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11th Feb 2022

12 Easy Yet Effective Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship in the Bedroom

All relationships demand work, emotion, attention, and whatnot! Especially romantic relationships. After a particular age, couples stop investing time in each other. Pillow dates have become a thing of the past. According to a recent report, 15-20% of couples in America donot have intercourse.

It also notes that 50% of sexless relationships lead to divorce. You may be preoccupied with your job, business or parenting but pause for a moment, ask yourself, “Is this more worthy than my romantic relationship?” We bet your answer would be ‘Hell No’!

With an intent to help you spice up your sex life, we have come up with the top 12 tips that will strengthen your bonding with your partner and teleport you to the good old days. (PS – We don’t have a time machine; otherwise, we would have done it!)

The following list has been curated with expert opinions and suggestions. 

#1 Be Cozy With Your Partner  

Love-making would be pleasurable only when you are comfortable in each other’s arms. It is important to make yourself acquainted with your partner’s touch, especially when you are about to kick off your intimate life once again after a sabbatical. If you are a movie buff, watch a romantic movie together and snuggle into your partner’s arm.

#2 Read Erotic Stories Together  

Reading erotic stories creates a natural urge to get intimate with your partner, which is exactly what you want at this stage. You must be wondering “why not porn”, isn’t it? Well, porn endorses some malpractices. Whereas, erotic stories are creative and stimulate one mentally too. Reading a sex story has a bundle of benefits and can be tapped to unleash your sex drive.

#3 Sleep Naked 

Sleeping naked is the quickest way to get your romantic relationship back on track. Finding you naked, your partner is bound to want to get physical. You need to spice things and wait for the fire to blow. It’s also a great way to get comfortable with each other’s unclothed bodies.

Besides, sleeping naked has benefits such as strengthening the immune system, reducing the risk of heart diseases and depression. Skin-to-skin contact with your partner secrets Oxytocin which helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels, improving your sleep quality. Moreover, Oxytocin aids in growing the bond stronger with your spouse.

#4 Explore Each Other’s Bodies 

Exploring your spouse’s body can magnify pleasure. Spending at least 20 minutes caressing their body’s every inch with varying pressure and/or with silken scarves or feathers can fire up the air between you and your partner.

Spice up the ambience with scented candles and soothing music to be more intimate.

#5 Stretch Your Foreplay  

Foreplay is what makes intercourse interesting. Directly jumping onto the climax leads to boredom after repeating it several times. Foreplay adds fresh elements to your intercourse which make it memorable and desirable.

Ask your partner how long they want to stretch it and what they want to do in foreplay but don’t necessarily wait on them to take the lead; do the unexpected.

#6 Add an Element of Sex Toys  

Bring in a variety of legally available sex toys to create newness and excitement in your relationship. Use these toys to spice things up and elevate your love-making experience without literally involving the third person.

A sex toy can also be used to bridge the ‘Orgasm Gap’; thus, it makes intercourse more satisfying than ever.

#7 Tease Her/Him  

Teasing is the next level of flirting where the intent is to arouse the partner to indulge in intimacy. It is a way of implying that your partner is sexually interested in you and open to proceeding with the act. Teasing may involve jokes, gestures, touch, or a move that turns their significant other on. It adds an element of spontaneity.

#8 Play Erotic Games  

Not talking about sex for a long time and bringing it back into the day-to-day conversation is challenging and may be embarrassing for you. If this is the case, guise your intent through a game and start talking about it playfully. Experts recommend you to play Truth or Dare, and 20 Questions.

#9 Try Roleplay 

Roleplay may not be common for elderly people, but it is a nice tactic to be novel in the bedroom. Here one can simulate various scenarios and have themselves and/or their partner imitate other characters. Uncover your inner fantasies playfully.

#10 Make Love Like There’s No Tomorrow 

People often take their partners for granted and fall into the pit of unsatisfied sex life. No matter what your age is, you both are still young enough at heart to make out just as teenagers do. Don’t be afraid to show each other “a good time”. Communicating your needs and wants will help you lose your inhibitions and have a fulfilling sex life.

#11 Hit the Shower  

Running water from a shower intensifies sensuality. While it may be discomforting to have intercourse while standing in the shower, you could always just take a shower, caress each other, sponge them or shampoo each other.

#12 Don’t Shy Away from Trying Untapped Sex Positions 

Nobody desires monotony in the bed, whether they say it or not. Innovate your moves to surprise your partner, keeping their limitations in mind. It is not true that just because one’s older they can not try new sex positions. There are comfortable ones like spooning, missionary, cowgirl etc.

Remember, age is just a figure when it comes to intercourse. Dust your moves and know that you’re sexy at all ages. You are never too old to enjoy physical intimacy!

Caution – While it is important to be spontaneous and try new tactics to improve your sex life as a senior, it is of utmost importance to remember that explicit consent should be asked for before indulging in new sexual activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is elderly sex?  

With ageing, physical changes in the body become obvious. Men may succumb to erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, a woman’s vagina becomes narrow and less lubricating. These complications restrict the elderly from enjoying moments of pleasure. However, solutions for these problems do exist.

How often do 80-year-olds make love? 

Frequency of sex drops with their age. A survey suggests that people in their 80s have sex at least twice a month.

Can a 70-year-old woman be sexually active? 

Yes. Why not? Unless other physical ailments stop you from doing so, there is no reason for a 70-year old woman to not have sex.

How often do 70-year-olds make love? 

A study concluded that people in their 70s have sex at least four times a month.