20 Incredible Benefits of Walking for Elderly


The elder years of life come with a lot of health challenges. But at the same time, most of the elderly health issues can be treated by following healthy habits, such as by consuming immunity-boosting foods, eating on time, waking up early, and so on. Today in this blog we will talk about one such healthy habit, which is “Walking.” Yes! We will tell you about the incredible benefits of walking, in cases of elders. 


So do you also want to know what are the benefits of walking? Then scroll down and read about the benefits of walking every day. 


People spend thousands of rupees for a better lifestyle all through their life, but still cannot keep themselves fit and healthy. Well! No matter how much elders spend, one thing that can’t be ignored is Physical activity! Physical activity is an extremely important component to stay healthy, especially in the cases of elders. But what exactly is meant by ‘Physical Activities’? Let’s understand that first! 


What Exactly Physical Activities mean?

Well! No one can deny the benefits of waking up at 5 am for doing some physical activity. But this does not only mean that you go to the gym and do workouts. Physical activity means any exercise that sweats out of the body and keeps the bones and muscles active in the growing years. For this, elders can also resort to yoga, dance, gym, high-intensity workouts, etc. But among all these things, the best for elders is a routine walk every day.  


Morning walks have several benefits to the body. The biggest advantage of this is that there is assured weight management. Not only this, but it proves to be extremely beneficial for those who have health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. Also, as per World Health Organisation, the health benefits of walking 30 minutes a day can change elder’s lives for good.  


So let’s first know how a morning walk is important for elders? 


Importance of Walking For Elders

Morning walks are considered important for mental and physical health. Routine walking calms and energizes the mind. Walking imparts elders such a variant of physical workout, which helps them stay energetic all the day. This is not it, a routine walk also motivates the elderly to wake up early in the morning, and start the day with effective time management. 


20 Incredible Benefits of Walking for Elderly

In this section of the article, we will tell you the benefits of walking in the morning. Elderly can easily get rid of several health issues with routine walk! Scroll down and read the benefits of waking up early and walking.  


1. Benefits of Morning Walk For Arthritis and Osteoporosis

One effect of uncontrolled lifestyle and aging, which is necessarily negative in nature, is arthritis and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones quality and density both start getting decreased, due to which there is a lot of difficulty in walking. At the same time, a person suffering from arthritis experiences unbearable pain in the joints. 


According to the experts, regular morning is the best way to relieve joint pain. Morning walks strengthen the bones and muscles. Routine walking also helps in osteoporosis. Besides, higher bone density is seen in those women, who walk regularly after menopause. 


2. Benefits of Morning Walk For Depression

Depression is counted among the biggest diseases among elders, especially in the present era when everyone is confined to their own life. It can cause many mental and physical diseases. But regular morning walks can help combating/overcoming depression (provided there are sufficient other grounds for the person to get over from depression). 


Research shows that if an elder suffering from stress walks for 20 to 40 minutes daily, then he can reduce his stress level by 50 to 80%. Although, we don’t assure you about the results because it majorly depends on the severity of depression, but yes, morning walks can be beneficial in depression.  


3. Benefits of Morning Walk For Cardiovascular Health

Another notable benefit of the morning walk is that it takes care of elders’ heart. Regular morning walk makes people strong and increases their will power to fight against diseases related to the heart. A morning walk may be a good option for patients struggling with heart disease. 


Research puts forward that there can be reduction of cardiovascular risks by 31%, by having regular walks. Also, the risk of dying also gets reduced by 32%. This is for both men and women. To maintain heart health, it is advisable to take a 30-45 minutes walk every day. Another fact that we’ll like to point is that elders can also reduce the risk of heart diseases with regular consumption of vegan diet.  


4. Benefits of Morning Walk For Diabetes Control

Here’s one of the most notable benefits of walking 20,000 steps a day. Diabetes is one of the common diseases in the elderly caused by an unmanaged lifestyle. But with a regular morning walk routine, elders can easily reduce this problem to some extent. According to research, a 30-minute walk in the morning can help control blood sugar, as well as relieve type 2 diabetes. 


5. Benefits of Morning Walk For Cancer Prevention

Experts believe that the risk of cancer may also be due to a sluggish and ignored lifestyle. In this case, such regular walks help preventing certain types of cancer. A refreshing walk in the morning works to strengthen your immune system, which helps in fighting cancer. 


Here we are not saying that morning walk is the exact cure for cancer, but it can reduce the risk of cancer to some extent. As per significant stats and surveys, morning walks in elderly females can help giving aid in cancer-related cases. 


6. Morning Walk For Increased Brain Performance

Several mental exercises and games can improve brain performance in the elderly. Morning walks are also necessary for the functioning of the brain. Regular exercise such as a morning walk can increase your memory and improve brain function. When you walk, the brain gets enough oxygen and the blood supply speeds up, thereby strengthening memory. 


7. Morning Walk For Weight Loss

Due to the bad eating habits, obesity has become a common problem in India. Irregular and untimely meals, without physical exertion, leads elderly towards obesity which further invites many old-age diseases. Later this obesity can lead to many diseases. If you really want to get rid of obesity, then start doing regular morning walks. A 45-minute walk daily will help you reduce the extra calories. 


