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18th Aug 2022

Have Soul Calming Encounters in Kerala

Kerala is well known for its misty hill stations, backwater tourism, emerald plantations, verdant woods, mouth-watering cuisines, and ayurvedic therapies. This paradise is one of India’s most picturesque and deliciously hectic travel destinations because of the fantastic events, festivals, and cultural fairs.


Places to Visit in Kerala


1. Ponmudi: A Peaceful, Exciting, and Wild Experience-Oriented Scenic Hill Retreat


Ponmudi is a small, charming hill town in the state that is best visited in the summer. The location is about 53 kilometres from Trivandrum. It offers spectacular views of the mountains, lush woods, flowing waterfalls, and ravines. Additionally, visiting the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary will allow you to see a wide range of wildlife, including Malabar grey hornbills, sambar, Asian elephants, lion-tailed macaques, leopards, and more. Golden Valley, Peppara Wildlife sanctuary, and Meenmutty waterfalls are some of the top places to visit in Ponmudi.


2. Lakkidi: A Heaven on Earth That Provides a Pleasurable Vacation Experience 


The Wayanad district’s Lakkidi boasts tall, lush mountains and a serene setting. It is a little hill station that offers visitors the chance to go throughout the entire area and get lost in the breathtaking scenery. Vellarimala Range, Pookode Lake, and the intriguing Chain tree are just a few of Lakkidi’s major attractions, all of which may be discovered while taking a stroll through this lovely hill town.


3. Nelliyampathy: A Wilderness with Magnificent Views


Nelliyampathy, a less prominent location, offers an unrivalled opportunity to unwind and recharge away from the hustle of significant hill resorts. You may enjoy the view of the expansive paddy fields, tea, cardamom, coffee, and orange plantations in this lovely location in the Palakkad district. Additionally, in this region, you may spend time with your loved ones in some lovely picnic spots like Padagiri and Pothundy Dam. In addition, the beautiful hill town’s tea estate features a charming old cottage that is a must-see attraction.


4. Vythiri, A paradise for bird watchers 


The Wayanad district’s Vythiri, a hidden gem of this state, is the ideal destination to escape the summer heat. Vythiri is one of the best vacation spots thanks to its avifauna and green-clad undulating hills. Along with seeing a variety of migratory species, you may hike along excellent routes, go camping, and take in the breathtaking scenery. The location is a great choice when considering a trip to the state with seniors because it is also home to a Neolithic-era cave, a monastery, and temples. In addition, Vythiri is a family-friendly location where children may enjoy rafting, boating, and fishing (with assistance).


5. Ayyampuzha: A location with stunning scenery, a variety of birds, and lovely hiking trails 


Ayyampuzha is one of Kerala’s best-kept secrets and is the perfect destination for those who love the outdoors and adventure. The area, which boasts stunning views, is filled with lush vegetation and trickling brooks, making it a small piece of heaven. As a bonus, if trekking is your thing, you may enjoy an exhilarating hiking and walking trip through the Chelikandam Forest to the well-known Athirappilly waterfalls. In addition to this, those who want the outdoors can visit an oil palm plantation or spend time watching various bird species. One can also visit the Prakriti Gramam, which has a playground, waterfalls, and excellent swimming spots.


6. The Ayurvedic healing village of Kairali 

Ayurvedic healing village of Kairali

The flagship Ayurvedic destination of the Kairali Ayurvedic Group, Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village, is in Palakkad. It is a one-of-a-kind holistic setting that uses Yoga, Meditation, and authentic and traditional Ayurvedic therapies, treatments, and medications to heal you from the inside and out.


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The glistening backwaters and wide beaches amid the state’s tropical scenery have contributed to the state’s steadily rising visitor appeal. The state stretches 550 km along the Malabar Coast and is a popular tourist destination. The state is renowned as “God’s own country” because it is rich in natural, social, and cultural resources. Even though India’s tourism industry is primarily focused on the country’s north, Kerala tourism package has recently experienced a sharp rise due to the state’s many tourist attractions.



What are the primary causes for travelling to Kerala?

Kerala tourism provides visitors with many opportunities to enjoy a vacation, Ayurvedic healing, backwaters in Kerala and its beautiful tourist sites are the main draw for travellers.


Is Kerala currently safe for tourists? 

It is the safest place to travel in India. Visitors from all over the world come here to take in its fascinating culture and natural beauty.


Why is Kerala a popular tourist destination?

Kerala, which National Geographic Traveler named one of the top ten paradises on earth, is well known for its ecotourism programs and stunning backwaters.


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