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17th Nov 2022
how to effectively reduce double chin

What Are the Exercises and Preventative Measures for Reducing a Double Chin?

Everyone desires a prominent jawline. And to our bliss, it is far simpler than you might have imagined to accentuating your cheekbones and losing that additional facial fat. No matter what product you use, your skin begins to degrade beyond 25. Exercises for the face are essential for looking youthful. Additionally, if you despise the fat on your face, these exercises can help you lose it. Activities for your face are just as vital as exercises for your body. Exercises for the face promote blood flow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In this blog, we present the exercises and prevention for getting rid of a double chin to improve your smile, get rid of that fat, and look younger.


How does a double chin form?

A double chin is a significant indicator of fat build-up characterised by chubbiness around the jawline. The following are some of the main reasons for having a double chin:

a. Genetics

People with less elastic skin or a family history of double chins are more likely to develop it.

b. Gaining weight

Fat build-up can make the skin stretch and become less elastic.

c. Ageing

Collagen deposits deteriorate or decline with age. This loss of collagen may cause sagging skin and a double chin as a result.


Exercises to get rid of a double chin

A double chin frequently makes a face appear chubbier. Although many people desire to eliminate their double chins owing to social standards of beauty, it is also wise from a health standpoint because double chins are often signs of obesity. Exercise has been shown to help our bodies burn fat. These simple workouts strengthen the tissues and muscles that surround your facial skin but also help to define your jawline, making them the cheapest way to get rid of a double chin. All of them are easy tasks that can be completed at home and yield benefits in a month if done consistently.


1. Ball exercise

The secret to losing face fat may be as simple as squeezing a tennis ball tightly with your chin. This form of exercise targets the muscles in the neck and face by repeatedly pulling down. Use a ball 9 to 10 inches in diameter and put it under your chin to start. Put your skin against the ball, and now lower your chin. To obtain noticeable benefits, repeat this routine 25–30 times.


2. Exercising with Chewing gum

Chewing gum is among the simplest exercises to remove double chinsand extra facial fat. Chewing gum frequently helps you maintain a toned jawline by repeatedly working the muscles in your chin and face. Additionally, it strengthens the jaw muscles and lifts the chin. However, we should warn you that this exercise could put a bit of a strain on your muscles.


3. Tongue exercise

The muscles of your tongue are worked during this workout. Stick out your tongue as far as it will go while looking straight ahead. By expanding your tongue towards your nose as you move up, repeat the previous movement. For ten to fifteen seconds, maintain this posture. Repeat this motion after taking a moment to breathe.


4. Fish face or mouth exercise

Your cheeks and lips are the focus of this exercise. Form a fish face with both your lips connected and facing forward, just like you do when you pout, to execute this workout. Push your pout towards the left, then back to the middle, and finally to the right. Do it ten times


5. Double-chin exercise

As the name implies, this workout helps get rid of your double chin. Raise your chin and move the lower jaw as far forward as possible while maintaining a straight face. Return to the starting point. Repeat it ten times.


6. Simha Mudra

Put your palms over your thighs while kneeling in the “vajrasan” position, where your legs are folded behind you. Maintain a straight back and head while sticking out your tongue. The tongue should be stretched as far as it can go without becoming too tight. Deepen your breath, then let out a lion’s roar. For optimum results, perform five to six repetitions.


7. Giraffe Exercise

The Giraffe exercise is the solution if you’re wondering “how to get rid of a double chin in 1 week.” In this exercise, look straight ahead while sitting comfortably. Position your fingers at the nape of your neck and make a gentle downward sweep. Tilt your head backward simultaneously, then crook your neck so your chin touches your chest two times throughout the process. In the final step, point the chin upwards while placing your fingertips on the collarbone and jutting the lower lip out as much as you can to draw the corners of the mouth down.


8. Brow lifts

It is crucial and easy to work out your forehead muscles. Place your two fingers in the shape of a victory sign at the beginning and end of each eyebrow. Now squeeze the skin with a bit of pressure, push it downwards and then pull it up with your fingers. Ten times, repeat this action. You can perform three sets of 10 motions each.


9. Facelift Exercise

This exercise strengthens the muscles surrounding your upper lips and keeps them from drooping. If you do this exercise correctly, your smile will improve and reveal more of your upper teeth when you laugh. To perform this practice.

  1. Open your lips and flare your nostrils.
  2. Spend ten seconds raising your top lip as high as you can.
  3. Put your index fingers on your cheekbones while keeping your mouth open.
  4. Curl up your upper lip as you press your fingers on your cheeks.

10 repetitions need to be held for 10 seconds each.


10. Smiling Exercise

With this exercise, you’ll appear more good-looking and have a slimmer face. To perform this exercise, move your mouth slowly into a full smile. You can try to regulate each position to improve your facial control and smile-making abilities. Try to smile as widely as you can, ten times in total.


11. Push your forehead with your hands

To perform this facial workout, place your palms on each eyebrow. Then palm raise the eyebrows the way you do when you’re surprised or irritated. Repeat this ten more times after bringing them down. After some time, raise your eyebrows for 30 seconds, drop them, and hold them there for another 30. Repeat it ten times.


Diet to get rid of a double chin

Losing weight may reduce or eliminate your double chin if it is caused by weight gain. The best methods for losing weight are eating a balanced diet and working out frequently. The following are a few suggestions for a healthy diet:

  • Increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake.
  • Use whole grains instead of processed ones.
  • Don’t eat anything processed.
  • Consume lean proteins like fish and poultry.
  • Consume good fats like nuts, avocados, and olive oil.
  • Consume low-fat dairy products.
  • Observe your daily calorie intake.

You’ll need to increase your physical activity levels and consume a healthy diet to lose weight. Your face may get more slender as the number on the scale decreases.


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Following a well-balanced diet and regular exercise is the best approach to losing extra fat wherever it is on your body. Depending on size, it can take a few months until your double chin becomes less noticeable. Before having an invasive treatment, try exercises and prevention for getting rid of a double chin, unless you’re convinced that your double chin is spurred on by heredity. Consult your doctor before beginning a diet and exercise program. Your health issues will be addressed, and they’ll assist you in setting wholesome weight loss objectives.


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Do exercises help with double chins?

Yes, exercise is one of the simplest things you can do to tighten your skin and reduce the additional layer of fat under your chin and around your neck.

What is the best way to eliminate a double chin?

Follow the exercises mentioned above, add cardio to your fitness routine, and scale back on processed carbohydrates to decrease face fat.

Why do people get double chins?

Probably the most common reason for a double chin is just an overall fat surplus.

Can chewing gum prevent a double chin?

Yes, it is among the simplest activities to minimise and remove under-chin fat.

Does water consumption help with a double chin?

Drinking extra water is an excellent technique to help tighten the skin around the jawline, abdomen, arms, and legs.