Emoha App (“App”): All Users / Members who have not subscribed to any of Emoha Services (“Users”), shall be subject to the EULA, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy as listed on the App. All users hereby gives consent to Emoha to use their registered phone number for receiving “Whatsapp Communications”. It authorizes Emoha to send one-way messages using WhatsApp to the registered number in the nature of information, alerts, updates, transaction alerts in relation to the Customer’s Account, and such other communications from time to time, at its discretion. Users may choose to discontinue receiving such alerts by replying “stop” to the messages. It also authorizes to use their testimonials, pictures and videos as on social media, brochures, website or any other collateral for marketing purposes.

For Paid Members

The member (“Member”) who has subscribed to any of the paid Membership Services offered by Ignoxlabs Pvt. Ltd. (“herein referred to as Emoha/We/Us/Our”) agrees and undertakes, that the membership is subject to compliance of the following T&C. The term “Services” mentioned hereunder shall unless it is expressly stated otherwise, include services forming part of all “Membership Plans” offered by Us, i.e. Engage Plan, Empower Plan (as detailed in Annexure I), , Enhance Plan (Annexure III).

1. Terms

The membership or Service Term for Empower/Enhance Plan begins on the Service Activation Date and continues for the selected period or renewed term. If the Member chooses to renew Services beyond the initial Term, Emoha will review required Services and communicate the Membership Fee to the Member or Next of Kin. Upon confirmation and payment, the tenure shall stand renewed. Next of Kin is a relative of the Member authorized to make decisions on their behalf and must be of sound mind and above 18 years of age.


a) Emoha's Services are subject to the T&C and require the Member to provide registration details either through the App or to their Emoha Daughter. The Empower and Enhance Membership Plans can be availed by a maximum of two elders (The Member and his/ her spouse), and the Services provided will be those identified and mentioned at the time of registration.

b) The Service Initiation Date for the Empower Plan, or Enhance Membership Plan availed by the Member will be within 48 hours of the payment date, during which an Emoha team member will call the Member to confirm relevant details of the elder. The Services will be activated on the Service Activation Date, which is the date on which relevant details for the provision of Services are confirmed by Emoha, and the Member will receive written confirmation of the activation.

c) Emoha reserves the right to suspend the Services at any time if there is a breach of the T&C by the Member, their Nok, or any family members.

d) The Member unconditionally and explicitly accepts and acknowledges all terms of the T&C. If the Member is of unsound mind or medically unfit to understand the T&C, then all obligations and responsibilities will be deemed to be the responsibilities of their Nok. The Next of Kin is a relative of the Member who is of sound mind, above 18 years of age, and authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Member. Emoha assumes that the Nok is legally empowered to engage in shared decision-making on behalf of the Member for healthcare and other matters.

e) The Member acknowledges that the Services will only be available within the Home Zone, defined as the region within city limits from the elder's address at the time-of-Service Activation.

f) The Member affirms that the Services will be delivered at their residential address, as per the information furnished in the Membership Form or during online registration, and within the designated Home Zone.

g) If the Member intends to avail Services outside the Home Zone while traveling to a Destination Zone, they must notify us at least 48 (Forty-Eight) hours before. We will inform the Member if Services can be provided at the Destination Zone.

h) The provision of Services in the Destination Zone is subject to our confirmation and availability. We shall not be held liable for any Services that cannot be provided in the Destination Zone.

i) The Member acknowledges that granting access to their house is necessary for rendering the Services as detailed in Annexure-I and Annexure-II of the T&C. Our team member(s) or personnel require unobstructed access to the Member's house when called upon by the Member or as required for the Services. If access to the house is locked or inaccessible, we reserve the right to forcefully enter and provide Services without being held responsible for any delay or inability to render Services. Any damage caused due to forceful entry shall be borne by the Member. The Member is recommended to install a locking system recommended by us at the main entrance for emergency access by our team member(s) into the house. We shall perform the Services using reasonable skill, care and standard industry practices and/or applicable laws