Experts say that morning walks can help in weight loss without making any major changes in diet. Researchers found and have put forward that walking solely can help in reducing body fat. Consequently, it increases elasticity in the body of elders and strengthens their muscles. 


8. Morning Walk for Strong Immune System

Blood circulation in the body remains better through daily walks, which has a positive effect on the immune system. Along with having regular immunity booster drinks and diet, elders should also go for a 30-minute walk daily. A 30-minute walk daily will help strengthen the immune system and help fight diseases. 


9. Morning Walk For Fatigue

Morning walk relieves fatigue in elderly and makes them feel refreshed throughout the day. The fresh air in the morning energizes the body and makes the person energetic.  


10. Walk After Dinner For Better Lung Function

Here’s one of the most prominent benefits of walking after dinner. Doing 20 minutes of a walk after dinner can increase lung function in elders. Walking after dinner works to strengthen the lungs, which improves the respiratory system and helps in better digestion. 


11. Morning Walk For Relieving Stress

A morning walk is all you need to get rid of chronic stress. Stress can lead to several problems related to the mental and physical well-being of a person, especially that of elders. In elders, such walks result in an improved blood circulation, and keeps the mood upright.  


12. Morning Walk For Energetic Body

There are many benefits to walking 45 minutes a day. With a regular morning walk, elders can give an energetic start to their day. Regular walking also helps you to get rid of fatigue and stress, increasing the flow of energy in the body. Also, there is sufficient oxygen supply in the body.  


13. Walking For Improved Cholesterol Level

The body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to stay healthy and to build cells. At the same time, the risk of heart-related diseases increases when the amount of blood lipid (fat) is high. In this stage the amount of bad cholesterol increases and reductions occur with the good cholesterol levels. In such a situation, routine walk can help elders to control the rising cholesterol. 


14. Walking For Toned Body

Regular walking is an efficient way to keep the body toned without doing hard exercise. Walking allows one to tone their body parts, majorly the legs, abdomen, and other parts of the body. Elders who go for a morning walk stay fit than their counterparts. 


15. Morning Walk For Healthy Skin

According to dermatologists, good blood circulation leads to facial brightness. And let us tell you that regular routine walks help in maintaining blood circulation in the body. Thus morning walk can help you get shiny and acne free skin in the growing years of life. Morning walks naturally maintain skin health in elders. Elders can also ensure better skin health with several food items. You can read here about the food for healthy skin for the elderly.  


16. Morning Walk For Healthy Hair

You might wonder but yes morning walk can also help in improving hair. Correct blood circulation matters for healthy hair. A morning walk helps maintain blood flow. So, if you want to keep your hair healthy, then take a regular morning walk. 


17. Morning Walk Promote Good Sleep

When it comes to the benefits of walking in the morning, we can’t forget about good sleep. Yes, regular morning walks also promote good sleep. The stress snatches away elders’ sleep, causing the body not to get enough rest. Morning walks lead to stay free from stress, and promotes healthy ageing.  


18. Morning Walks For Improved Memory Power

Among many health benefits of walking, it also improves the memory power of elders. According to studies, memory begins to decrease with aging. This problem is found more in people who walk less than people walking daily. Walking is a great way to ward off age-related mental illnesses. 


19. Morning Walk For Relieving Aging

Morning walk is an amazing treatment when it comes to the anti-aging dimensions of life. It has often been seen that as the age increases, along with joint pain and body pain, the skin starts to lose its shine. This condition is more common in women who do not exercise or other physical exercises. Also, it is easier to get relief from the signs of aging, when such walks are opted for a longer term. The regular morning walk will keep elders healthy and help you get rid of joint pain and tiredness etc. 


20. Morning Walk Promotes Overall Good Health

Morning walk also helps in maintaining overall health. A walk of only 20-30 minutes in the morning works to make your skin healthy. At the same time, it promotes good health of bones and muscles. Therefore, to keep the body healthy naturally, plan a morning walk from today. 


So these were the amazing benefits of walking and jogging.  


After knowing the benefits of walking every day, here are some important tips that the elderly should keep in mind while walking. 


Tips For Morning Walk

If you’re thrilled with the benefits of walking, and planning of making morning walk a part of elders daily routine, then here are some tips, which one must follow – 

  • While walking or jogging keep the posture straight, especially when you are doing it to get a toned body.
  • A morning walk makes elders energetic and helps in the smooth circulation of blood in the body. Try taking a morning walk under the first rays of the sun. This will give the body adequate vitamin-D.
  • If elders want to reduce excess body fat, then practice running a few km faster in the morning.
  • Do not exercise immediately after meals.
  • Do not drink excessive water during the morning walk.
  • If elders are starting a morning walk, then keep your pace normal for the first few days and gradually increase the speed.


After reading the benefits of walking, one must have realized that walking is a great way to start the day. Elders who make it a part of their daily life, experience many positive changes in their overall health. Walking is counted as a complete physical activity. Do you already go for a regular walk? If yes, then perfect. If not, start it from today onwards. You will be really surprised to experience the benefits of walking 30 minutes a day.  


Bottom line

If you’re not able to look after the daily routine of elders and ensure that they go on a walk every day, and also want to look after their other health related issues, then you can also opt for professional elder care services, like us at Emoha. The professionals at Emoha always keep the elder’s health on top of their priority list. You can connect with Emoha at 1800-123-445555 or