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best business books for beginners
Sonam Midha


Do you also belong to that category of population which believes that doing a job under someone else’s supervision is not your cup of tea? Do you also often search for new alternatives? Then this article is surely for you. 


In this article we have explained various things keeping business in mind and along with this we have also included a list of best books which might offer an aid for the new comers under the title “best business books for beginners” 


Do you also belong to that category of population which believes that doing a job under someone else’s supervision is not your cup of tea? Do you also often search for new alternatives? Then this article is surely for you. 


In this article we have explained various things keeping business in mind and along with this we have also included a list of best books which might offer an aid for the new comers under the title “best business books for beginners” 


Meaning of the term business

In unvarnished sense, the word business refers to a state of being busy. Business is often linked with providing Goods & services along with their production and exchange while focusing on generating money capital. 


Specific age to start a business-

Although there is no particular age for you to start a business, but one usually starts a business when he or she has enough money to make an investment and if things may go wrong can even bare the loss. You can start a business anytime you want but first you need to plan things out thoroughly, then proceed with them. It might seem to be simple task but requires a lot more human-efforts. 


Old-age and business

According to us, old-age although linked with reduced human efficiency, but is still a suitable time to start a business. In fact, so many people do the same. First, they earn money and then save it and later on invest that capital in the form of a small or large business. The key point to note here is that business demands your time dedication and during old-age you have ample of time to devote to such activity.  

It will not only keep you engaged but will also help you to become self-sustainable and you will feel a sense of satisfaction too. 


Advantages of starting a business

Business, is although hindered with loads of challenges but the reward it offers in return are also very high. Let us discuss some of the advantages it contains.  


1: Financial benefits-

The primary benefit of owning a business is that is comes with great financial returns, though sometimes it takes time, but the return we get is worth the wait. 


2: Flexibility-

Flexibility is complementary when it comes to business, because you are not supervised by anyone, you can work for as long as you want, you can make your working hours flexible as you wish. 


3: Sense of independence-

This is one of the main reasons because of which people opt business over regular jobs, in regular jobs you are working under someone’s supervision which kind of take your freedom, but this scenario is removed when you have your own business, you have full independence to do whatever you want.  


4: Doing things your own way-

It comes along with sense of freedom, due to absence of any supervision, you can do things the way you want and can extend deadlines, thus making it flexible too. 


5: Sense of responsibility-

It comes handy when you own a business, as you are own your own to figure out everything, it somehow makes you more responsible than before. 


6: Enhanced analytical skills-

All the years or months of planning adds to the analytical skill development. 


7: Money management-

Business teaches you how to spend your money wisely. 


8: Effective work schedule-

Business helps oneself to become more productive in his work and thereby increasing its efficiency. 


9: Communication skills-

In a business you need more and more people to know about your product or service, for that you need be excellent in your communication so as to convince the other person about your product. 


10: An eye for innovation-

Business is all about innovation. The more innovative you are the more opportunities are coming your way. 


Best business books for beginners

If you are thinking about starting a business, but lacks the knowledge and experience. Don’t you worry, we got you covered. Here is a list of such books which will enhance your knowledge of business. 


1: REWORK by Jason fried & David Heinemeir:

This is one of the best business books for beginners, it covers all the aspect of how one should conduct business, that too in the most-easiest form possible. It also reminds the readers to forget or ignore the competitors in order to succeed. The guidance and techniques provided in this book will definitely act as an aid for all the newbies out there. 


2: LITTLE RED BOK OF SELLING by Jeffrey Gitomer:

Let it be selling products or services to your customers or even your idea, one has to keep in mind the power of persuasion. This book is a perfect guide for how you should win your customers through communication. This book will also provide an aid for all the newcomers who have an eye on industrial trade. 


3: OUTLIERS, THE STORY OF SUCCESS by Malcolm Gladwell:

This book inspire the readers to the thing they love the most keeping business in mind. Not just once or twice but, in order to succeed one has to repeat those things thousands of times. This book will be an absolute delight for all the newcomers in business line. 


4: ZERO TO ONE by Peter Thiel:

This book is all about having an optimistic vision in the line of progress. This book also aims to tell the readers importance of innovation and how innovative ideas can be a game changer in the industry. 



