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Encouraging Seniors to Venture Out This Summer

Seniors have significant importance in our lives and spread warmth in our world. So, we need to take care of our elders’ health, and we must encourage seniors to go outside during summer. Outdoors will provide fresh air and sunshine, allowing them to interact socially with other seniors. These factors have a significant impact on improving their health. Read along to know more about this.


Benefits Of Sun Exposure For Seniors

As you may know, sun exposure generates vitamin D, which is significantly essential for bones, muscles, and a healthy brain. The below table shows how much average vitamin D is required for an individual daily:

Age Amount
0-12 months 10 Micrograms (mcg) or 400 International Units (IU)
1-70 years 15 mcg or 600 IU
71 years 20 mcg or 800 IU

The main advantage of getting seniors outside in the summer, even for a short period, is getting some sun exposure. Research has shown that this improves seniors’ health. Not just this, it also improves their mental and emotional health. Getting out, getting some fresh air, interacting with children, and other seniors, being out in nature and doing activities that make them feel included. Besides, getting seniors outside in the summer can be fun and refreshing.


Summer Activities For Seniors

There are varieties of activities during the summer that offer seniors to go outdoors, walk, exercise, and enhance their health and lives.


1. Short Walks Or Exercise

This can be a great way to stay active for seniors. Walking is a simple and impactful activity, and going out for a walk and enjoying nature will benefit them physically and mentally. They can even join other senior groups to help them interact and bond with new people. This can improve their strength and flexibility as well.


2. Visiting A Place

It could be any place, like a pool or a lake. This will get them some sun exposure with enjoying mother nature. Spending some time near water can help them cool off. They can take a boat ride or just sit there, enjoy the sight, and get refreshed.


3. Gardening For Fun

This could be their daily activity; this activity can be very beneficial for their physical body and maintaining some flexibility. This can also be a new experience for them.


4. Community Events

Attending community events could be a fun activity for seniors as they enjoy getting to know the world and discussing the changes in the world. They could even enjoy music festivals, flea markets, and art shows.


5. Catch The Fish!

Fishing is such cool activity not just for young people but for seniors too. They will enjoy catching a fish, roasting it later, and enjoying eating it. This can make them feel happy, and it’s also a great physical activity.


6. Family Meet-Up

As schedules get busier, it can be not easy to visit family. Planning a small family trip or a small gathering can make the seniors feel mentally happy. Going out for a picnic with the whole family, something this simple can make seniors get outside this summer.


7. Joining a Club Or An Organisation

Becoming a member of an organisation or a club can be motivating for the seniors to get out this summer. This can help form healthy communication, give back to the community, and stay fit as well.


8. Travelling With Family Or Friends

Even though wandering for seniors can be tiring, always check up with the doctor before planning a big trip. Travelling will be a fun activity for seniors, getting them outside this summer to their favourite place.

Travelling in groups with other seniors would be a fun travel outing for them. This will help them be physically fit as well as mentally fit.


9. Joining A Yoga Group

Yoga is most popular among seniors. Seniors getting outside this summer and doing yoga in a park with their friends is fun. Yoga can help them with their blood pressure, breathing, flexibility, balance, and anxiety.


10. Enjoying Their Favourite Sport

It could be any sport, be it tennis or golfing. This will encourage them to get out this summer, travel, and play their favourite sport. It will help them burn some calories, get their heart rate up and reduce stress.

Getting seniors outside in the summer can be fun, but also keep in mind their health. Travelling in summer can be exhausting, so staying hydrated is very important. Keeping updated with their medicines and monthly check-ups with their doctor. Taking up frequent travel breaks in between and letting them rest for a while.



Overall, it is very important for seniors to get outside in the summer and travel, keeping their health status in mind. Regular activities and encouraging seniors to socialise can improve their physical and mental fitness. Whatever activities seniors do, their main motive should be staying healthy and happy. Getting seniors outside this summer and learning new things could be very enjoyable. They may need some assistance sometimes. Joining a club could be helpful since they are always people who take care of seniors. Seniors can enjoy the warm summer and travel while staying safe and healthy.




Is getting vitamin D important for seniors?

Yes, getting an average of 600/800 IU (International units) of vitamin D is important for seniors every day. Sun exposure can be helpful for seniors since it generates vitamin D.


How can seniors stay cool in the summer?

Enjoying an activity near a pool or lake can help them cool off. Staying hydrated and enjoying the warm summer.


Is getting outside in the summer harmful for seniors?

No, not at all. Keeping in mind their health status getting seniors out this summer can give with some sun exposure and keep them healthier.


Is making travel plans for seniors safe?

Checking up with the doctor and knowing if it is safe for them to travel could be helpful. Overall, travel should be safe for them, and this will boost their mental health as well.


What are some activities that can encourage seniors to get outside this summer?

Some activities that encourage them to get out in the summer can be:

  1. Joining a club with their other senior friends
  2. Playing their favourite sport
  3. Travel with family
  4. Going fishing
  5. visiting a nice museumGoing out for a nature walk.
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