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Comic Books for Elderly in Hindi and English
Sonam Midha


Comic books are one of those things which remind us of our long-lost childhood. We all have grown up idolizing one or the other comic books hero. Let it be X-men or phantom. We all loved them as a kid. We loved our comics let it be reading or trading.  


Those literally were the golden days, with not much development in technology as it is now, comic books used to serve our only means of leisure. Though the documentation and graphics were not advanced at all, still we loved reading those stories and hated to share them with anyone. 


This article will surely bring back your childhood memories as we will be throwing light on comic books today. Let it be comic books in Hindi or comic books in English, we will be covering everything. Along with this we even made a list of best comic books or the comic books to read for everyone. 


Comic books are not age specific

Comic books are often linked with the word “nerd” which often bring a description of young, skinny looking human with spectacles on. But this is just a myth, usually all age groups enjoy reading comic books. Every person has a different taste, that is the reason why comic books has so many types and varieties.  


An art of Visual description

One of the main reasons why people find comic books so fascinating is because due to its visual engagement with the audience. It helps to develop visual literacy, which refers to a person’s response to a visual information. Depiction is so wonderful and engrossing such as we are seeing a part of movie by flipping pages. And visual depiction is also a reason why comic books are so popular, because it can be understood by anyone, from a toddler to a full-grown man. 


There are no specific guidelines while making comic books. Comic makers often experiment with ideas to make it work. And they stick with the style most loved by the readers, which includes large visual depictions and small texts. 


Comic books: a source of independent media

One of the reasons for comic books to become more popular was that they served as an independent source of media. If you want to publish your work, you just have to find a publishing house and you are all set to go. You don’t need anything else. Its not a satellite-based program which is followed by a long chain of advertisements. 


Comic books: takes you back in time

Everyone at some point of time were fascinated by the word comics. We used to save our pocket money to buy the new editions. And when we fall short of money, we even used to trade our old comics for the new ones. Comics are surely one of the things which take us all back in our childhood. Some of our favourite superheroes comics included TINTIN, FANTOM, SPIDER-MAN etc. 


And now all those comics have become bed time stories, which we narrate to our children & even grand-children. If we fall short of stories, we often end up making one, all thanks to our imagination skills, which is indirectly made possible by the comics we rea long time ago.  


Advantages of reading comics

In our society there is a common misconception which goes like “comic books will spoil our kids”. But it is not always true. the reality lies in the other side o the coin. Comic books actually helps the kids to become more-smart. They often increase their ability of grasping much information that too in a short span. Not only this, it has so many known benefits. Some of them are listed below: 


1: Enhanced reading skills-

Comic books often demands to be read between the lines and pictures. It helps in building and enhancing one’s comprehensive skills. A novel loaded with hundreds of thousand words won’t provide this benefit, but it comes handy with the comic books. 


2: Building up good vocabulary-

Comic books act as an aid for boosting up one’s vocabulary because the words are often followed by pictures which depicts its reference in the text. By this, one don’t need a dictionary to understand the words written. 


3: Opens the doors of imagination-

Sometimes the text given in the comic is not always supported by visual description, which opens up the persons doorway of imagination. The art of story-telling in comics also enhances imagination skills. 


4: Valuable lessons-

Not every comic depicts a story of a super villain who is beaten up to death by our beloved superhero. Some of them depicts valuable teachings such as one should always obey & respect elders. There is often a hidden message for the readers in each story they read, though it is always ignored or not understood. Those morals or values are so much important in our daily lives, especially for the upcoming generation.  



5: Foundation of reading-

Comic books are often one’s first step in the world of learning. Comic books are designed in such a way to attract the reader and engage the reader from the very first page to the last. They often build up our reading skills.  



6: Increased visual literacy-

Visual literacy refers to the response that a person gives after gaining information through visual modes. Comic books are very well depicted and it improves our visual literacy. 


Comics: Irrespective of language

Comic books does not depend on a specific language. Comic books have a huge audience base, which differ from language to language and continent to continent. People living in the west might enjoy comics such as Archies or the X-men which comes in English language. But this scenario is not the same in other subcontinents such as India where people enjoy comics such as Tenali Raman, which comes in Hindi language. 


Let it be either Hindi or English, the right comic always finds the right audience around the globe. Many famous comics are sometimes translated into different languages due to its fan following or popularity. Comic books in Hindi are liked as much as comic books in English. Comic is not at all language bound. 


