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9th Nov 2022
14 Best Travel Groups For Seniors

Top 14 Senior-Friendly Travel Groups for Memorable Travel Experiences

Group tours for senior-friendly travel purposes are excellent stress busters. They help seniors unwind and explore the many beautiful travel destinations in the world. Choose attractive trip packages from such tour-guided companies. They organize group tours for seniors to popular destinations and remote treks.


14 Leading Senior-Friendly Travel Groups

1. Aventures Abroad

The specialty of Adventures Abroad is that its services are available to all adults, regardless of age. Though they specialise in adults over 50, they have attractive senior citizen trip packages. For example, for the “soft adventure” tours, only a medium fitness level is needed, along with the potential to walk short distances. Such senior-friendly travel focus on the place’s culture and its associated history. You may choose groups like these based on your physical activity level.

2. Road Scholar

They organize tours, especially for those over 50. The common guided tour types are cruises, famous city explorations, historical adventures, national parks, etc. Choose exciting grandparent travel packages with the desired level of physical activities, classes, time duration, etc.

3. Backroads

This group operates out of Berkeley, California, in the United States, and is focused on active vacations. It organizes travel groups for adults over 40, 50, and 60, and even teenagers. There are family group trips organized for entire families, too. Hiking, trekking, walking, biking, etc. are some of the exciting adventure options to pick from. They organize group tours.

4. EF Go Ahead Tours

Such tour groups are the best small-group travel companies for seniors, as they have exciting themes such as safari adventures, wildlife viewing, food with wine varieties, etc. There are also personalized tour packages available for solo travelers. Groups of 14 to 38 seniors are cared for simultaneously during guided tours.

5. Intrepid Travel

This agency specializes in providing ready-made or customized itineraries that suit the travelling group. They seek out local assistance to provide the best travelling facilities, accommodations, and local food joints. They organize walking and trekking tours that may be chosen based on the activity level and desired time duration.

6. Firebird Tours

They provide guided tour arrangements to places like Asia, Switzerland, Morocco, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, etc. Seniors can choose from themes like the Northern Lights, history, architecture, theater, etc. They also have private family tour guides available that provide facilities for high quality, better comfort, and value for money.

7. Senior Cycling

This travel agency operates out of North Carolina (United States). They take senior citizens, mostly over 50, on bicycle trips locally. Seniors can choose a level based on their feasibility, whether advanced, with off-road and city cycling of 50 miles a day, or easy cycling for smooth, leisurely terrains like bike paths. Families can also engage with modified cycling plans.

8. Eldertreks

A world-spanning travel agency whisks seniors over 50 on thrilling adventures to over 100 countries! Choose your perfect getaway from a menu of exciting expeditions: chase cascading waterfalls, soak in serene springs, immerse yourself in vibrant cultures, embark on wildlife spotting missions, or even roar through the savanna on a classic safari. With five activity levels ranging from leisurely strolls to heart-pounding treks, there’s an adventure perfectly suited for every explorer.

9. Walking the World

This is based in Colorado, United States, and offers walking and hiking tours to seniors over 50. They organize local walking tours like those in the Rocky Mountain National Park or even walking tours in Ireland.

10. Overseas Adventure Travels

This travel group pays attention to female, solo, and first-time travelers without experience. They organize holiday tours to all continents, and activities can be customised according to the client’s flexibility. They operate from Massachusetts, in North America.

11. Grand European Travel

They have about 30 subsidiaries that arrange travel experiences, including luxury cruises, weekend getaways, trips to various inland spots, etc. Also, family vacations are organized by an experienced tour operator.

12. Kensington Travels

This senior travel agency organizes group tours for people over 50. They have tour operator services in over 100 countries located all over the world, like Japan, Costa Rica, Iceland, etc. Whether seniors want to relax, get acquainted with the history, enjoy the local cuisine, or learn the culture of the destination, the travel group caters to every need.

13. Globus Tours

It is one of the over-60 travel groups that provide tour-guided opportunities to seniors. Some destinations include the United Kingdom, the United States, Mediterranean countries, etc. They handle seniors’ travel packages, luggage, and provide tour guides, driver guides, etc.

14. Country Walkers

The senior travel company operates in North America and provides group tours for people aged 50 and above. It is included in some of the best senior travel companies, as they reach out to almost all the continents: North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.



Senior citizen travel groups in India offer various travel experiences, including walking tours, national park adventures, wildlife safaris, and trekking. Contact them for tours in India or abroad, as these are some of the travel experiences included in their holiday packages.


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How do I get a senior travel buddy?

Some popular apps to find an appropriate travel buddy are, Penroads, Wingman, HelloTel App, etc.

How do I find travel groups?

Searching online for an appropriate group is the best way to find travel groups.

What age group are Globus Tours for?

Globus travellers average between 50 – 70.