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25th Aug 2022
Successful Camping with your Group

10 Ways to ​​Successful Group Camping Experience

Group camping is an exciting and adventurous new concept; it had been around in another form, where you travel in a group and explore places with friends and families.

Here are ten ways to make your group camping experience successful

1. Plan Ahead

Plan and research your spots, itinerary, how to reach the camp location, and other factors beforehand. Planning helps remove avoidable hurdles. Different people have different camping styles. Some like to camp out in the open without a plan, while others may prefer select locations. When camping in a group, you don’t have to be like everyone else. But you do have to be mindful of the differences and plan accordingly.

2. Check the Weather

You don’t want to go camping in a location with travel restrictions or if the weather is not good. Make sure you carry the right gear, outfit, trekking wearables, etc., to be prepared for what nature has in mind. Not all who wander are lost, but there is a possibility of being stuck in the rain or caught in a blizzard. Carry some navigation tools to lead you to the nearest shelter near your camp in such unforeseen situations.

3. Plan the Games and Fun Activities

If you are wandering in the forests or the mountains with a big group, you may want to pack a few games. Sitting around a bonfire post sundown can get mundane, and these games can add some fun and frolic to your camping experience. If you bring your little ones, they can get together, play board games, and learn new skills when outdoors. You can relax with them at a campfire, enjoy chess, paint, and give other recreational activities a go.

4. Make Sure You Get Space

You can set your camps onto private properties to get plenty of space. Set up areas near your camping site to have a little privacy. It is okay to go on a little retreat or journey by yourself nearby, giving you the scope to provide your inner shutterbug with a chance to click some phenomenal frames. You can find some good spots under a shelter or choose to camp near a lake.

5. Assign Tasks to Your Group

One of the iron-clad rules of group camping is that everyone should work together. If you are planning everything alone, you will get burnt out. Get everybody in the group involved and assign tasks to each group member. Make it fun and include ideas for food, entertainment, and exploring. Delegating responsibilities among everyone makes the camping experience fun and makes the group experienced enough to go to rugged terrains and go hiking. It will also make the group camping worthwhile and memorable. 

6. Set a Budget

Money is essential to planning a group camping and shouldn’t be neglected. Everyone should discuss the budget within the group to finalise various expenses. Depending on your group, you can all bear the costs for gears and accessories and split it to get some utility items for camping. Keep things simple and prioritise the absolute essentials first. Give your group a budget breakdown and ensure everyone is on board with it before proceeding to spend. The budget can include transport, first aid, meals, etc.

7. Look into Tours and Travels Discounts

You may have to consider travel booking if you are journeying to far-off or offbeat locations that you can’t cover on foot. Many international and regional travel agencies accommodate campers who travel in groups. Have a word with them and find what works for you. 

8. Start with Shorter Trips

You may want to start with baby steps if it is your first time signing up for a group camping experience. Camping is an enriching experience that is filled with unpredictable surprises. Plan a 5-day trip to get a flavour of camping. You can gradually start increasing the period to approx. two weeks of getaway. Get a feel for how things go, and work your way up. 

9. Do Good Meals

Nothing beats cooking your meals in the woods with your fellow campers. Get a barbeque grill with you, and pack your food supplies. Everyone loves good food, and you don’t want to compromise on that while camping. Eggs, toasts, and Bacon are favourites, and you can also throw in a few snacks. There are ready-to-eat meals that last for weeks in airtight seal packs. And for the kids, don’t forget dessert. 

10. Test Your Gear and Vehicle

If you are camping in groups with other families, it is bound to get noisy and out of control. However, every camper should be mindful of their gear and inspect their vehicle to secure any last-minute change in plans. You must test at home first to learn how they are used, whether you will set up a tent or use trekking tools. Thus, wander around and have fun with others while camping. A Swiss knife, torch, ropes, tweezers, etc., can be handy, as well as a first aid kit with necessary medicines.

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Now that you know everything about camping, mark the dates on your calendar and start preparing for your trip with camping enthusiasts. Set milestones each year for a different style of camping. You could go to a forest and relax while enjoying the thrill. You can go to the rocky terrains or any other place and camp. Ensure that these places permit camping. Research, do your study, and get started. 


What is the best way to organise a group camp with my friends?

The best way to organise a group camp is to contact your friends and form a camping group. Plan out the location, ensure it is accessible, and keep it easy for everyone.

How to get started camping in a group?

Plan your campsite, amenities, and resources, and schedule a suitable time for the group camp. Be flexible and discuss the arrangements in advance.

Why is group camping beneficial?

Group camping has many benefits since it helps you bond with others and explore more destinations and activities. Plus, it is fun, and you get to travel a lot.

What can I bring to a group camp?

You can bring books, crafting kits, magazines, card games, and portable electronic devices. Don’t forget the non-perishable foods and snacks, as well.

Can I do group camping in large groups?

Yes, you can organise group camping excursions with larger groups. Just plan & execute together.

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