Best Makeup tips for older women: A guide to ageless makeup for women over 50

Make-up is a woman’s best friend, irrespective of age. Every woman loves looking beautiful and getting praised for her looks either they are a grandmother or a newlywed wife. As we grow old, it can be seen in our skin also. As the skin changes, we cant use those makeup looks in Teenage magazines. But you don’t need to worry as the market is filled with products to make you look beautiful and more confident. So if you are worried about what to buy? How to buy it? Or How to do makeup which looks natural for elder people, natural even at the age of 60 or 70? Here you will get answers to all your questions. 

So, the very first rule of makeup is “There are no rules”. Wear the makeup and don’t let makeup wear you. If you have wrinkles, please don’t try very hard to hide them because this is what giving you individuality. There is no shame in having wrinkles on your face. So, before starting how to do makeup let us have some insights on buying it. 

Always Test makeup at right places: Stop testing foundations or lipsticks on your palm and hands if you are doing it to date. Lipsticks should be tested on the thumb as the thumb have the same skin as that of our lips and that would give us a truer idea, while foundations and eye makeup products should be tested on the web between our thumb and forefinger. As the loose skin, there is of the same kind as that of our wrinkled eyes. Foundations should be tested in natural light to get the correct idea of the shade. The other question after this is what to buy. The market is not the same as it was before, it is full of products with different names. Creams are not simple creams they are now BB, CC, foundation, and whatnot. So let’s understand about them first-  

BB Creams-

They contain several products in one that is concealer and SPF i.e., products to hide spots to give even tone and sun protecting factors respectively. They are mainly for protection from environmental damage and hydrating the skin. 

CC Creams-

Color correcting creams or CC creams are a lighter version of foundations. It too has hydrating benefits, making them ideal for mature skins. 


Foundations are thicker than both BB and CC creams. They are meant to give warmth to the skin and gives an even tone. Always remember to hydrate your skin by using moisturizer or primer before applying the foundation. Foundation should be of a shade lighter than the skin tone otherwise it would look patchy. 

Old age comes with so many challenges but looking good shouldn’t be one of them, so we are here to help you out. Now that you know how and what to buy, let’s have an insight into its application. Here we are having some Best Tips and techniques for Makeup for a beautiful woman like you to make you look even more beautiful. 

Makeup tutorial for older women:

How to use skin products:

It is advised to use skincare products upward and outwards. Creams, serums, and oils should be applied in gentle sweeping movement from center to outward, as this would help our products to melt into our skin properly. Foundations should be applied on the neck area too starting at the base of your neck to the jawline. Foundation under eyes is most required as that site is prone to dark circles. This outward and upward movement will give our face a more lifting look. 

Best Makeup for older women:

1. Start with primer-

Always try to use a primer before starting makeup. Try to use primers with antiageing ingredients. Don’t use the makeup products you used, when you were young as with age our skin changes. It is advised to use primer according to your skin tone, for that you can take advice from the local departmental store and can ask for a free sample too. After primer, apply BB or CC cream or foundation as per your choice. 

2. Use powder sparingly-

In the past, we were taught not to shine but in today’s world, the shine is “glow”. But that powder we apply on our face after 60, can seep into creases and lines. So we recommend you to avoid using it until it is required or use it to an absolute minimum.  

3. Blusher-

Blusher is like a friend of mature skin. While the powder is opposed as it creates patches on the skin, crème blusher is suggested to use. All you have to do is to make a dot on the cheek and start dabbing it on your smile lines. Try to avoid taking it to the ears by giving yourself a natural look.  

4. Lipstick-

Now comes the most essential part, lipstick, as we have told this earlier that with age lips become asymmetrical. So here lip liners come to rescue. You can draw the desired shape stroking from each of the four corners towards the inside and then fill it with the desired shade of lipstick in the same manner. The color choice is your complete personal taste. Start experimenting with colours but for texture prefer avoiding matte. Anything you are doing since ages either it is makeup or a hairstyle can make you look old. So, wear red lipstick if you are wearing pink from a decade or Try pink if you have been loyal to red but a sheer one.”  

5. Lipgloss-

Applying lipgloss will make your lips look pulpy and full. Matt lipsticks should not be preferred as it doesn’t look so good on mature lips. 

Best Eye makeup tips for older women:

1. Eyes brow before mascara:

Eyebrows should be done before mascara and eye shadows. Doing Eyebrows is a very essential part of eye makeup which is generally focused on filling and shape, but the length must not be ignored too. The right length of eyebrows is from the outer side of our nose to the inner corner of our eye. The pencil strokes are applied in an outward direction. After 50, the shape of our face becomes asymmetrical. It is a very common site in elderly people to have one eyebrow or lip different from its pair, but you don’t have to worry as this is what builds your personality and as we already said “individuality”. 

2. Creased Eyelids:

Creased eyelids create a big problem in mature people’s eyes as eyes get more creased with age. So as your skin gets thinner with age, eyelids start dropping. All you have to do is to apply primer on the eyes. Instead of gel eyeliners, opt for kohl and apply it as close to your lashes as you can.

3. Eye shadow:

In eye makeup, eye shadows play a major role. When it comes to eyeshadows you can experiment with it but It is recommended to use lighter shades of eye shadows that too creme-based eyeliners, from outside towards inside of the eye, so that as color gradually becomes lighter. It will give you a bigger wide-eyed look. 

Tips For Natural Look Makeup for older women:

Makeup Sponge:

After makeup, the whole face can be tapped by a sponge. The right way to use a sponge is to dip it in warm water, squeeze it and then press it on the complete face and neck. It should not be swiped anywhere. As the main idea of using a sponge is to remove extra foundation and shadow. It is not necessary to buy expensive sponges as advertised by few people. It can be bought from the local market but should be cleaned often by you. Using sponge will give you an instant natural look. 

Wrapping up:

As the festive season is on the way, we are hoping these beauty tips will help you in making you feel even more beautiful. You should also start opting for a regular skincare routine if you are not doing it to date. It is never too late to start! We recommend you to add more and more organic products to your skincare routines like essential oils, homemade products, and lots and lots of water. 

Still, have any questions? Comment them down below or call us at 1800-123-44-5555 and we’ll be happy to help you out.