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9th Feb 2022

More Than Companionship – Senior Dating

Radhika Diwan, 64, a successful pharmaceutical business owner, spent her life focused on her career, never really thinking about marriage or dating. Now, as a successful entrepreneur, she’s looking for a life partner. While traditional views might see her age as unsuitable for finding ‘good’ matches, Radhika rejects these old-fashioned ideas. She’s started her search, hoping to find someone in her large social circle, and is also considering using a Dating App for Seniors.

Like Radhika, many others seek companionship at a later stage in life. Not everyone has a wide social circle to find a match, and physically searching for a partner can be daunting. However, this challenge is lessened today with the availability of online solutions like a Dating App for Seniors. These platforms offer a convenient way for seniors to connect and find potential partners, making the process easier and more accessible.

Do Seniors Date? 

We all know that online dating is a common phenomenon among youngsters but it is increasingly gaining popularity among seniors as well. Seniors, irrespective of their social background, are opting for online dating and even match-making now. With the emergence of various dating apps, finding a companion is not just easy but literally a click away. It is never too late to look for love and age certainly is not a barrier anymore. Given below are some of the popular dating apps for seniors which are available in the digital world today.

Best Dating Sites/Apps for Seniors 

Truly Madly

This home-grown dating app for seniors is becoming quite popular among them these days. Other than offering quality match-up games, this app gives you a unique dating experience. Its algorithm filters out scammers and fake profiles, thus creating a safe space for senior dating.  

Indian Dating for Seniors

This easy to use dating app offers a six-month subscription at a very low price, although one can browse this for free as well. You can engage in conversations with like-minded Indians on topics ranging from food to favourite travel destinations.  


This dating app requires you to fill up personalised questions to offer matches based on similar interests. It also allows you to add custom questions to answer, that help with giving an insight into your personality to the public. 


While it is primarily used by youngsters, it is becoming equally famous among seniors who want to connect with a larger pool of people. Since its member base is spread across the world, seniors can search for dating partners even across continents.  

Senior Sizzle 

This app focuses on casual senior dating. Just because one is now above the age of 60 does not mean they are only looking for serious or long term relationships, many are looking for casual relationships as well, just like their younger counterparts. The app is a perfect platform for seniors who are looking for excitement and fun in terms of dating. 

Date My Age  

This free dating platform has members from various parts of the world. Seniors, who are looking to meet people from different cultures and geography, should try this budget-friendly site. 

Senior Match 

This dating site offers suggestions based on geographical locations. Due to the geographical proximity, you are more likely to actually meet a person in real life. This particular site serves the age group over fifty. Here, you will find the opportunity to pursue both, romantic and platonic relationships. 


Seniors who are looking for serious and long term relationships will find this dating site best suited to them. It offers you to take personality surveys and long match-making quizzes that are intended to help you find like-minded people that are most compatible with you. 


This easy-to-use dating site for seniors offers services basis your sexual preference. It offers a safe dating space for seniors identifying as LGBTQIA+ while also catering to a non-heterosexual and cisgender community. It is perfect for the average senior who is just stepping into the whole wide world of online dating. 

The aforementioned were some of the popular dating sites for seniors where they can safely interact, meet and build relationships with people of their choice.  Here are some suggestions to consider as you move into the universe of online dating for seniors. 

Dating Tips for Seniors  

1. You are not alone – Many seniors opt for dating sites as an escape from their loneliness, an important fact to remember though is, you are not the only one who feels this way. Many people sailing this same boat and honest communication of this will lead to a more understanding bond with the people you meet on these apps or sites. 


2. It’s never too late to live happily – When we find ourselves single again after being in companionship for many years, it becomes hard to step outside our comfort zones and look for a partner. However, it is absolutely pertinent to remind yourself that companionship is a natural human need at all ages. There is no shame in wanting to find a partner in your 60s, 60s or even older. Take a step forward and live life the way you want to.  

3. Don’t be afraid of bad dates – There may be occasions when you don’t find a single suitable date or you go on ten bad dates in a row, but remember, you only need one great date to turn everything around. Have some patience and give yourself credit for being out there in the first place. 

4. Be aware of scammers – While online dating is fun, it involves some risks as well. Dating sites are filled with fake accounts and scammers who try to take monetary advantage of seniors. Try to avoid sharing any sensitive details about yourself even if you have been in touch with someone for a while. 

5. Be careful while meeting people from dating apps – The world is full of all sorts of people, and some of them have malicious intentions. It is very important to be cautious and conscious of who you want to meet through said apps/sites, where you want to meet them and how much information about yourself you want to share. Be wary of any red flags, discomforting situations, toxic personality traits etc.  


Regardless of what type of relationship you seek, most of these dating sites and apps are dedicated to facilitating a happy and fulfilling social experience. Love can be found at any age, so make sure you choose the right senior dating site that helps you find the kind of love you are looking for. It is never too late for anything especially if it is related to your happiness. You just need to take the first step and in due time you will find your own “yours truly”. 

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Frequently Asked Questions  

1. What information should be shared on dating sites? 

Always avoid sharing personal information like your home address and bank details unless you know the person well. You can share hobbies, likes, and dislikes on your profile page, but never share sensitive personal information.


2. What is the best and safest site for seniors? 

Every dating site has its pros and cons. Some platforms keep a check on fake profiles and scammers. Generally, sites like TrulyMadly and eHarmony can be considered the safest among the popular dating sites for seniors. 


3. Are all senior dating sites free? 

Not all dating sites are free. Some require you to pay certain subscription fees for a particular period. Some sites offer a free subscription for basic usage while charging money for advanced features. Don’t subscribe to random dating sites without proper research about it. 


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