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15th Feb 2024
Full Body Checkups for Seniors

Full Body Checkups for Seniors in Kolkata

As we grow older, our health needs change. It becomes increasingly important to monitor our health and wellbeing through regular full body check ups. This is especially true for seniors aged 60 years and above. Getting yearly full body checkups can help detect diseases and illnesses early, when they are most treatable. For seniors in Kolkata, comprehensive checkups are vital for healthy aging.

Why Yearly Full Body Checkups Are Necessary for Seniors?

With age, the risk of developing chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. increases significantly. The incidence of these diseases is rising rapidly among seniors in India. Full body checkups include various medical tests to evaluate the entire health condition of a person. They can help diagnose serious illnesses in the early stages, or even before symptoms appear. This allows for timely treatment and prevention of complications.

Some key reasons yearly full body checkups are a must for senior citizens:

  • Detect Age-Related Diseases Early – Checkups help diagnose conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, prostate issues or thyroid problems early before they worsen. Early treatment improves prognosis.
  • Assess Overall Health – They provide a snapshot of the overall health status and how the different organs are functioning. Prevents issues from being overlooked.
  • Identify Risk Factors – Checkups evaluate risk factors like high BP, blood sugar or lipid levels. Elderly people can take preventive measures if needed.
  • Aid Preventive Care – Routine comprehensive checkups aid preventive care. Health problems can be caught early and managed effectively.
  • Establish a Baseline – The first full body checkup establishes a baseline for future reference. Doctors can compare results year-to-year.
  • Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle – Checkups are a wakeup call to improve lifestyle habits – exercise, diet, sleep etc. to stay healthy.

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What Does a Full Body Checkup Include?

A full body checkup, also called a master health checkup, for seniors is an extensive medical examination. It may consist of the following components:

  • Consultation with a doctor – The doctor asks about medical history, symptoms, medications and lifestyle. Any concerns are discussed.
  • Physical examination – Height, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate etc. are checked. Other examinations may include the eyes, thyroid, abdomen etc.
  • Blood tests – Fasting blood glucose, kidney function, cholesterol levels, liver function, electrolytes etc. are tested. Also includes cancer markers.
  • Urine tests – Examines sugar, proteins, sediments etc. in the urine. Indicates issues like UTIs, kidney disorders or diabetes.
  • Cardiac tests – ECG and stress test determine heart health. Echocardiography evaluates functioning.
  • Imaging tests – X-rays and ultrasounds examine lungs, abdomen, pelvis etc. Screenings like mammography may be advised.
  • Stool test – Checks for blood, parasites etc. in stool. Useful to detect gastrointestinal issues.
  • Eye checkup – Assesses vision, eye pressure and screens for cataracts, glaucoma etc.
  • Hearing test – Checks the ability to hear different sound frequencies and identifies hearing loss.
  • Cancer screening – Screenings like PAP smear, colonoscopy, PSA test etc. are done to detect cancers.

The specific tests done are customized based on medical history, age, gender and risk factors. Follow up tests may be required in some cases.

When Should Seniors Get Full Body Checkups?

Health experts recommend the following guidelines for full body checkups for the elderly:

  • Annually – Seniors should undergo comprehensive checkups yearly starting from age 60. Detects age-related issues early.
  • Every 6 months for high-risk groups – Those with chronic ailments, smokers or people with strong family history need biannual tests.
  • Post-hospitalization – Checkups after any hospitalization or surgical procedure to assess recovery.
  • Before surgeries – Pre-op screening tests to evaluate fitness for surgery.
  • When transitioning into geriatric age – At ages 70-75 years as health risks increase further. Establish a new baseline.
  • After a medical emergency – Checkup after any emergency like a heart attack, stroke or fall to assess health status.

The frequency of full body checkups can vary based on an individual’s health profile. Consult a doctor regarding appropriate timing for your checkups. Get them done regularly for healthy and active aging.

Where Can Seniors Get Full Body Checkups in Kolkata?

Reputed diagnostic labs and hospitals across Kolkata offer comprehensive full body check up packages tailored to seniors. Some recommended places are:

  • Emoha Elder Care – Offers comprehensive at home full body check-ups for seniors including blood-tests, urine-tests, pathology reports etc., at Kolkata.
  • Apollo Diagnostics – Offers master health checkup with cardiologist consultation.
  • AMRI Hospitals – Special geriatric health screening available.
  • SSKM Hospital – Affordable tests available at specialized geriatric clinic.
  • RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences – Ultra premium checkup includes cancer screening.
  • Fortis Hospital Anandapur – Customizable checkups for senior citizens. Pick tests needed.
  • Medica Superspecialty Hospital – Executive health screening pack for seniors above 65 years.

Consult your family physician and choose a reliable center offering advanced diagnostic technology, qualified doctors and timely reports. Many labs offer home sample collection as well. Opt for ones with NABL accreditation.

Remember not to skip or delay your yearly full body health checkup once you are 60+. Make it a part of proactive healthcare.

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Take Charge of Your Health with Emoha Elder Care

Aging brings unique health challenges. Emoha Elder Care offers engaging, empowering and enhancing elder care programmes to help seniors take charge of their physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our trained caregivers provide:

  • Regular health monitoring and medicine reminders
  • Accompaniment for doctor visits and lab tests at home
  • Nutritious meal planning befitting diet restrictions
  • Exercise routines tailored to medical needs
  • Emotional support and counselling
  • Meaningful engagement through activity sessions

With Emoha, seniors can continue to live active, dignified and independent lives within the comforts of their home. Our compassionate elderly care services are designed to promote overall wellness and improve quality of life.

To know more about our offerings or arrange a home visit, call us at India Toll-Free : 1800-203-5135. Call icon. International Toll-Free : +1888-866-0486 or visit

Make this year the year you take control over your health with preventive full body check ups. Detection and prevention is better than cure. After the age of 60, make checkups a part of your regular health monitoring. Take the first step by booking your full body checkup at our trusted diagnostic facility today.