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14th Sep 2022
Cycle Your Way To Fresh Air

Cycle Your Way to a Breath of Fresh Air

Did you know that riding your bicycle or biking every morning is a great way to fast-track a healthy regime? While breathing is inevitable, getting the proper fresh air to breathe is what makes the difference. There are numerous advantages of spending some time every morning appreciating nature and taking in clean air. Cycling helps you improve your overall health and is a fantastic workout too. What more ? Is cycling good for weight loss? Yes! You do not need extra effort with cycling to shed the excess flab. Let’s dive deeper into the cycling benefits and why you should cycle every morning and get a breath of fresh air. 

1. Vitamin D

Ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B radiation from sunlight provide a significant amount of vitamin D to individuals. According to a recent study, vitamin D insufficiency creates anxiety and other problems. Merely getting outside and bicycling in the sunlight improves mood by allowing this vital vitamin to be synthesized. Furthermore, it aids in the rebuilding of bone strength, which is critical in senior individuals.

2. Being Outdoors Clears the Mind

According to one study, youngsters seemed to be able to focus more after being outside. People of all ages have used this principle. The brain gets refreshed properly after being outside when disturbances like technological devices are removed. As focus increased, exam results improved after the youngsters spent some time outside. Staying mentally healthy entails taking breaks to recharge ourselves. Time spent outside can frequently provide a new perspective on day-to-day issues.

3. Sleeping Better

Individuals who spend some time outside feel more relaxed. This is because of the intellectual stimulation, tension relief, and capability to reboot the mind that staying outside provides. A decent night’s rest promotes mental wellness and more productive hours. The clean air, sunlight, and activity linked with being outside, like bicycling, allow the mind to unwind quicker as the body prepares for rest. Being outside has an impact on an individual’s psychological health while imparting sound sleep.


Cycling regularly has been shown to help with psychological health, and physicians strongly advise regular outdoor recreation. Winters make it hard; therefore, vitamin D pills frequently fill the void. Nevertheless, the natural advantages of spending some time bicycling outside are many and undeniable.

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When is the ideal time to cycle?

Morning sunlight is far more pleasant compared to any other time of day. Compared to the afternoon, bicycling in the early mornings is considerably better. There is still some heat, yet it is nicer to perspire in the mornings rather than at midday.

Which is better – bicycling or running?

Both are great exercises, but bicycling is a fun workout without the need to put in any extra effort. You may cycle your way by simply admiring nature. 

Is cycling superior to running?

Running might appear to consume more energy since it engages more different muscles. However, they yield the exact calorie count whenever the intensity and time are assessed.

I ride my bicycle to work every day. Is this good enough?

No! Riding your bicycle to work is not enough to get the fresh air that your body needs. Try bicycling in a nearby park one morning to experience the change. 

Does bicycling in the morning improve mood? 

Yes, bicycling in the morning and breathing in the fresh air can instantly lift your mood. It releases dopamine into the brain, the happy hormone responsible for increasing your energy levels and keeping you happy.