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Emergency Services





Emergency Response that You Can Count On


Emergencies never announce their arrival, which is why the importance of being prepared is stressed in all aspects of life. Your loved elderly need to be covered against any emergencies that may occur, especially when they are alone. While slips and falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in elders, there are a lot of other emergencies that can raise their head unannounced. Emoha Emergency Care services keep watch over your elderly loved ones and spring into action at the first sign of trouble. From ex-defense personnel as first responders who are trained to attend to accidents, perform CPR, and offer first-aid, to certified paramedics for life-threatening situations, the team at Emoha has got it all covered.

Minimizing Risks wherever Possible

  • Emoha Emergency Care services start with a Health Assessment to better understand the clinical conditions and health data of elders.
  • A detailed Home Assessment then follows to isolate potential hazards.
  • This is followed by the Installation of Smart Sensors that alert Emoha in the event of an accident in the home.



Emoha First Responders are strategically located at hubs that allow them to reach incident scenes within 15-30 minutes from the initiation of an emergency. These paramilitary bike riders are highly trained and experienced ex-defense personnel and nurses, which make them uniquely suited to offer help in diverse emergencies. Whether it’s a fall, attack, fire, electric shock, heart attack, tumble down the stairs, or theft, your elderly loved ones can summon immediate help with a simple push of a button. Smart sensors can also report signs of trouble in an instant. Our First Responders also help coordinate all the help needed while at the scene such as an ambulance response, firefighters, or the police.

Powering Our Emergency Care 

When Moments Count

> Periodic Health Assessment

> Quarterly Digital Health Record Updates

> Smart Home Sensors to track and respond

> Care Manager to support and coordinate care

> 24/7 Emergency Bike Responder

> Home Assessment for Elder Improvements

> 24/7 HelpLine/Concierge for Elder Services

> Electronic Digital Health Records

> Periodic Bespoke Health Monitoring


Talk to Emoha Elder Care today to discuss how our Emergency Care services can be deployed to cover your elderly loved ones. We keep vigil and stand ready to assist in case of any emergency. We are there to give you and your elderly loved one the ultimate peace of mind in the knowledge that we are always looking out and help is always around the corner. Call us today at 1800-123-445555 or write to us at