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23rd Aug 2022
Stay Hydrated

Five Reasons to Drink Water – Important Hydration Health Facts

What is the Importance of Water in Relation to Health? 

Water (H2O) is more critical than most people realise. Drinking water is an essential part of the human diet and everyday lives. However, lifestyle problems, ailments, and several other reasons make people drink less than the required quantity of water. In addition to the fact that water makes up most of your body weight, other crucial aspects of your well-being make consumption of required quantities of water crucial. You are going to learn the several ways that hydration improves your health. Grab a glass of water and continue reading to understand five reasons you must consume more water to feel better, rejuvenated, and benefit from other hydration-related advantages.

Five Reasons to Stay Deeply Hydrated

1. Weight Reduction and Control 

Since H2O gives you a feeling of fullness, drinking it instead of reaching for the snack jar can help you feel full between meals. It can also improve your metabolism. A study showed that consuming extra glasses before every meal significantly decreased body weight. Another 2016 study found that those who increased their hydration intake by only 1% consumed fewer calories. Additionally, they consumed lesser sugar, cholesterol, salt, and saturated fat calories. 

2. Preventing Kidney Stone

Mineral crystal clusters called kidney stones develop in the urine system. Kidney stones are painful and need excruciating treatment. You can evade such a situation by drinking water frequently. Hydration also reduces your chances of contracting any UTI and other renal complications. Drinking enough hydration daily will lessen the likelihood of getting stones by lowering the number of metals in your urinary system. Internal hydration can help by flushing dangerous germs from your bladder.  

3. Gets Rid of Toxins

Eliminate the toxins from your body to keep your organs and skin rejuvenated. Drink H2O and wash away the toxins through bowel movements, urine, and sweat. Sweating is one way your body regulates its internal temperature when it becomes too hot. You must thus replace any lost water with adequate hydration so that the kidneys can remove any extra waste.

4. Improved Temperature Control 

Research shows that dehydration makes your body retain more heat. As a result, you have reduced heat tolerance. Drinking lemon water, tonic water, herb-infused water, etc., can help you sweat when you are overheated while exercising, which helps to cool your body down. For the prevention of heat exhaustion and other potentially catastrophic heat-related illnesses, this natural cooling system is crucial.

5. Improved Gut Health 

Whenever it comes to maintaining regularity, fibre is not the sole requirement. Your body needs enough hydration to prevent constipation. Water is essential for ensuring that your stool passes smoothly without causing trouble and gets effortlessly eliminated from your body. Constipation is a typical problem if you don’t consume enough fibre, water, or magnesium. It has been demonstrated scientifically that fizzy water can aid in the relief of constipation. 

How Much Water Should I Drink a Day?  

The quantity of hydration a person needs each day may be significantly customised. While a typical healthy person may only require four to six glasses per day while engaging in modest physical activity, those who exercise often need more than that. 

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In conclusion, you should drink sufficient water to stay adequately hydrated every day. You risk developing health issues if you don’t consume water suitably. Water consumption has advantages and should be prioritized. Although different people require varying quantities of water, most require 5 to 6 glasses daily. 


When is it most crucial to hydrate properly? 

The following situations call for drinking lots of water: If you have a fever, you are in hot weather, if you are diarrheic and throwing up, or when you sweat a lot such as after engaging in vigorous physical activity. 

What happens to the digestive process if you don’t stay hydrated?

Dehydration can result in chronic constipation. Maintaining your water intake will ensure that your bowel movements include adequate water. You may be more prone to constipation if you don’t ingest enough fibre, magnesium, and water. 

When you consume water, what happens to your body?

Your metabolism may be stimulated by drinking water. According to one research, consuming 500 millilitres of water increased both men’s and women’s metabolic rates by 30%. The effects persisted for over an hour. Consuming adequate water supports cognitive function and refreshes your system. 

Why should you choose water over carbonated drinks? 

Choosing water over fizzy carbonated drinks is important, as water keeps the body’s fluid balance in check. Without drinking water, your body would be unable to maintain the correct ratio of sodium, which is necessary for healthy bodily functions. Water also assists in weight management and metabolism. 

How much water should you consume? 

60% of your body mass is made up of water. Your body requires water to run every system. Your suggested intake is determined by several variables, such as your gender, age, degree of exercise, and if you are pregnant or nursing. The latest IOM recommendation is 131 ounces for males and 95 ounces of fluid for women 19 and older.

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