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14th Feb 2022

The Kama Sutra for Golden Agers

What image does the word “Kama Sutra” bring up in your mind? – Most likely a couple immersed in an exotic lovemaking position and quite possibly a young couple. But, does Kama Sutra revolve only around sex and sex positions? Was it created only for the younger adults? What does Kama Sutra convey about the sex life of seniors? We will explore the answers to these questions and more in this blog.

What is Kama Sutra?  

As the name suggests, Kama Sutra is the “text” dedicated to the feeling of “desire, love, and pleasure”. Nevertheless, Kama Sutra is not merely about sex. Sex is a physical act that anyone can indulge in. However, pleasure is solely what the mind understands and revels in. Thus, Kama Sutra is a text which tells us about the various means of pleasure and ways to enhance them in our life. Anyone, irrespective of their age, can make use of this ancient wisdom, which means Kama Sutra is as beneficial to seniors as it is for younger adults.

Kama Sutra for Seniors  

While Kama Sutra doesn’t specifically address seniors and their sex life. It does, however, provide important insight that seniors can make use of to enhance their sensuality by considering the type of foods, positions, erotic points on the body, and much more mentioned in the classical Indian treatise on lovemaking.

How does Kama Sutra define Pleasure?  

The brain generates feelings of pleasure. One just needs a stimulus to activate that. Men and women, both have different patterns and forms of pleasure. For a man, pleasure is like a fire, easy to ignite. A women’s pleasure is like water. Like water, it takes a long time to come to a boil and also takes longer to come down. Thus, the idea of pleasure is slightly different for both sexes. Pleasure can be sparked by pressing certain body nerves. When sexual energy is comparatively less during old age, this information of erotic points on the human body can be used to activate the latent sexual energy.

Nerves that create the sexual excitement 

According to the Kama Sutra, there are twenty-four nerves in the human body specifically responsible to arouse the feeling of sexual excitement. Of the 24 erotic nerves, there are some, when pressed gently, which could generate the feeling of sexual arousal. There are 2 inside the mouth, 2 in the eyes, 1 in the neck, two in the left cheek, and 1 at the base of the index finger. Then there is another group of nerves that require hard pressing. They are in the ears, beneath the eyebrows, the shoulder blades, and on the thighs. There is one more group present which is at the right side of the waist that has to be scratched gently to arouse it. Two of the largest erotic nerves also run through the left side of the buttocks which need aggressive kissing for stimulation.

Top Sex Positions for Seniors  

Other than nerves, seniors can also try suitable sex positions. Here is a list of  famous sex positions that are appropriate for seniors:  

Missionary – If you are not having any major back issues, this position is the most suitable for gratifying sex. If the pressure feels too intense, use a chair and pillow for support.

Doggy style – If you are overweight or experience hip pain, then you can try this for a satisfying orgasmic experience.

Time-bomb – In this position, the man is required to sit while the lady sits on his thighs facing him. Other than increasing intimacy, this position is great to relieve pressure from the back and legs.

Sideways 69 – This position allows oral activities, without any feeling of pain in the joints, as sometimes experienced in the popular 69 position.

Cowgirl – As the name suggests, the lady is required to sit on the man, lying on the bed, and face towards her partner. If the man is not suffering from back pain and the lady does not experience joint pain, this position is very suitable for a wholesome sexual venture.

Foods to Boost Sex Drive  

While sex positions have a role in satisfying sexual intercourse, one must be mindful of the fact that it is the food you consume, that determines your overall performance in sexual activity. Old age can result in a decrease in vital sexual energy. To address this, Kama Sutra prescribes various food items to boost sex drive. Here the some of the important, easily attainable food items for an enhanced sex drive and also beneficial for maintaining overall health in seniors:

1. Nuts – Nuts are a great source of essential nutrients that are good for healthy sex life. If consumed in moderation, they can boost the sex drive, improve erectile dysfunction along with many other health benefits.

2. Saffron (Kesar) – You must have seen in Bollywood movies, where the newlywed couple is given saffron milk before their first night together. This is done approvingly as saffron reduces stress, anxiety and alleviates mood. Adding saffron in food items not just enhances the taste and colour of food, it also adds colour to your sex life by boosting sexual stamina and libido.

3. Olive Oil – Packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, olive oil is a great option to enhance your sex life.

4. Fenugreek (Methi) – Methi seeds are quite effective in boosting arousal in both men and women. It is especially helpful for senior ladies going through menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness, or hot flashes.

5. Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha) – Ashwagandha not only contributes to your sex drive, but also suppresses ageing, reduces stress, and boosts memory. Consumption of Ashwagandha with warm milk at night gives miraculous results under the sheets.

Benefits of Sex in Old age  

Healthy sex life is the key to a happy life with your partner. Maintaining an active sex life leads to the following health benefits for seniors:  

  • Sexual activities release chemicals like endorphins which alleviates your mood and reduces stress.
  • People who maintain a happy sex life with their partner feel a better sense of intimacy and radiance in the relationships.
  • Sex involves a lot of physical activities, making it beneficial for the cardiovascular system.
  • Healthy sex in old age also prevents various vaginal ailments like vaginal atrophy. It helps to increase blood flow in the vagina and even prevents dryness.
  • And most importantly, a healthy and active sex life maintains a lasting and affectionate bond with your partner, which is the key to happiness in old age.

We all know good sex is more than just intercourse. It requires intimacy. Many seniors may not prefer intercourse, instead feel aroused by affectionate touch and psychological intimacy. As society has advanced, the exchange of a few affectionate words and warm embraces has become more important than the act of sex itself.

Kama Sutra mentions after the act of love partners must have a conversation. This post-sex conversation leads to real bonding between the couple. Taking a cue from this, we understand that pleasure and warmth in life are of utmost importance in the golden years of life. And this comes not just from the physical act of sex, but also from the mental and psychological connection that couples share. Remember, the patron deity of the Kama Sutra is the goddess of music and learning, Goddess Saraswati, not Kamadeva. It signifies that an intellectually evolved person is a more desirable lover than some young buff hunk who can last longer in bed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is sex dangerous in old age?  

According to a study conducted in the US, sex is beneficial for older women but, it may not always be the same for older men. Senior males involved in rigorous sexual activities may be at a higher risk for heart diseases. So, if you are a senior male, and already facing cardio-vascular issues, you should refrain from having an intense sex life.

Does sex make you lose weight?   

On average, 30 minutes of sex can burn almost 100-300 calories. So, yes, sex does make you lose some weight.

Does regular sex make one look younger?  

According to a study conducted in the UK, active sex life in old age can make one look younger. Sexual activity releases many beneficial chemicals like endorphins which help make your skin glow and suppress adult acne, thus leading to a comparatively young face.