Discover the Unexplored Places in Shimla

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, an Indian state. It was also British India’s summer capital. The city was named after the Shymala Devi temple of Goddess Kali, which stood in the Jakhu Hill forest in the early nineteenth century. It is a renowned tourist destination due to its gorgeous scenery and pleasant weather. Every year, thousands of people visit the place.

People visit well-known locations like Mall Road, Tattapani, the Ridge, and Naldera. There are also numerous unknown areas in this city that are must-watch for wanderers. These locations are not overrun with tourists and have retained their natural charm. Visiting these locations will introduce you to the city’s inherent splendour and make your vacation memorable. So pack your luggage and head off to explore these undiscovered Shimla Tourist Places.


Unseen Beautiful Tourist Places of Shimla

1. Matiana


Shimla is roughly 45 kilometres away from Matiana. While driving towards Matiana, you will observe a wide variety of flora and stunning snow-capped peaks. Visit this location to observe how the valley disappears into the backdrop of the soaring Himalayas and enjoy the breathtaking views of the twisting Hindustan-Tibet route. Through apple orchards and woodlands, you may also enjoy a peaceful outdoor walk.


2. Fagu


The main city is roughly 21 kilometres away from Fagu. The trip to Fagu is enjoyable, and the postcard scenery of the highlands will leave you speechless. Fagu is ideal for nature enthusiasts and those looking to spend time away from the city’s noise and bustle. You may stroll through the Fagu deciduous woods and take in the alluring sights of the flower meadows, apple orchards, and snow-capped summits while encircled by the Western Himalayas.


3. Chail


Chail is around 40 kilometres from the city. Here you may observe some lovely rural vistas. The Maharaja of Patiala constructed the world’s highest cricket pitch in Chail. You may visit its wildlife sanctuary to find animals such as the Rhesus Macaque, Indian Muntjac, wild boar, Goral, crested porcupine, common langur, Himalayan black bear, and leopard there.


4. Kufri


Twenty kilometres from the central city, Kufri is known for its ski slopes, Kufri Zoo, and as a vantage point or the starting spot for hikes. British colonists established Kufri in 1819, and during the past several years, it has grown to be a popular travel destination. The central tourist area of Kufri is located atop Mahasu hill, 2,720 meters above sea level, and visitors must either climb or ride a horse from the car park to get there. After a horse ride, you’ll want to spend your time at the top playing with snow or taking pictures.


5. Pabbar Valley


Pabbar Valley is located around 85 kilometres from Shimla. Because so few people know it, this is one of the least-explored locations in Shimla. On the other hand, this location is a must-see for wildlife lovers. Here, you may participate in various extreme adventure sports such as rafting, paragliding, and trekking. It’s also an excellent spot for fishing. There are also other historic temples nearby that may be explored.



The beauty of this city of Himachal Pradesh, whether inspired by a poet or a painter, cannot be captured in a few words or lines. Some areas are famous, while others are completely unknown to most of us. You and your loved one can create many lovely memories on your journey to Shimla. Don’t forget to record and photograph yourself smiling and laughing. Grab the next opportunity to have the best travel experiences with heavenly sceneries.


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Which is the best time to visit Shimla?

The best time of the year for any traveller to visit Shimla is during the summer months of April to August.


What are the best activities to do in Shimla?

Some of the best activities to do in this beautiful hill station include hiking, shopping, and sightseeing.


Why is Shimla famous for tourism?

The town is well-known for its scenic walks on slopes surrounded by pine and oak trees. Himachal Pradesh’s capital city is famous for The Mall, the Ridge, and the Toy Train. The town includes colonial-style structures and ancient antiquities that give it a unique appearance.


Which month does snowfall in Shimla?

Shimla snowfall season begins in late December and lasts through February.


What are the five most famous foods in Shimla?

Some popular food items in Shimla are Thukpa, Himachali Dhaam, Madra, Chha Gosht, and Chicken Anardana.


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