a) The emergency coordination service under the Empower and Enhance Plan are app based or call-based service or sensor-based services. For App based emergency coordination service - i. The Member shall download the App in his/her mobile and use the App or call Us in case of emergencies. ii. We reserve the right to modify and update the app from time to time and the Member are advised to regularly check for update / discounts to enjoy all features of the App. For call-based emergency coordination service – The Member may also avail emergency coordination service forming part of the Service plan availed by such Member, by calling at the 24/7 Toll Free Emergency Co-ordination Number listed on 1800-123-445-555. It is duty of Member. and/or their NOK’s to ensure the Member has the Emoha Toll Free number saved in their phone(s). For SBECS based emergency coordination service - For Enhance Plan members; two types of sensors are delivered at the address of Member: i. 1 Panic Button and 1 Emoha Care consisting of health devices ii. SIM card and batteries, are necessary for the functioning of the Emoha sensor and Emoha shall not be responsible for arranging the same. All terms, conditions and warranties relating to the use of the sensor for emergency coordination services shall be as specified by Us at the time of purchase and/or installation of the sensor. iii. The sensors shall be installed, un-installed and maintained by Our authorized personnel only, if any tampering, re-installation, maintenance and un-installation (including changing the location of installation) of the sensor is carried out by the Member or his/her family members and/or any third party without Our consent then We shall not be liable for any malfunction or non-functioning, consequent loss or damages caused to the Member. iv. Members are expected to be vigilant and if the sensors are not working, intimate Us. v. In the event the Member chooses to use any third-party sensor or utilize their existing installed sensors, We shall neither be responsible nor liable towards any defects, after sale services, technical glitches and/or non-functioning of such third-party sensors. Further, if as a result of any of the aforementioned We are unable to effectively provide Services to the Members, We shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever and, in this respect the Member consequently disclaims all liabilities qua Us. b) Our Emergency Coordination Services, whether requested through App, call or sensors is subject to successful operations of intermediate telecom operators for relaying signals between the Member’s home and Us.


a) Member pays Membership Fee in advance for Services specified at the time of purchase.

b) We accept payments communicated during sign-up or from time to time. Member is responsible for informing of changes to payment information and any consequences of declined payments

c) Membership Fees and other charges are fair and reasonable, and incurred costs must be reimbursed within 7 days of Service Initiation Date.

d) Different or additional services will be charged at prevailing rates with applicable terms and conditions.


The Member is responsible for paying all current and future local and Government taxes on the Membership Fee and other charges. The taxes must be paid according to Our instructions, and they are included in the Membership Fee and other charges.


The member using the services does so at their own risk, free will and has the sole responsibility to provide accurate and complete information. It is their duty to provide complete medical history and updated reports to make available services. We will not be responsible for authentication of medical records, nor will we verify the medical records. We shall be entitled to maintain digital records of Member’s clinical history.
The Member agrees to abide by and follow all instructions placed or provided by Us from time to time in respect of use/availing the Services. Safety and security of our team member(s)/Nurses/Attendants rendering services are on the Members at their house. Our Services are subject to appropriate weather, city civic conditions, Force Majeure conditions including but not limited to riots, lockdown, pandemic, curfew, war, terrorist acts, or any external circumstances which are not under the control of the Company.. The Member shall be responsible for the safekeeping and safety of Members personal property, goods, and belongings, including but not limited to money, jewellery, , dentures, or hearing aids.
Apart from the responsibilities stated above, the Member availing the Home Care Services agrees and acknowledges to fulfill other responsibilities. The Member shall ensure that sufficient food, clean drinking water, a clean and safe place to sleep, access to a functional washroom with toilet and bath facilities and other basic necessities are provided to Attendants/Nurses staying at the house. The Member must complete police verification of the Attendants/Nurses with the local police station as a precautionary measure. The Member will be responsible for supplying all supplies (i.e. cleaning, personal care, etc.) and equipment necessary in the provisioning of the Services. Attendants are not authorized to administer any kind of medications. The Member shall inform Us/Our team/Attendants/Nurses if the Member or any person who might be staying at the house of the Member is suffering from any communicable disease. The Member also agrees and acknowledges to indemnify and hold Us/Our team/Attendants/Nurses harmless against any loss, liability, or damage caused due to wilful neglect or negligence in intimating Us/Our team members/Attendants/Nurses about the aforementioned. The Member or Nok(s), family members, or any person who might be visiting the house of the Member shall not misbehave, threaten, physically man-handle, or detain any Emoha team member against their wishes. If such a situation arises, the Member will be responsible for any contingencies/harm caused to the Emoha team member directly or indirectly due to the acts or omission on the part of the Member. No Member shall, by words or actions, cause harm to any of the Emoha team members, including but not limited to mental, emotional, or physical harm. Members shall not engage in any activity that could lead to theft or damage to Emoha's property, or any other illegal activity. Members shall comply with all laws and regulations related to the use of the Services. The Member acknowledges that Emoha shall not be held liable for any kind of loss or damage, including but not limited to loss of profits, revenue, or data, arising from the use of the any Services or the inability to use the Services. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.