Comics: schooling enemy

Comics books way before were considered to be an evil for the schooling kids, as they were much involved in reading these interesting stories, which comes with an element of surprise rather than reading their monotonous textbooks.


Parents were worried because kids were spending more time on comic books, but what they didn’t know were the benefits hidden in those stories.  


Best comic books to read

Although there is a huge ocean of comic books to choose from in the market. Still, we have made a list for you. Though the preference might differ from person to person but still, the new starters can start from the list given below: 


1: 300 by FRANK MILLER:

This is the legendary comic or graphic novel written by Frank Miller. This author is known for the exceptional connection between the superheroes and the Greek mythology. This graphic novel depicts an engrossing battle between the Spartans from Greek and the army of Persia. One of the reasons why this comic is so popular because a full motion picture has been released on its foundations. This comic will surely keep you glued from the very beginning to the last page of the comic. 




2: Astro City:

This comic book is not loaded with our usual superheroes such as superman or spiderman. Instead, you will find a multiverse story in this comic such will set you horses of imaginations free. The visual description this comic comes with is a cherry on the top. 


Astro City:


3: Batman Returns:

This comic is still as popular as it was when it was released way back in 1986. Who hasn’t seen or know about the peace maker from the Gotham city, yes we are talking about batman. If you love this superhero, then this comic is surely a delight. The elements of surprise it comes with keep the readers engaged. 


Batman Returns


4: City of glass by PAUL AUSTER:

This comic is an outcast from our normal superhero themed comics. And revolves around a rather mysterious theme. If you like to read mysterious and mind involving plots, then this comic book will surely fulfil your purpose. 


City of glass by PAUL AUSTER


5: From hell by ALAN MOORE:

This novel is illustrated by all time favourite Alan Moore. This writer has covered a wide range of genre, that too in comic books. Ranging from mysterious plots to heart breaking drama. Alan Moore is a perfectionist in himself. This comic book revolves around the plot of a crime-fiction. The comic is beautifully illustrated and is a nail-biting thriller. 


From hell by ALAN MOORE


6: Invincible by ROBERT KIRKMAN:

This graphic novel or comic book is written by famous renowned writer of WALKING DEAD. This writer is known for his extremely violent style of narration or depiction. This comic book is not at all advised for faint hearted or small children. Though the plot is interesting, but the real magic comes from its visual depiction. You will surely enjoy this comic. 


Invincible by ROBERT KIRKMAN


7: Kingdom come by MARK WAID:

The graphic visuals of this comic are a even more sweeter treat than its narration. This comic revolves around our then known superheroes from justice league. And the plot is described in such a way as if they are ageing. If you are a superhero fan, then what are you waiting for, you have to read this masterpiece. 


Kingdom come by MARK WAID


8: Champak:

When the western world was busy producing superheroes, our Indian authors made this masterpiece. Champak a word which we first heard in our childhood, but its popularity hasn’t decreased a bit. To be very honest with you, this isn’t a comic book but instead it’s a comic book packed with other comic books. This used to be a treasure of stories and information for us in our childhood and still when we see champak on any book stall, all those memories goes by in-front of us. 




9: Tinkle tinkle:

What to say about this Indian made world class comic. It comes packed with so many stories that you wont even get bored reading them again and again, instead you will demand more of it. One of most liked comics of all time. Will definitely give you knowledge along with some fun. 


Tinkle tinkle


10: Chacha Chaudhary-

Just by hearing its name, a smile has definitely occurred on your face. Well, the craze for this Indian comic is on another level. Depicts story of an old, frail man whose brain has no limitations at all and works way more-faster than an actual computer. Join his quest or adventures by reading this classic Indian comic. 




11: The tales of Tenali Raman:

Who hasn’t heard of this name. this was the time when the stories from Akbar-Birbal was popular and so was Tenali Raman, who with his extremely sharp min and cleverness used to solve each question and mystery given to him. This was actually a learning comic for the new generations. It would give such valuable yet enjoyable lessons to its audience. 


The tales of Tenali Raman



In the end it won’t be wrong to say that comic has a different fan base which is irrespective of age and language. Through its wonderful depiction and visual aids, it creates a bridge with the readers which sets them apart from the actual world. Comics are a part of human life and somehow a first step in the reading world. Though the taste and genre might differ from person to person but it all comes under the same umbrella and give the readers immense pleasure. 


In old-age engage yourself in activities which will bring back joy and liveliness in your lives. Reading comic books are one such type of activity. If you need any kind of help or suggestion, do reach us out. We will be happy to help you out. Get in touch with us now at or call us at 1800-123-445555