Benefits of Positive Thinking for Mind and Body

The COVID-19 scenario has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. Be it elderly people or the young generation – a cloud of negativity and stress has taken over everyone. However, being depressed or stressed all the time has its side-effect; one of them being reducing immunity. You may not realise it but somehow your resistance power keeps decreasing and that is the last thing you would want during the COVID-19 era. We know, it is easier said than done but you need to think positive and stay as happy and de-stressed as you can for a healthy mind and body. 

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Understanding Positive Thinking and Its Importance

One of the misconceptions around positive thinking is that people think being positive means you ignore all the unpleasant or hard situations of your life and just walk away from it while keeping your head high. However, that is not true! By positive attitude, it is meant that you approach the difficulties in your life more optimistically and efficiently. Instead of repeatedly thinking about the problem and the worst scenarios surrounding it, you stay calm and think of the solution so that something good happens – that is what a positive attitude is all about.

The importance of positive thinking can be seen in various situations of life. Sometimes, most people feel that their issues are not being heard or that they don’t have someone to share their emotions with. This leads to suppressing the feelings in their hearts, which keeps building sadness over time, leading to quietness and depression. While there are home care counselling services today; who says you always need someone to share your problems with?

Positive thinking often begins with talking with self or self-talk, where you just speak out all the unspoken thoughts that have been running in your mind to yourself. You can just stand in front of the mirror and speak your heart out. Whether the talks have logic and reason or they are completely unreasonable – you can express your emotions openly without having the fear of getting judged. But, there is something that you need to consider here. While talking with yourself, check your thoughts and write them down; if they are mostly positive, you are good to go but if they are mostly negative, you need to work on your positive thinking ability. 

Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has benefits that are not only directed to make your life as beautiful and optimistic as you want but also a healthy one at that. Some of the benefits of a positive attitude include –

•    Increased Immunity of the Body

One of the foremost benefits of positive thinking is increased immunity. It is the area where thoughts have a powerful influence. It has been found that if you keep thinking negative continuously, the immunity power of your body decreases that leads to health issues and illness. This something that you wouldn’t want; especially during the COVID-19 times where having a strong immunity is the key to keeping yourself healthy. Thanks to the wonderful effects of positive thinking, it is found that people who have a more positive outlook towards their life tend to have stronger immunity, leading to a healthy life. 

•    Say Goodbye to Stress

The benefits of a positive attitude include biding adieu to stress that has become a part of daily life. While elderly people stress about facts like post-retirement time, social isolation and loneliness; young minds are stressed about their education, career, and so on. Positive thinking helps in reducing all the stress that a person goes through. How you may ask? Keeping a positive approach, instead of stressing on the un-happy parts of your post-retirement time or your current career field; focus on the good ones. Positive thinking for elderly people is extremely necessary as it will help them lead happier golden years of their life. A stress-free life automatically increases the immunity power of your body as you tend to be more relaxed and happier.

•    Improved Overall Wellness

Lastly, the benefits of positive thinking include the fact that it has an impact on the overall well-being of your body and mind. Positive thinking keeps your mind occupied with happy thoughts that by default helps in leading a healthier lifestyle – you don’t stress on small-small things, there is no unhealthy behaviour like irritation, anger, and so on. Positive thinking for seniors and others further helps in improving your sleep, reducing risks of death from cardiovascular problems, cuts down depression, increases lifespan, and so on.  

Positive thinking has a power that can heal your mind, body, and soul to a great extent. Especially, in elderly people, the effects of positive thinking have been amazing as it is found to be one of the most effective ways of keeping themselves healthy and away from being depressed.

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