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13th Sep 2021

Psychological Well Being in Elderly: Promoting Emotional Wellness As We Age

Taking care of mental health is just as important for older people as it is for everyone. Statistics show that depression affects about 7% of the senior population globally, according to the World Health Organization. Anxiety isn’t far behind, impacting around 3.8% of older adults If these issues aren’t taken care of, they can make physical and mental health worse, especially if someone already has other illnesses.

The good news is we can treat these problems. There are many ways, not just medicines and therapy, to help seniors feel happier and more at peace. By using these methods, we can make sure they enjoy their later years to the fullest.

Let’s start by understanding why older adults often feel anxious or depressed. Knowing the reasons helps us find the best ways to support and care for them.

Psychological Issues in Old Age

Poor mental health is a serious cause of concern among elderly people in India, owing to the modern world scenario that promotes a fast-paced life with nuclear families. However, identifying the underlying issues can help control the condition and make life a whole lot better for our elders. Here are some common causes of psychological problems in elderly people.

1.    Physical health

Ageing is inevitable and brings along certain health conditions, leading to the deteriorating physical health of elderly people. Further, the health problems tend to reduce their capability to perform physical activities, including daily chores. All this gets frustrating for them, thereby leading to stress, anxiety and even depression.

2.    Isolation

Another common cause of psychological well-being issues in older people is the sense of being left alone. As mentioned earlier, the modern world has made the younger generation leave their homes for better career opportunities. This change in family dynamics is difficult to accept for their old parents, leaving them with a deep longing. This, in turn, results in depression and anxiety.

3.    Dependency

Our parents are the reason where we are today. They ensured to put in every bit that was required to give us a better future. But, this sudden dependency that comes with age can be a little overwhelming and depressing for them. The feeling of not being able to do even the daily chores without the help of children or other family members can take a toll on their mental health.

4.    Insomnia

Ageing cannot stop our old parents from worrying about us. This, along with other physical and mental health issues, leads to insomnia in elderly people. Adding to it is the unused energy stored in their body due to a lack of physical activities. Long-term insomnia has a direct effect on their mental health, thereby leading to emotional and psychological well-being issues.

Promoting Emotional and Psychological Well-Being in Old Age

As a society, we need to come together and ensure that our senior citizens are getting the right care to keep psychological issues at bay and live healthy lives. In line with the thought, here are some tips on how to promote psychological well-being and ensure the good mental health of the elderly.

1.    Social interaction

As loneliness is one of the common causes of psychological well-being issues in older people, it is important to ensure their social connectedness. This social circle can be of anyone ranging from family members to friends and acquaintances. One can also enrol them in various senior citizen activities like laughter clubs, recreational activity groups, etc., to keep the feeling of isolation at bay.

2.    Physical activities

Be it a daily yoga or exercise, religiously practising it for at least 30 minutes every day will stimulate their mind and body to stay sharp and focused, thereby avoiding the risk of cognitive decline. Additionally, it can help strengthen their bodies and increase independence.

3.    Mind games

Among the various ways acting as a support to improve emotional and psychological well-being in the elderly, the most interesting one is the use of fun and interactive games. Our brain requires stimulation to stay healthy and correctly function and these games help sharpen certain mental abilities like thinking, planning, decision making, etc., thereby promoting good mental health in the elderly. Try games like Pictionary, monopoly, chess, sudoku, etc.

4.    Meditation

Another interesting way to promote emotional and psychological well-being in the elderly is practising meditation. A 20-30 minutes session every day can give you promising results in reducing anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, isolation, and social exclusion in elderly people. There are various meditation techniques for the elderly with findings on how it is a miraculous way of healing for the elderly, thus, encouraging you to give it a try.

In a nutshell

The deteriorating mental health of our elders can turn fatal if left unattended for a long time. However, the fact that it is completely treatable with some love, care and timely medical attention, brings the situation to our control.

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