Coconut Oil & It’s Benefits for the Elderly

Coconut oil is very common in our country that is used in almost every household. In many parts of the country and the world, it is also used as cooking oil. Coconut oil has been used for centuries on skin and hair. With recent research, it has been found that coconut oil is very beneficial for senior citizens too. While it provides tremendous benefits in general, it prevents serious illnesses and chronic diseases as well. Here we will tell you the various types of coconut oil, its uses, and the coconut oil benefits for the elderly. 

Types of Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

This type of coconut oil is extracted only from the coconuts grown by a completely natural process. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used to grow them. 

Non-Organic Coconut Oil

As the name suggests, coconut grown in large quantities is used to produce non-organic coconut oil. It is common to use chemicals and pesticides to grow non-organic coconuts in huge quantities. However, due to the hard outer surface of the coconut, it does not make much difference in its interiors. 

Refined Coconut Oil

Heavy processing is used to prepare refined coconut oil. Many types of additives and preservatives are used in this. The bleaching process is also used to give it a good and clear colour. Refined coconut oil is usually extracted from old and dried coconut.

Virgin or Refined Coconut Oil

Unrefined coconut oil is also known as virgin coconut oil as it is completely pure coconut oil without adulteration. Such coconut oil is extracted within 2-3 days of plucking the coconut from the tree. This type of oil is best to apply on hair and skin.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

This is a technique of extracting oil in which no heat is used during the extraction procession, due to which it is considered the top quality oil. This process produces very small amounts of oil and is also very expensive.  

Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil

This is also a technique of extracting oil that is the opposite of cold-pressing. This type of technique is commonly used in the mass production of oil with high pressure and heat, which causes it to lose a lot of nutrients and properties. 

Nutritional Value of Coconut Oil

The U.S. Department of Agriculture discovered that coconut oil has a higher nutritional value. According to them, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil contains the following nutritions.

  • Sugar 0g
  • Fibre 0g
  • Calories 121
  • Saturated fat 11.2 g
  • Fat 13.5g
  • Energy: 892kcal
  • Zinc: 0.02mg
  • Vitamin-E (alpha-tocopherol): 0.11mg
  • Vitamin-K (Phylloquinone): 0.6μg
  • Protein 0 grams (g)
  • Carbohydrates 0g
  • Water: 0.3 g

Common Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is widely used in the Southern part of India, but given its multiple benefits it has become popular in other regions as well. Here are some common ways to use coconut oil. 

  • Virgin coconut oil can be used in food, as it is safe for cooking at high temperatures.
  • You can also roast your favourite vegetables in coconut oil.
  • Coconut oil can also be added in shakes and smoothies to smoothen the texture of the drink.
  • Coconut oil can be used to apply to hair and face.
  • Coconut can be used for oil pulling.
  • Coconut oil is also useful for body massage.
  • Coconut oil is also used to remove makeup.
  • Coconut oil can be used as a lip balm to moisturize lips.
  • Coconut oil can be used to massage hair and body.

Top 10 Benefits of Coconut Oil For Elderly

Coconut oil is a beneficial oil for health, especially elderly health. It prevents different chronic diseases and helps the seniors to lead a happy and healthy life. Here are the top 10 benefits of coconut oil for the elderly.

1. Better Digestive System

The benefits of coconut oil include improving digestive health. It is considered one of the most effective oils in terms of a better digestion system. It has been reported that if coconut oil is used in cooking, it can improve the digestive system of the elderly. This not only corrects the digestive system in seniors but can also help reduce the problem associated with irritable bowel syndrome. 

2. Prevents Seizures

Coconut oil can also help prevent seizures in elders. Coconut has anticonvulsant properties. It acts as an epileptic seizure drug. For this reason, coconut oil is believed to be beneficial in helping seizures among elders. Besides, the antioxidant effects and medium-chain fatty acids present in coconut oil makes it helpful in reducing epilepsy problems. 

3. Cure Diabetes

Although the diet of the elderly has a major role to play in deciding their sugar level, coconut oil has some proven results to cure diabetes. According to experts, virgin coconut oil can control diabetes. Along with many benefits of virgin coconut oil, the bioactive compounds present in it may also reduce the amount of glucose present in the blood. Coconut oil can also help in reducing bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. For this reason, clinical trials have been recommended for virgin coconut oil. 

4. Keeps the Heart Healthy

Among various coconut oil health benefits, it also keeps the heart-healthy. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of heart diseases by several times.  

5. Help in Alzheimer’s

Coconut oil can treat Alzheimer’s at home. This is because of the saturated fat present in coconut oil. This can increase the amount of ketone in the elderly, which is necessary for a healthy brain. Ketone is a type of high-energy fuel that nourishes the brain. It can also help enhance memory among old-adults.  

6. Promotes Good Dental health

Coconut oil can be used for oil pulling, preventing plaque from forming. Also, it can be effective in reducing gingivitis caused by plaque. It contains lauric acid, which exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects. For this reason, coconut oil can be considered good for dental health in seniors. 

7. Good For Bone Health

Coconut oil is also beneficial for good bone health in elders. It can make bones healthy and stronger. The polyphenols present in virgin coconut oil act as compound antioxidants. Coconut oil can increase bone volume and improve bone health. Research states that it can also help in fracture prevention and injuries among elders. 

8. Help in Arthritis

Coconut oil can also help in arthritis as coconut oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

9. Kidney health

Coconut oil is also considered beneficial for the kidney. According to a scientific study, coconut oil can not only control high blood pressure but can also help to cure kidney problems. Research suggests that coconut oil’s antioxidant activity may help prevent renal injuries as well. 

