air travel domestic india


As a result, air travel domestic India has been restricted to only those who find it really essential. Aeroplanes are high risk as it’s a closed environment where it can be fairly easy for a virus like coronavirus to breed.

Despite an all-time surge in cases, it remains essential for some people, especially ones away or separated from family. Elderly living by themselves in their homes or stuck at places other than their homes now find it important to travel back home. This poses more risk as an elderly is more prone to the worst of the symptoms of contracting the novel coronavirus. An elderly is at a higher risk also due to comorbidities. 

Even as the coronavirus cases continue to surge, air travel domestic India has been restarted, and travellers are asked to follow stringent precautions during their air travel. Focusing on air travel, there are precautions you can take to minimize your risk of getting infected.

Wash hands regularly– If soap and water are not available to clean your hands, use a hand sanitizer which is at least 60% alcohol for at least 20 seconds.

Practice good hygiene– Avoid touching your own eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, as viruses most frequently enter the body through these routes.

If you’re unwell, don’t travel– Protect yourself, and other travelers, by not flying when you’re sick


Cover up– Cover your mouth and nose when you cough, sneeze into your elbow and wear a facemask to protect your fellow travelers.

Clean up– Carry antibacterial wipes to clean your seat armrest, tray table, seat-back pocket, air vent, areas and items frequently used by travelers.

Breathe easy– Despite having HEPA filters, a window seat away from passenger foot traffic, could offer you a bit more protection.

Upgrade– If your travel policy allows, upgrade to business class for some extra personal space and potentially less contact with other passengers.

Stay clear of people with a cough or cold– On aircraft, the WHO defines contact with an infected person as being seated within two rows of one another.

Counteract low humidity– Due to low humidity in cabins nasal sprays to moisturize the nose could be used.

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