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8th Aug 2022
Tai Chi and Qigong

How Tai Chi And Qigong Improve Posture?

An ancient Chinese martial art form, Tai Chi, has been adopted as a medium to bring mind and body together and induce wellness. It can be self-paced and involves physical postures, fluid body movement, focused attention, and conscious breathing. In this exercise, different steps/ movements merge into the next with gentle grace. The process involves stretching movements blending into the next, accompanied by systematic and controlled deep breathing. Since there is no pause between the postures, the body is in constant motion. Different styles of art are practised by people based on different principles and methods of Tai Chi exercise, and these vary from each other considerably. Many adopt the traditional martial art form/ aspect, while many embrace this heritage’s health maintenance aspect.


Qigong, pronounced “chi gong,” is a part/ aspect of traditional Chinese medicine. This thousands of years old treasure is still effective in today’s world. This form of ancient Chinese medicine aims to maintain and improve people’s physical and mental wellness. Qigong affects the psychological and physical aspects of the human body, and if practised, it is immensely beneficial. The slight differences it makes in a person’s physical and mental being can work wonders.  The exercises under this form regulate the breathing, body’s posture and movements, and mind. Most of the techniques/ forms of Qigong give importance to:

    • Controlled breathing: Breathing is always deep, slow, and long. Beginning with abdominal breathing, it may be combined with working the throat.
    • Body movements are fluid, gentle, and graceful. Such a slow rhythm and light movements aim to relax both the mind and body.
    • The mind is regulated by focusing attention on one point or object and visualising in thoughts.


Qigong Vs Tai Chi

In ancient times, Tai Chi was developed and propagated as a martial art, but today it has been embraced as a health promotion and wellness technique. When used to promote health, it becomes a form of Qigong since the process involves physical movements, conscious breathing, and undiverted focus/ concentration. In this form, Tai Chi exercises are similar to various Qigong exercises developed by ancient medical experts in China. Some forms of Qigong are Hu Yue Xian, Liuzijue, Yijin Jing, Baduanjin, and Medical Qigong.


Tai Chi Benefits

If learned and followed correctly, it can be very beneficial. The benefits of Tai Chi are mentioned below, Tai Chi:

    • Controls stress and anxiety
    • Overcomes negativity and instils positivity
    • Helps in overcoming depression
    • Improves mood and confidence
    • Increases aerobic capacity
    • Enhances energy and stamina
    • Provides better flexibility, agility, and body balance
    • Increases muscle strength


It has been observed that Tai Chi for beginners when practised as a health and wellness option helps attain several health benefits like:

    • Improved sleep cycle and quality of sleep
    • Improved immune system
    • Controlled high blood pressure
    • Controlled symptoms of congestive heart failure
    • Provide better body balance, thus reducing the risk of falls in seniors
    • Improved general fitness


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Tai Chi and Qigong for health are a blessing for people unable to perform strenuous exercises. Based on the ancient wisdom of Chinese experts, these techniques are proving immensely beneficial in current times too. The easy-to-follow, slow body movements, and controlled breathing focus on improving body, mind, and balance.



Are Tai Chi classes available online?

Yes, Tai Chi online classes are available.


What are the advantages of Tai Chi for seniors?

The benefits of using this exercise for health are given below:

  • Improved sleep cycle and quality of sleep
  • Improved immune system
  • Controlled high blood pressure
  • Controlled symptoms of congestive heart failure
  • Better body balance, thus reducing the risk of falls in the elderly
  • Improved general fitness


Are Tai Chi and Qigong the same?

Tai Chi is considered a form of Qigong.


Will practising Tai Chi help me deal with work anxiety?

If practised regularly, it does control stress and anxiety.