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6th Jul 2021

7 Best Home Exercise Equipment For Seniors To Stay Fit

It is no surprise that physical health tends to decline with age and this is especially true for older adults who are in their 50’s and 60’s. Regular physical activity holds great importance as one gets older and is essential for healthy ageing.

However, choosing the right home exercise equipment can be a task. There are a lot of options in the market that are efficient, enjoyable and safe for seniors while helping out with exercises that burn calories, get the heart pumping, increase flexibility, and improve the overall physical endurance.

Importance of regular exercise using equipment for elderly

Staying physically active is the secret to a healthy lifestyle and to improving the quality of life. Not only does it helps you stay fit and active but also helps in maintaining cognitive functions and positively impact your mental health. Regular exercise using some basic home exercise equipment paired with a healthy diet can be your barrier against some very bad diseases.

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Best home exercise equipment for elderly

Here are some of the best home exercise equipment for seniors to stay fit:

1.    Yoga Mat

If you are looking to start exercising at home, a good quality yoga mat is essential and the best exercise equipment for you. A wonderful piece of sitting exercise equipment for seniors, yoga mats allow you to perform a series of low-impact exercises either on your feet, knees or lying on the ground. They make for the perfect base for you to exercise on, and are most commonly used for stretching exercises, such as pilates and yoga.

2.    Cardio Equipment

One of the best overall exercise equipment for home is cardio equipment that helps tap almost every major body part. Cardio exercise makes you active and reduces the risk of diseases such as dementia, heart diseases and diabetes. A seated elliptical or biking machine is a great way to break a sweat while staying at home, which can be a huge advantage for many elders and also works as a leg exercise machine for the elderly. A rowing machine is another option for those looking to maintain muscle structure without putting too much strain on joints and the back.

3.    Resistance Bands

Resistance bands and handgrip devices are easy tools that don’t cost much, take up almost no space and work anywhere. They are some of the best home exercise equipment for beginners and an easy way to build muscle strength. Resistance bands are a great way to combine the benefits of strength training with cardio, while also enhancing your balance and flexibility.

4.    Wrist Weights

Once you reach a point where you have been working out for quite some time, and would like to add a bit more challenge, you can use wrist weights. These weights can either be attached to the wrists or held in the hands while walking, jogging, cycling or during any other physical activity. Since these weights are very light, usually ranging from 0.5 Kg to 2 Kg, they add enough weight to make things a tiny bit challenging but not too much so that it would put strain. Wrist weights are the best exercise equipment for seniors to add a bit more resistance to their training.

5.    Stability Ball

A stability ball, also called a yoga ball, is an air-inflated ball that ranges in size and dimensions. It is one of the best home workout equipment to improve core strength, maintain proper posture and prevent lower back pain. Simply sitting on a stability ball is a physical activity that yields great results. It can successfully impact a senior’s core muscles, improving standing and balancing of the body.

6.    Kettlebells

The kettlebell is used to perform strengthening, cardio, and power training moves as an alternative to conventional dumbbells in certain exercises. It is a heavy ball with a single loop handle on the top which makes it easy to hold and grip. This exercise equipment is a great option for seniors who wish to start lightweight training by challenging themselves. Kettlebells are great for squats, swings, deadlifts and more.

7.    Foam Roller

Foam rolling is very often employed as the first step before exercising or the last step thing to do after a workout. It increases blood flow, soothes tense and overworked muscles and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This home exercise equipment uses a durable and reliable foam rolling device that digs into the myofascial tissue, which on the application of slight to moderate pressure and rolling back and forth, provides relief from muscular knots and muscle soreness.

There are various pieces of home exercise equipment that are easy to use, help you stay fit and active, and are easy to keep around the house. Whichever one you choose, remember that you exercise regularly and that you do not overdo it.

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