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10th Mar 2022

Top Jobs for Retired Persons in India

The retirement age is generally assumed to be 60, however with a healthy mind and body, it’s feasible to continue working even beyond your 60s. In fact, in today’s time, some employers prefer to hire seniors as they bring strengths like wisdom & experience that younger workers often lack. A study conducted with members of the human resource management industry found that senior workers exhibited loyalty, strong work ethic, and high levels of positive engagement on the job. This resulted in a more productive overall workplace environment. Finding employment would have been difficult years ago but nowadays, many avenues are available that connect employers with seniors looking to re-enter the workforce. Employment portals like Naukri, Shine, Monster, etc. have several vacancies for jobs for retired persons in India.  

The trend of retired senior citizens joining the workforce has been growing for some time. Here is a curated list of some of the best jobs for retired persons in India, significant even in the middle of a pandemic: 

 1. Real Estate Investor  

Real estate investing is becoming a very appealing option for seniors lately. Elderly citizens can invest in real estate options like rental apartments, commercial properties, etc. They can earn money through the properties they buy and rent out, even as they continue with daily life. They have a variety of options to consider. One such option is to buy a cabin in the mountains, rent it to others or list it on travel sites as a homestay while using it as a getaway in off-seasons. Another option is to buy a small apartment in a premium locality and resale it when the market is profitable or keep renting it. 

 2. Consultant 

Retired individuals with specialized experience in finance, programming, website development, litigation or other advanced degrees can consider working as consultants. Since the demand for specialized consultants is so high, the pay can be quite lucrative. They can begin their journey through professional networking sites like LinkedIn etc.  

3. Online Teacher 

Retirees who enjoy working with students might enjoy being a teaching assistant or tutor. As universities nowadays prefer more and more retired teachers, positions for retired professionals are available at various institutions. Teaching is a well-paid, well-respected profession and is also an opportunity to pass on skills and wisdom to the next generations which is a reward in itself.  Due to Covid-19 and lockdowns, many young people are now learning online, and so it’s quite easy to find jobs as an online teacher simply by signing up with learning platforms like Coursera, Unacademy, KhanAcademy and Byju’s. Besides joining these platforms, you can also earn money by uploading lessons on YouTube and other video-sharing websites.  

 4. Social Media Infuencer  

Social media is a multi-faceted, high reward avenue for seniors. If one has skills they want to showcase or content that aligns with current trends, and a unique personality to bring it all together they may be very well suited to reap the benefits of social media. Online platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram etc. have given rise to millions of different videos, shows and influencers who are “just like you”. Whether one’s cooking delicious food or just showing others how their day-to-day life is, there’s space for everyone in the world of social media. If used positively and frequently – social media could provide an added sense of value within one’s brand, sustain their sense of identity as well as be a potential source of income. 

 5. Sales Associate  

Post-retirement, seniors can work as sales associates for small retail businesses. It can be a great job for someone who enjoys interacting with people and can leverage that to earn income. Most small retail stores even allow their workers to have flexible hours. Working part-time or full-time are both options, depending on availability as well as financial situation. Seniors can even increase their sales using online platforms like Whatsapp, Messo while working from the comfort of their home. 

 6. Entrepreneur  

Being an entrepreneur is an excellent prospect for retirees. Entrepreneurship can offer heavy rewards. First, one has numerous opportunities to make money. Second, it would be a great chance to unleash one’s potential and express their creativity without fear. Third, they can take more risks in this period of life. And last but not least, they are experienced and mature enough to deal with any problems arising in the process. But with this option, one should remember that they may not be able to sustain a steady income with a regular job on the side. If one is not afraid of being on their own and wants to achieve an ambitious dream, this is the path for them.  

7. Professional Baby Sitter or Petsitter 

Since Covid-19 has hit the world, most parents are working from home and it has become difficult for them to take care of their babies or pets. Seniors who love spending time with kids and animals can look into babysitting opportunities or pet-sitting for people around their vicinities. 

8. Virtual Assistant 

Being a virtual assistant is a great work-from-home opportunity for a retired person. If one has decent computer skills and needs regular income, it is a feasible option. Seniors can also go for VA certification and join websites like Upwork, Freelancers etc to find suitable job opportunities. 

The ageing process often leads to seniors feeling out-of-touch with the ever-changing technology, resulting in them shying away from growth & earning opportunities that involve tech. To support seniors feel included & updated, the Emoha App (available on Android & IOS) offers personalised and guided tech support at the touch of a button. Just download the app, and learn to navigate the revising technology with renewed ease. 


We hope you enjoyed our article about the best jobs for retired persons in India during the Covid-19 pandemic. With this knowledge, we wish that all seniors make the most of their retirement period and enjoy a rewarding life – full of purpose and satisfaction.   

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Frequently Asked Questions  

How can a retired person apply for a job?

Employment portals like Indeed, Monster, Naukri, Shine, LinkedIn can help retired persons find a job.

Can a retired person get employment after retirement?

Yes, a retired person can work full-time or part-time.

Can a retiree work as a freelancer on Upwork?

Yes, definitely a retiree can work as a freelancer on platforms like Upwork, Freelancers, Toptal, We Work Remotely, Behance, Dribble, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour etc.  

What jobs can I do after 60 years of age?

Apart from the post-retirement job options mentioned above, Blogger, Secretary, Retail Sales Associate, Driver, Administrative Assistant, Bank Teller, Bookkeeper, and Fitness Instructors are some other options.