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8th Feb 2022

14 Reasons to Smash the Age-Gap Barrier Whilst Looking for Love

Relationships in the 20th century are increasingly being based on maturity, mutual respect and understanding and the inherent value that a partner brings to the mix, and not on differences like age, sex, or religion. Many women in their 20s secretly have a crush on the likes of George Clooney, Milind Soman, Richard Gere or Amitabh Bachchan. Similarly, numerous men have fallen for the charm and wisdom of elder women, relishing the gratification and perspective they experienced.

Many well-known individuals have simultaneously broken the age-gap barrier while on their quest for love, giving us famous couplings like Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas, Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi, Dilip Kumar & Saira Banu, George & Amal Clooney, etc. and the number of such unconventional relationships is only going northwards.

With careful observation we have curated a list of reasons to explain the rationale behind an increasing amount of younger people choosing to commit into a relationship with their older counterparts.

1. More hours of experience 

With age people attain a certain level of authenticity, balance, self-assurance and are super supportive and understanding of their partners due to this. It  can be compared to a trainee pilot needing a specific number of flight hours before they can officially fly, seniors just have more flight hours than their younger peers, both physically and mentally.

2. Know exactly what they want and do not want 

Seniors know their minds and have a precise understanding of who they are, what exactly they want, and where they want to take their relationships. They have learned from their experiences of relationships in their 30s and 40s which has given them crucial insight into what they are looking for in a partner and what their expectations are. This approach will lead to less chasing and more growth as a couple.

3. Do not play games 

Seniors are brutally honest communicators. They inculcate a level of self-awareness and humility which permits them to drop the materialistic façade and instead be very forthright. A super open and honest alliance from the get-go, has a much higher likelihood of blossoming further.

4. Greater appreciation for you and a lot more patience 

Seniors understand the value of patience in nurturing relationships. They are willing to go the extra mile because they value their partner as an individual. This often translates to a greater appreciation for their significant other and they will not give up easily unlike their younger counterparts who love with one foot out the door.

5. More cultured and experienced 

Seniors are like fine wine and they age like that too. Their life experiences, previous relationships, work exposure etc have taught them vital life lessons and made them more understanding of the intricacies involved in finding companionship. They will have relatively lesser need for external validation and will be more secure with their sense of self, leading to less friction in their relationships.

6. Financially more secure 

Statistically, seniors are more focused on their careers and goal-oriented, thus more ambitious and financially stable.This often results in them being more supportive of their partners being financially secure and ambitious too.

7. Gell-well with partner’s friends 

With age, people gather trivial social skills, including picking up conversational or body language cues, interest in listening and not just talking, colloquial knowledge on varying subjects, etc. This could make seniors an instant hit in their partner’s social circle.

8. Not looking for ‘perfection’ in a partner 

Unlike their younger counterparts who are hoping for a Mills-and-Boon type of romance or fancy dates with supermodel-like people, seniors are over it! They recognise that there is more sensuality and magnetism in being real.

9. Not scared of vulnerability 

Seniors are more willing and open to communicate; they tend to talk about their feelings, thoughts and opinions without any hesitation. Conversations involving the future, past traumas or other emotionally triggering subjects may be a lot easier with them. They are also receptive and sensitive while listening to their partner.

10. Culturally seasoned 

Backed with many years of ‘know-how’, seniors tend to posses a great deal of awareness about a range of things like traveling, history, quality wine, gourmet food,  clothing, and so on. Culture-wise they could widen their partners horizon to a host of things like cult classic movies, all-time favourite music, literary greats and more.

11.  Prefer to cook  

Unlike most youngsters who rely on their families or house helps to cook for them, most seniors regardless of gender, like to cook mindfully and are good at it as well.

12. Not afraid to commit 

Seniors seek a healthier and more stable relationship. They are at the stage of life where their life is mostly pieced together, so they can focus on deeper and more serious commitments.

13. Sensitive to partner’s needs 

Seniors have probably had their fair share of short-term and long-term relationships, which provides them more insight into handling relationships. Their previous experiences have shape them to be more aware and sensitive to their partner’s needs.

14. Better in bed 

Seniors tend to seek a more intense, romantic, and emotional connection between the sheets. Not only do they have more time and experience to gather from they also are conscious of their partners needs and limitations. Their experience and sensitivity makes them passionate lovers.

A partner or companion is meant to lend support, affection, care, stimulation and love and so it is important to be with the right people for a smoother and  fulfilling love experience. The art of love is the art of mutually satisfying persistence, it comes with no age and it comes with no limits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it OK to date an older man/woman? 

It is alright to date an older man/woman and equally healthy to pursue personal interests in your relationships.

What is dating like for seniors? How do I date after 65? 

Finding the right person can take time, following tips can help:

  1. When you are looking for a relationship with someone, put all your cards on the table (be absolutely honest and open)
  1. Connect through family and friends
  1. Make use of dating coaches, dating services, or matchmakers
  1. You can make use of the power of the internet to look for dates
  1. Local neighbourhood stores and local activities

What does a 70-year-old man look for in a relationship? 

70-year-old men mostly seek out companionship based on common interests and shared values. Older men prefer ladies with a clear head, strong intent and good heart.