Vaccine Passport for Travel: What You Need to Know

What is a vaccination passport, and how does it work? Do you require one? What is the best way to obtain it? What are COVID home care services? We understand that you probably have a lot of questions. And we’ve got all of the answers! Allow us to assuage your fears by explaining all you need to know about this and how it will impact your trip plans.

What is a Vaccine Passport?

A vaccination passport certifies that the person has been immunised against Covid and is not subject to quarantine. You do not need to carry a worn-out sheet of paper with your immunisation credentials, as you do with other documentation. When you talk about a vaccination travel pass, you’re generally talking about a digitised version that you can display on your phone. Hence, you can  show your digital vaccine passport. 


In terms of the vaccination passport, where does India stand? 

India is now conducting a vaccination campaign. With several states enforcing lockdowns, travel appears to be a long shot. There is no clear argument or conclusion on a vaccination travel passport at this time, but it is a question of when and not if. While visitors to India are not required to produce any such documentation, you may be required to show your immunisation permit if you wish to travel outside of India. So, as soon as the chance presents itself, we recommend that you be vaccinated.

What impact does it have on travel?

As previously stated, the concept of a global vaccination passport has been or will be implemented in a number of countries. Even if you are completely vaccinated, you can still spread the infection. As a result, anybody crossing the border must be adequately vaccinated, lest they carry a virus inside, which might be harmful. If a result, as travel becomes more flexible in the coming years, possessing a vaccination passport to travel may become a need in some countries.


Is it mandatory to get vaccinated before travelling abroad?

No, vaccination is not mandatory for travel; nevertheless, fully vaccinated visitors are less likely to contract COVID-19 and transmit it. International travel, on the other hand, offers extra dangers, and even fully vaccinated travellers may be at higher risk of contracting and transmitting certain COVID-19 strains. The COVID-19 status varies per nation, including the emergence of new or worrisome variations. Before travelling, all passengers should pay special attention to the conditions at their destination.


 How can you get a Vaccine Passport? 

As per the international travel guidelines, people can now link their passport to their immunisation status via the government’s Aarogya Setu app, which was recently upgraded. Following the processes outlined in Aarogya Setu’s step-by-step guidance, a person can obtain her vaccination passport:

●    People who have been vaccinated can go to and click on “Raise Issue” under “Account Details.”

●    There are three choices available right now. Select the option to “Add Passport Details.” This will lead you to a new screen where you can choose the name of the individual whose passport information should be updated in the app.

●    Choose the appropriate name from the drop-down box and enter the beneficiary’s passport number precisely in the “Enter Beneficiary’s Passport Number” area.

●    You to check the declaration box but before doing that and clicking the “Submit Request” tab, double-check and validate the information.

●    A message will be sent to the registered cellphone number informing you that the status has been successfully changed. Return to the “Account Details” page and select the “Certificate” option as the final step. You may now get your vaccine passport by downloading it.

The wisest choice to do here is to receive both doses of the vaccination and to follow all of the social distancing procedures as much as possible. In terms of the vaccine passport, you can obtain one if the nation in question needs it. Many of us are eager to travel, and we plan to do so soon. Meanwhile, let us protect ourselves and those around us safe.

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