The Member/Nok(s) hereby represents and warrants that: a) It has all requisite legal power and authority to enter into and abide by the terms and conditions as enumerated under these T&C; b) All the information, records, reports including medical records provided by Member or on his/her behalf are true and accurate and We may rely on the same for the purposes of rendering the Services as mentioned in clause 6 of this T&C. c) It accept that, the Member’s personal information disclosed to Us, shall be used for the purpose of providing Services on the App. and, shall be collected, used, stored and shared in accordance with the terms of the privacy policy of the App. Further, it shall be noted that all the calls made from Emoha shall be recorded for the safety purpose of the Member. In the event the Member or Member’s representative wish to withdraw the consent at any time here after, the Member or Member’s Representative may ask for the data/information to be removed from the App., by submitting a request in this regard with Us at eldersfirst@emoha.com. On requisition, We shall remove such information at the earliest possible. However, the Member or Nok accept and acknowledge that in the event such consent is refused, or withdrawn, We retain the right to either not provide or withdraw the Services for which the said information was sought. It is further accepted and acknowledged that the inability to provide the Services in such event shall not amount to default or breach on Our part and We shall not be liable for any damages monetary or otherwise. d) The rights, benefits, privileges and obligations of the Member are personal and non-transferrable. e) In case of emergency qua the Member, We reserve the right to take such steps as We may deem fit and necessary and Member or Nok shall provide full co-operation in respect of the same; and f) As stated, that We act as repository of Members medical records, in this regard, the Member hereby expressly, unequivocally and unconditionally consents and agrees that such data and information can be used/shared by Us in case of emergencies and/or for marketing purposes, research or survey purposes (if consented under the Membership Form/ at the time of registration on the App). No royalties, fees or charges will be payable to the Member for the same.


The Member voluntarily consents to and authorize the rendering of elder care services, including routine services, diagnostic procedures, check-up, medications, laboratory services, nurse & attendant’s services and other services, including the use or potential use of restraint, which my attending physician or others holding clinical and non-clinical privileges consider necessary in person or telehealth. I understand that the practice of elder care services is not an exact science and I acknowledge that no promises or guarantees have been made to me regarding services or services rendered in this elder health care facility.


a) We may terminate the membership at any time, with or without cause, by giving 7 (Seven) days advance written notice to the Member. We may withhold Services and/or terminate the membership by giving 7 (Seven) days prior written notice to the Member upon breach/default by the Member of these T&C and/or any rules, regulations and instructions intimated to the Member from time to time and failure of the Member to rectify the same within the given timeline.

b) Notwithstanding anything contained in (a) above, We shall have the right to terminate the membership immediately upon notice to the Member: i. at any time if the Member is found in breach of clause 6 in whole. ii. at any point, before or after the Member has accessed the Services, upon finding about any misrepresentation or omission made by the Member while providing information specifically with regard to Medical history or resources of the Member.

c) We reserve the right to not render Services, upon finding that We/Our team members /Attendants/Nurses will not be able to take the Member’s care owing to Member’s medical condition including if the Member or any person residing at his house are suffering from a communicable disease including COVID-19 (which was not disclosed to Us earlier or which condition happened/occurred at a later stage).


A Member may terminate the membership at any time during 1st month of the services rendered, post 1st month Emoha has a strict no refund policy. If in case Emoha is not in a position to deliver the service’s as per the Membership plan and consequent upon cancellation, Emoha shall be liable to refund the subscription amount on pro-rata basis after mutual agreement within 30 days of the written cancellation intimation.


a) Non-renewal: Our responsibility to render the Services may also cease to exist in the event of non-renewal of the Membership by the Member prior to expiry of the Term. If the Member the Services for such period as may be agreed at the time of renewal.

b) Death: This membership shall terminate automatically upon death of the Member. The Member/Nok shall be charged the Membership Fees and other charges (as applicable) till the period Services are provided. Notwithstanding anything contained herein before, it is clarified that in the event the Services forming part of Empower and Enhance Plan, are being rendered to 2 (Two) Members residing under 1 (One) household, on death of 1 (One) Member, the Services shall continue for the other Member, until expiry/termination of this Agreement or the death of such Member.


