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14th Apr 2022

Lip Smacking Delhi Chaat Recipe For Seniors

Did you know in the big, fat Bollywood wedding of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor there will be a special corner dedicated to Delhi’s Famous Chaat. Other than this, they will also have stalls of more than 50 cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Punjabi and Afghani. Ranbir Kapoor’s mother and actress Neetu Kapoor has flown in special chefs from Delhi and Lucknow for her son’s wedding. Where Lucknow’s prominent chefs will serve their famous biryani and kebabs, the chefs from Delhi will prepare their world-famous chaat.  

Did all this mention of food just make you salivate? Don’t worry, we got your cravings sorted! You too can now enjoy the famous Delhi chaat at home with this easy and delicious recipe. Follow along for the best Delhi Chaat recipe for seniors. 

Delhi Chaat Recipe – Ingredients & Steps 

This famous chaat has three primary components – Aloo Tikki, Stuffed Pani Poori and Potato Nest (Tokri). Our food experts suggest the best way to consume the Delhi chaat is with all three elements combined, however any of these components can be eaten without the other too, in case it’s too cumbersome to prepare all three. 

Delhi Chaat Recipe – Ingredients: 

For Aloo Tikki- 


Potatoes, 250 gms  

Salt to taste 

Dried Apricots, 40 gms  

Peas, 30 gms  

Cornflour, 10 gms  

Raisins, 10 gms  

Cashew Nuts, 20 gms  

Ghee, 225 gms  

Cumin, 4 gms  

Whole Coriander, 4 gms  

Green Chilli, 5 gms  

Fresh Ginger, 5 gms  

Black Pepper, 5 gms  

For Stuffed Pani Poori- 


Bikaneri Sev, 50 gms  

Tomatoes, 100 gms 

Fresh Coriander, 50 gms  

Crushed Red Chilli, 5 gms  

Tamarind Chutney, 100 gms  

Cumin, 5 gms 

Pomegranate Seeds, 50 gms  

Pani Puri, 5 pieces 

Chickpeas, 100 gms  

Potatoes, 50 gms  

Chana Masala, 20 gms  

Salt to taste 

Onion, 100 gms  

Mint Chutney, 100 gms  

Sweet Curd, 100 gms  

For Potato Nest- 


Cornflour, 150 gms 

Potatoes, ½ kg 

Steps To Make The Famous Delhi Chaat: 

First make Aloo Tikki:

 1. Wash and fry the potatoes well. 

 2. When they are completely cooked, then let them cool down. 

 3. Take a pan, now add a small spoon of ghee to it, when it becomes slightly hot, add whole cumin and green coriander. 

 4. Now add apricots, green peas, chopped ginger, green chillies, cashews and raisins to it. 

 5. Now add salt and pepper. 

 6. Grate the roasted and cooled potatoes. Then, add cornflour to it and mash it lightly. 

 7. Now prepare it in the shape of a patty, and add the stuffing of green peas and apricots to its centre. 

 8. Fry it in oil till it becomes crispy.

Now prepare the pani puri stuffing: 

  1. Take boiled chickpeas.
  2. Add onion, tomato, chana masala to it.
  3. Take a pani puri, put half of this chickpea mix into it
  4. Top it up with chopped onions and tomatoes, fresh green coriander, sweet curd, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, roasted cumin, crushed red chilli and sev.

Lastly make the Potato Nest: 

  1. First peel the potatoes.
  2. Now cut very thin strands, shred them to make fine straws of the potatoes, and keep washing the potatoes till the starch comes out.
  3. Dry the potato straws well and sprinkle some cornflour on them.
  4. Give this mixture the shape of a nest and deep fry it.
To Serve Delhi Chaat: 
  1. First of all take the potato tikki made of apricot and peas on a plate. 
  2. Add curd to it, garnish with pomegranate and thinly sliced ​​beetroot on top. You can also use dry fruits if you want.
  3. Keep the pani puri along with the stuffing in the potato nest.

And that was the recipe for the famous Chaat of Delhi! We hope you think of us as you snack on this evergreen recipe. Download the Emoha App, for new yummy recipes, cultural programs and much more.  

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