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Emoha Elder Care


What are home nursing services?

Nursing services at home are services for the elderly, for people incapable of being independent and carrying out their own daily tasks, for people facing difficulties looking after themselves, for elderly with chronic diseases, for the handicapped, for post-operative care, for severely ill patients requiring hospice care and for the elderly in need who don’t have a caregiver to look after them. Elderly care at home or geriatric care is about assistance in daily living activities like bathing, toileting, feeding and walking by a caregiver and other professionals. 


Who are home nursing services for?

For anybody whose quality of life and condition benefits from having a caregiver. A caregiver acts as a close companion to your loved ones and is compassionate about maintaining good hygiene, diet, and medications as guided by the patient or their family doctor. 

What services do they offer?

Many home nursing services at home are available in India for the elderly. Here at Emoha Elder Care, we understand and have developed plans for the elderly that promote their independence while taking care of them in the comfort of their own homes. By evaluating an elderly’s healthcare needs and working with them and our doctor, we develop a plan that is best for them to ensure their continued well-being.

A wide array of services including post-operative care is provided by at home nursing services. Here at Emoha, we offer the following services. 

Healthcare - Delivering all around healthcare services to elderly by a passionate team of clinical experts ensuring healthy living with specialised care. From medication reminders, post-operative care, home visits from doctors and nurses to digital record management, all at the comfort of your home. Specialised care by caregivers and various experts for chronic diseases and postoperative care is what Emoha offers. 

Convenience - Assistance and support for daily chores, running errands, travel assistance, shopping assistance, and post-retirement support to even senior citizen assurance are offered by the seasoned caretakers at Emoha. 

Engagement - Engaging the elderly in a big variety of events and occasions design to teach, learn, entertain, socialise and build skills. These events are carefully designed to revitalize all three core elements of elder well-being - mind, body and soul.

Safety - Home customization for the elderly to ensure safety from events such as slips and falls and activating sensors that trigger immediate response. 

Emergency services - All around the clock specialized emergency elderly support backed by bike responders and elderly care paramedics to provide immediate patient care services.

With our home care services for the elderly, we assure their good care in constantly monitoring their physical condition and helping in reducing their visits to the hospital by organizing visits to their home.