We shall not be liable to render any Services post termination, cessation or expiry of the membership. In case of the Empower/Enhance Plan where there are sensors installed, upon termination, cessation or discontinuance of the Services, We shall be entitled to disconnect Our emergency system from the sensor installed at Member’s house or app installed by the Member and/or render other Services as mentioned herein. Any of censor(s)/device(s) provided by Emoha as a part of subscription plan on lease shall be taken back upon cessation or termination of the services.


a) We will provide the Services to the Member as an independent service provider and it shall never be construed as PrincipalAgent relationship.

b) The Member shall have no right, power or authority to assume/bind /create any obligation on behalf of or in Our name or Our team member’s name, in any manner whatsoever.

c) The Member agrees and acknowledges that We reserve the right of admission of the Member and/or cancellation of membership of the Member, at Our sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever.

d) The Member shall ensure that the Nok representative or emergency contact person (as specified and shared in the Membership Form or at the time of online registration) shall not transfer or otherwise assign his/her duties and obligations qua the Member and this membership, without prior written intimation.


The Member agrees and undertakes to indemnify Emoha and its affiliate’s from and against any and all claims, including third party claims, liabilities, and expenses including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any breach of the T&C and/or any breach of law in any material respect, by the Member or Nok or family members of Emoha


a) As a Member, you understand that we are committed to providing our Services to you in good faith and will make every effort to ensure that the Services provided are safe, healthy, and suitable for your needs. However, we cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or harm caused to you. We will also not be held responsible for any damages or loss of health, property, or life resulting from actions not attributable to us, our team members, affiliates, partners, service providers, Attendants, or Nurses.

b) In the event of any liability, our responsibility to you will be limited to the amount paid by you to us in the last preceding quarter of the Term, from the date the liability arose, after deducting the value of the services provided up to that date.


The Courts at Gurugram, Haryana shall have jurisdiction over the disputes relating to the membership, Membership Form, and these T&C.


We reserve the right to update/amend the terms and conditions and same will be notified to Member over Emoha App. Emoha shall deem the T&C as an unequivocal and unconditional acceptance of such modifications if no objections is raised within 3 (Three) days of display of the updated terms and conditions.


If any provision of these T&C (in whole or part) is held to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.


We shall not be liable, in any manner whatsoever, for any breach/default of the Services caused by circumstances beyond Our control including without limiting to any acts of God, pandemic, strike, orders of authorities etc. Further, in case of a force majeure event, if We are unable to render any part of the Services, the same shall not be considered breach or default on Our part.


It is hereby clarified that the Kit , Form (if applicable/signed), online Registration Forms and these T&C (including all annexures to these T&C) comprises of information, terms and conditions for accessing and using the Services and the specific commercials, details and understanding relating to the Services, Membership Fees, payments terms, Member details, term, complimentary and additional services etc. The T&C shall form part of the Membership Form (if signed), Registration Form or invoice and shall be read in conformity with the same.


Neither the expiration nor termination of the Services shall affect such provisions of these T&C that by their very nature must survive such expiration or termination or which out of necessity must continue to have effect after such expiration or termination.


1. Emergency Coordination Services: The emergency coordination and support services through App/call (more particularly described in Clause 3 of the T&C). As part of the Emergency Coordination Services, We would engage and remotely co-ordinate with third party service providers to arrange for ambulance dispatch to the Member’s location. While We would endeavour to have the third party deliver on its commitments, however, we shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any omissions, failure or negligence towards undertaking the duties of the third-party provider. If the Member requires additional emergency response service such as a paramedic nurse visit, this service would be charged separately.

2. Engagement Activities: Members will have access to activities and events – both paid and free, in person and/or virtual - organized by Us or any of Our subsidiaries or partners. In case of the paid event, Member will have to pay for the same.

3. Please note that in no event, We shall be liable for any acts of the third parties (referred, booked or arranged for) and services, details or information provided to the Member. Any disputes, claims and liabilities between the Member and such third party shall be handled and managed by the respective parties and We shall neither be liable for the same nor be made a party to such disputes. Members accessing information, engagement, education and entertainment programs on the Emoha App or on Online programs / webinars / video conference are expected to exercise discretion in adopting any recommendation given that programs are for general viewing.

4. Third party discounts: Members may be entitled to a special services / discounts / privileges by third parties as part of membership benefits of having the Emoha Membership. However, We are not responsible for quality of services or rendering / honouring of the discounts / privileges in case the third party does not honour the discounts.

5. Regular calls: Member is entitled to receive regular phone calls on the phone number provided at the time of online registration 5 days a week (excluding weekends and national holidays) by Emoha daughters. Member may choose to reduce the number of days of calls by informing of Emoha daughters.

