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Physiotherapy at Home

Helping Lead Quality Lives With Physiotherapy at Home 


Physiotherapy at home is one of the best ways for elders to recover faster and even avoid surgeries. Also known as physical therapy, it is a way to improve balance, movement, and function of the body’s organs and help the elder lead a quality life. The treatment is especially required if the elder has recently gone through an operation or had an injury.


Physiotherapy involves hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, neurological, cardiological, and many other types of therapies. Plus, massages to help the patient relax, increase blood flow, and be able to utilize his organs better. Elders with paralysis, knee pain , back pain, neck, joints, etc., stroke patients, and those who have weaker hearts must get physiotherapy. People with Parkinson's, osteoporosis, and chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease, should as well.


How Does Emoha Help - Physiotherapy at Home Services

Emoha has a range of experts who perform assessments and create customized programs for each patient to perform therapy to heal them. These experts keep track of the progress to analyze and improve the treatment. Overall, Emoha helps elders get rid of their pains. And recover faster from injuries and operations. It helps them avoid surgeries, improve their posture, and renew their organs to some extent for a better life.

Detailed clinical assessment



Physical therapy usually begins with a complete assessment of the patient. Doctors read your elder’s reports and suggest the kind of physiotherapy to perform. They will need to identify the source of pain or discomfort. They will ask you questions about the type of lifestyle the elder leads - sedentary or active. What kind of diet the elders take, and what is the current fitness level. After analyzing these, they understand the level of functionality and mobility the elder needs to achieve.


In certain situations, the diagnosis may need a couple of tests and an MRI. If the elder is already under a surgeon or other doctor - like in all postoperative cases - the reports of that doctor are used for the diagnosis. All in all, a detailed clinical assessment of the elder helps the physiotherapists know the history of the issue, diagnose it, and create customized plans for treatment.


Customized treatment plans



No two people - or elders - are the same. A treatment plan that works for one may not work for the other because of the difference in body structure, medical history, and genes. That’s why the physiotherapists at Emoha create extensive and customized plans for the treatment of each elder they serve. For example, for stroke patients, a treatment like hydrotherapy - a type of physiotherapy - will be given to increase blood flow to the brain. In the case of neck or back pain due to posture issues, or even knee pain, a massage should be enough.


The plan is also customized according to age. For instance, a 60-year-old may find results faster while experiencing no fatigue from physical therapy. But an 80-year-old may see results very slowly because of already weaker organs and may even feel more pain (in the short run) and muscle fatigue. Thus, the diagnosis and assessment done before are used to create custom plans to achieve the best results and faster road to a high quality life for the elder.


Specialized physiotherapists



Emoha brings you specialized physiotherapists who are adept in their particular field. They are known for their faster treatment than the general neighborhood physiotherapist. Depending on whether the cause of the issue is neurological, cardiological, age-related, or due to weaker bones and joints, and other factors, the physical therapist is chosen. The improvement in life through better functionality, mobility, and strength that they bring, is also easier to achieve. The physiotherapy at home charges of specialized physiotherapists might feel to be a little higher than general ones, but the results are many times better.

Prompt emergency support



At Emoha, our physiotherapists don't always work alone. If the elder is getting post-operative care during which physiotherapy is needed, then our nurses also support them. Emergencies don't usually happen during physiotherapy, but if they do, Emoha has a competitive emergency network that gets activated instantly to ensure the health of your elder.





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Physiotherapy For Home FAQs


Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a treatment done to restore the healthy function, strength, and movement of a person’s body organs. It also helps to maintain and boost strength. People mostly opt it for pain relief in elders. The pain can be due to some injury or as an effect of a disease. Physiotherapists help you perform physical exercises, they massage certain areas of your body depending on the problem. They get you to stretch your muscles and work on your joints with the assistance of equipment or manually. Physiotherapy is of many types like cardiovascular, pediatric, etc.

The physical exercises involved in physiotherapy depend on the problem at hand. For someone who is trying to move again after surgery in the legs, doctors recommend simple activities like walking. But you must know that physiotherapy for home is not just about exercises. It involves massages as well to help the body relax and increase blood flow. Plus, it includes electrotherapy, which is useful in stimulating the nervous system.

Physiotherapy can improve your body’s balance and mobility. It can help your elder avoid surgeries. Whether it’s back pain, knee pain, neck injury, or that of the ankle, physiotherapy for home can help you get rid of the pain. If an elder has already had surgery or some operation, physiotherapy will help him recover faster. It is also great for age-related problems like arthritis. Physiotherapy helps manage pain. It will reduce your elder’s dependency on medicines, which will further reduce the vulnerability to diseases. If your elder needs work on their posture, physiotherapists can definitely help.

If your elder is recovering from surgery like that of hip replacement, knee replacement, tendon surgery, ligament surgery, spinal cord injury, etc., he should get physiotherapy at home. People with osteoporosis, arthritis, strains & sprains in the wrist, shoulder, ankle, or elbow can also redeem the benefits of physiotherapy at home. Additionally, elders with posture problems, bruising, or swelling issues should also get physical therapy.

The usual treatment of physiotherapy takes anywhere between a month to six weeks to show positive results. It mostly depends on the type of physiotherapy in need and the problem the elder is facing. For example, stroke patients will take more time to recover than elders with just back pain.

One of the reasons to choose Emoha for physiotherapy at home is because of it being affordable. Additionally, Emoha brings specialized physiotherapists for your elders. These therapists are available for home visits all through Delhi-NCR. So, if you are in Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, or Delhi, you can get your elder to recover his health with Emoha’s at-home physiotherapy sessions. Elders in other places in India, can take advantage of our virtual assistance.

Physiotherapy is one of the most affordable ways to treat the elderly, so the charges are mostly low. But there are no fixed charges as they depend on the assessment and diagnosis done by experts. Plus, the customised plan that is made after understanding the main problem.