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Buffer Zones Remain Open as Pench Tiger Reserve Encourages Monsoon Wildlife Safaris

Pench National Park


Being the home to a variety of rich flora and fauna, Pench National Park, also known as Pench Tiger Reserve, is one of the most famous national parks in Madhya Pradesh. It is known for its ferocious Bengal tigers and other rare species as it is a premier tiger reserve in India. Monsoon is the best season to satisfy your wanderlust if you dream of travelling to this fantastic spot.


Experience Breath-Taking Monsoon Wildlife Safari in the Pench Tiger Reserve

As per the travel news shared by the official social media handle of Pench Tiger Reserve, it is announced that the buffer zones will remain open from July 1st. Wildlife enthusiasts and tour lovers can now enjoy the breath-taking monsoon wildlife safaris by opening various buffer zones despite the monsoon. However, some popular tiger sightseeing spots will be closed amid rain.

Tourists and other park visitors enjoyed the spectacular views the Pench National Park offered. With the late monsoon season and delayed rains, the wandering and exploring continued till June 30th, while usually, the zones will be closed by June 15th every year.


What To Expect on Monsoon Wildlife Safari?

As stated in the travel guidelines by deputy director Prabhu Nath Shukla, tourists can wander and explore the buffer zones from next week onwards. There are also two new safari routes opening from Nagalwadi with a travel distance of 40 km each.

Besides the monsoon wildlife safaris, unique travel activities like cycling, agro-tourism, nature trail, etc., are available to each traveller. Cycling routes are also to be opened from Kolitmara-Suvardhara and Kuwara Bhivsen zones.


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Where can the monsoon wildlife safari be experienced in Pench Tiger Reserve?

Tour and adventure lovers can explore the monsoon Jungle Safari in the Pench National Park buffer zone from the Paoni zone, around 25 km.


How many vehicles are available to explore the Pench Tiger Reserve?

The Pench Monsoon Tiger Safari vehicles from Sillari consist of five vehicles to explore the Paoni zone and nine from Surewani to accommodate all the wildlife enthusiasts.


What are other must-experience travel activities in Pench National Park?

Besides the Monsoon Wildlife Safaris, there are unique trip experiences like jungle walks, jeep safaris, walking safaris, bird watching, and many more.


How to Reach Pench Tiger Reserve during Monsoon?

The tours and travels to Pench National Park include by air (Nagpur Airport), by road, and by rail (Nagpur Railway Station).


What are the notable species in Pench National Park?

Besides the Royal Bengal Tiger, one can enjoy the view of different wildlife species like leopard, wolf, chital, hyena, fox, wild dog, sambar, etc., comprising the rich biodiversity.

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