6. If member has paid for additional Attendant or Nurse services* , member will be entitled to the following third-party services and as mentioned in Clause 6 of this T&C, Emoha shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever, towards the same.

a) Attendant (GDA) support to provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living and medication reminders.

b) Nurse (Nurse) support to provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living, and including but not limited to: medication administration, basic Nursing Services such as Ryle’s tube feeding, PEG tube feeding, injections, wound care, pressure sore care, catheter insertion or removal, or advanced Nursing Services such as tracheostomy suctioning, CPAP/BIPAP care, care of an individual on a ventilator etc.

c) Visiting Physical Therapy Services, if required in the care plan. *Service eligibility is determined after the completion of an assessment of the Member by a qualified Emoha nurse. Emergency Support: Get 24/7 emergency support nationwide with India’s only emergency helpdesk designed for seniors. Our team can help arrange an ambulance* or other assistance required. You also get 2 Ambulance trips with a paramedic with the package. We map your home address at registration with the nearest hospital, and other necessary contacts, so we are always ready.


1. Unlimited Doctor Teleconsultations: With access to unlimited teleconsultations with a geriatric-trained doctor to support your parents, they can always stay fit and healthy! Your parent’s health is constantly monitored to ensure their wellbeing is up to the mark, at all times.

2. Local Doctor Visit – Monthly 1 local doctor visit is provided as per the plan by a third party or Emoha doctor.

3. Personalized Care Plan with Support of Nurse: Your parents care plan, developed and supervised by a senior nurse will be unique to based on their health requirements. Your trained nurse is in constant touch with your doctor, monitoring your parents health and also ensures their Electronic Health Records and prescription are updated in the system. Whatever clinical support you may need, we are with you every step of the way.

4. Sensors for Health and Safety: You will always be safe and sound with our health and safety sensors. Our health monitoring sensors give us constant updates of your wellbeing, keeping track of your blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen levels and heart rate. In case of emergencies, activating our safety sensors/panic buttons can notify us immediately so we can be by your side in no time.Emergency Support: Get 24/7 emergency support nationwide with India’s only emergency helpdesk designed for seniors. Our team can help arrange an ambulance* or other assistance required. You also get 2 Ambulance trips with a paramedic with the package. We map your home address at registration with the nearest hospital, and other necessary contacts, so we are always ready

5. Chronic Care Support: From scheduling doctors’ appointments to arranging for therapies and medicines, your Emoha Daughter will help arrange the support you need to manage your chronic conditions.

6. Errands Support: Whether it is assistance with arranging transport, getting your medications delivered or helping you with tech issues, your Emoha Daughter is available to support all your needs

7. Support from Emoha Companion: The Emoha Companion visits our members fortnightly and offers companionship and assistance with anything they may require - from checking vitals to helping with the Emoha app and updating medical records.

8. Family Support: Whether you live with your family, or they are miles away, your Emoha Daughters will ensure your family is updated on a weekly basis about your overall health, appointments and more.

9. Offers and Discounts: Seniors who are Emoha members are eligible to avail exclusive discounts and offers on a host of value-added services, such as lab and diagnostic tests, medicines, travel and so much more.

10. Regular Care Calls: In order for our relationship to become stronger, your Emoha Daughter will call daily** at your preferred time to check on your health and wellbeing, manage your appointments and more

11. Special Occasion Celebrations: Special occasions are made more memorable with grand celebrations and a caring touch by your Emoha Daughter. She will help curate celebrations according to your preferences on birthdays and other special days like anniversaries, Father’s or Mother’s Day, religious holidays and much more.

12. Virtual Community: Feel a unique sense of belonging with MOH TV - Emoha's virtual member community. On the Emoha App, you can attend live events curated for seniors to meet like- minded people, share your wisdom, learn new things related to health and wellness such as sessions on balance exercises that can help prevent falls, and participate in games like Tambola, Antakshari and more. These interactive live events not only help combat loneliness amongst our members, but also gives them confidence, joy and motivation. *Emoha assists solely with scheduling of services with third parties. All services provided by third parties are billed separately. **Calls 5 days per week or customized as per your preference. Covers up to 2 seniors per household. Kindly Note- Emoha standard terms and conditions does not applicable in your case and we will operate as per this contract till we share new terms and conditions defined for respective membership program of Enhance gets approved and agreed by both the parties.

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