stay motivated to workout consistently, you will have to be ruthless with yourself. You cannot allow yourself to be off the hook when you are feeling unmotivated. If you do, you will only make it easier for yourself to stay sedentary. Instead, it would help if you tricked yourself into staying active. Letting yourself slack can be especially harmful if you are doing high-intensity training, which includes chest exercise, as lack of consistency will keep results elusive.

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When it comes to motivation to workout consistently, there are many ways to go about it. You can set small, reasonable goals for yourself, find the fitness activity you enjoy – swimming, running, or anything you like, make your fitness routine convenient and don’t let yourself off the hook. The most important thing you have to do is find the best work for you and use them consistently.


Does having a gym partner make you more consistent?

Yes, having a friend as a gym partner can make you more consistent as the two of you can police each other and act as taskmasters. That way, you pull the other guy up when they do not perform or start to slack.

Can lack of consistency affect results?

Yes, if you are not consistent with your fitness schedule and begin to slack, you will lose the progress you’ve made in terms of your goals. For example, if you have been trying to lose weight, you will not burn enough calories to achieve your goals unless you do the prescribed workouts consistently.

Can music be a source of motivation?

Yes, music, like many other things, can be a source of motivation. Anything you enjoy, be it someone’s company or a non-alcoholic beverage, can motivate you to workout. Choose what works best for you.

Do I only do exercises that I’m interested in?

No, you must not limit yourself to specific workouts, as that will not produce desired results, which can be harmful in some cases. You must include activities that help improve the fitness level of all body parts, including legs, chest, shoulders, arms and abdomen.

Should I work out seven days a week?

You can work out seven days a week if that is what you want. However, the best way to workout is to do it five times a week and let your body recover in two days from the exertion that workout causes.

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