10. Viral infection

Coconut oil can be used to avoid viral infections. This is because lauric acid and monoglyceride monolaurin are present in virgin coconut oil exhibit antiviral properties. Besides, coconut oil also has an antimicrobial effect that prevents infection. According to other research, the use of coconut oil can prevent stomach inflammation and fever caused by Clostridium difficile bacteria. 

Uses of Coconut Oil For Skin

Coconut oil can be used in various forms. Elders can use coconut oil in the following ways- 

Hydrating Moisturizer

Massaging with coconut oil on a lightly wet body after bathing can keep the skin growing moisturized and hydrated for a long time. Elders should apply coconut oil half an hour before or right after bathing to keep the skin hydrating. 

Shaving Cream

Seniors often experience cuts and razor burns on the skin while shaving body hair, there is nothing better than coconut oil for them. They should apply a layer of coconut oil after shaving.

Lip Balm

There is no better lip balm than coconut oil for the cracked and rough lips. Apply it on your lips before sleeping at night and within a few days, you will see the difference. 

Body Scrub

With the help of coconut oil, you can easily make a cheap and effective moisturizing body scrub at home for the elderly. A good body scrub can be prepared by adding a few drops of sugar, sea salt, and essential oils to coconut oil. Apart from this, a good scrub is also prepared by adding coffee grounds to coconut oil. 

Benefits of Coconut Oil On Skin

  • Its antimicrobial properties protect the skin from many types of bacteria and infections.
  • Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory in nature, thus heals wounds and injuries quickly.
  • It contains lauric acid which helps in fighting acne.
  • It’s a great moisturizer.
  • The antibacterial properties of coconut oil also help in fighting bad breath.

Uses And Benefits Of Coconut Oil On Hair & Scalp

As we grow old, the hair and scalp become round but with the usages of coconut oil, elders can easily get rid of it.  

Deep Conditioner

Coconut oil with its amazing moisturizing properties works as a deep conditioner for hair. It helps the elderly to maintain good hair even during their growing years. 

Lice Treatment

Having lice in the hair is a common problem among elders. They don’t even feel comfortable sharing it with others as it makes them feel embarrassed but it can be easily cured with coconut oil. They just need to apply coconut oil regularly and the effects will be visible in 2 to 3 weeks.  

Benefits Of Consuming Coconut Oil

Coconut oil not only helps to make hair healthy and strong, but virgin coconut oil is also very beneficial for elder health. Taking one teaspoon of coconut oil on an empty stomach in the morning can relieve many diseases besides gaining weight. Here are some wonderful health benefits of coconut oil: 

Take out the toxins

The elements present in coconut oil help in getting out the toxins in the body. For this, elders should drink one glass of lukewarm water after adding one spoon of coconut oil and half lemon juice to it.

Increase immunity

Coconut oil contains capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid which helps to increase immunity in elders. Therefore, the elderly should take it regularly. 

Keep digestion right

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that fight against the bacteria that cause indigestion. Regular intake of coconut oil leads your digestive system to function properly. 

Get rid of constipation problem

The properties present in coconut oil helps to keep the stomach healthy. Due to which elders get rid of problems like constipation, acidity.  

Coconut Oil As Body Lotion

Coconut oil can also be used in place of moisturizer, body cream, or body lotion. We have listed down the benefits of coconut oil as body lotion:  

  • If you have a habit of using expensive moisturizers, body cream, or body lotion after bathing, coconut oil can also do this job for you, too at low prices. It helps skin to grow well.
  • If the elderly have an infection or itching problem in any part of the body, mix camphor with coconut oil and keep it in your bathroom. Applying it to the relevant place after bathing every day will relieve you from skin problems.
  • If seniors are troubled by the scars, burning sensation, swelling, and itching caused by the underwear, then this mixture of coconut oil and camphor can heal magically.
  • Coconut oil is a great option for hair removal. Massaging with coconut oil before hair removal can make your skin soft.

Coconut Oil Gargle Benefits

Coconut oil not only enhances your beauty but it is very beneficial for health and can be used for gargles as well. You can avoid many health problems even after rinsing your mouth with coconut oil.  

The benefits of coconut oil gargles for elderly care: 

  • Better digestion: Rinsing mouth with coconut oil helps elders with better digestion.
  • Prevent gum inflammation: It also prevents gum inflammation among senior citizens.
  • Stronger teeth: As humans grow, their gums and teeth become weak but coconut oil gargle can make them stronger.
  • Deep oral cleansing: It also helps in deep cleansing of the mouth.
  • Better Oral Health: With all this, coconut oil gargle promotes better oral health among the elderly.

Coconut Oil Side Effects

  • Coconut oil is high in saturated fat. For this reason, if consumed in large quantities it increases harmful cholesterol.
  • Harmful cholesterol (LDL), which is increased by excessive consumption of coconut oil, can cause heart disease.
  • Highly susceptible people should consume coconut oil only after a doctor’s advice.
  • Elders consuming coconut for the first time may have mild diarrhoea. However, in the second week of an intake, this problem heals automatically.
  • Some elders can also experience mild stomach ache and vomiting due to the consumption of coconut oil.
  • Applying coconut oil on the face in large amounts can make the skin oily and sticky.

For all of these things to be incorporated in real life of the elders, it is imperative for them to have effective eldercare services by their side. Apart from feeling the importance of coconut oil, it is important to see the benefits of other things, which you can get to see in our other blogs. Also, to get the best healthcare services for elders, connect with us, at Emoha, at 1800-123-44555 or can mail at