This book tell the readers a story about a firm, silicone valley which is having trouble and tells us how this form is left with a choice to select a new CEO. This book aims to tell us what qualities a leader must possess in order to make its team win. This is very crucial book one must read and also it highlights the points of working in a team. 


6: SHOEDOG by Phil Knight :

This book revolves around the life story of the founder of very famous and huge brand as we know today by the name of NIKE. This book is a complete guide for how one should take every step in the field. Learn from the experience of Phil Knight and mark your presence in the field of business.  


7: RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki:

This book aims to tell the readers a basic lessons one should know while growing up in a business minded society. This book is a list of all the useful experience author had while growing up. This is a very useful book not just for the business newbies but also for other people. As the world is taking a shape of business minded society. 



This book is all about effective communication one should have whether in business field or an informal meeting. If you want your ideas to be taken seriously, or if you want them to resonate high, learn this art by reading this amazing book. Communication is also a form of an art and how basic changes in yourself can take you to a whole different level. 


9: THE 4 HOUR WORK WEEK by Timothy Ferriss:

This book is all about how you should work. Not in terms of quantity but in terms of quality. If you are working for long hours but still its not as effective as you wanted it to be. Then working for long hours is useless. Find a way for yourself. Work in small-small shifts but to be effectively and then see the outcome. You will be amazed by the productiveness of working in quality rather than quantity. This book is a delight among the business society. 


10: THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON by George Clason:

This is a master piece classic novel written by George Clason, who aims to inspire people or want them to show he path of personal growth and wealth. This book is regarded as a self help book in the field of business. Not only business, but anyone can read this book and can take valuable lessons form the teachings of the author. 



This book act as a path to correct the route of your life by making simple changes. This book is written according to the pint of view of the author, the lessons he thought are useful in navigating oneself correctly. Many people don’t agree about the fact mentioned in the book, but many have actually changed their lives by incorporating the ideas mentioned in this book. 



As the title suggest, this book sis all about persuasion. The skills one must possess in order to pursue the other person. In business this skill is very much needed. You can master this skill by just going through the valuable lessons mentioned in this book that too in such an ease. If one is thinking of starting a business, then this book is a sure-sure read. 



This book is all about the valuable speech given by the author. It inspires the readers to find the success which hidden in ourselves. This book is a perfect combination of humour along with the values. Thus, making it one of the best business books to read for the beginners. 


14: ANYTHING YOU WANT by Derek Sivers:

This is truly an inspiring book. the book revolves around the accidental success story of the author, for newcomers, it is a quick read which will keep the readers glued from page one to last. You can get so many valuable lessons from this book. 


15: THE $100 START UP by Chris Guillebeau:

This book is all about finding the right adventure and meaning to your life along with earning a good living. This is a book by a very renowned author who visited almost every country in the world before his 35th birthday. This book is truly an inspiration for all the people out there who believes that one must have a fortune to travel the world. 


16: Drawbacks of starting a business

Like a coin, everything has two sides, both positive as well as negative. Although the drawbacks in business are negligible as compared to rewards we get. But still if you are planning to make an investment in this sector or thinking about starting a business then you should consider all the odds it may contain. Few of the odds are listed below: 

  • Things may not go as planned.
  • So much time is devoted in analytical phase.
  • There is no guarantee of returns.
  • The returns may take longer time as expected.
  • Sometimes the investment made is of much more value than that of return.
  • A plan is nothing without implementation, so implement that plan wisely.
  • Unplanned expenses may arrive at any point



We have discussed in this article all the aspects one can consider while keeping business in mind. We have even discussed the negative points too, but as they say “the higher the risk, the more is the reward”. After proper planning and analysis business is definitely one of the best options as it offers so many advantages. Read this list of business minded books and you are good to go. Invest smartly and enjoy its return. 


Especially the people belonging to aged category, who have ample to time to think and also have the capital to invest can think about this option. 


Old-age is thought to be the time to fulfil all long-lost desires, with the advantage of having ample of time we can together make that time count. If you need any help regarding anything or know someone in need, do reach us. We will be pleased to hear you out and help you. Give us the opportunity to make your life even better. 


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