best books to read for beginners

BOOKS: A Different World Within The Pages

“Develop a habit of reading” is the most common advice we get since lifetime from our mentors and well-wishers. The problem comes because we get overwhelmed by seeing tones of books on every topic, which leads to the most common question like “where to start from”, is there any right age to start reading books, and the most popular one “What are the best books to read for beginners”? 

Don’t you worry! 

We are here to figure that out for you, but before that lets learn “why” 

Books: your doorway to the wonderland

Have you ever thought of reading something, let it be a magazine or a small novel or even a small article in your morning newspaper, But all you ever did was think about reading. You never actually started it or may be left it in between. Well, now it is time for you to get going. It is never too late to incorporate a reading habit in one’s self. As they say “it is better late than never” 

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Books often open up new horizons for an individual and give you an experience you will remember for eternity. Each book has a different character, a new story and thus new adventure within. All you need to do is just pick it up and your door to wonderland is unlocked there itself. You just have to make the first move. 

Why should we read books?

Reading is the best way to escape from reality. You can travel to almost any place in the world just by reading a book of that area. You can even time travel hundreds of years back and experience the life lived by those people, all by sitting in your comfort zones, with a hot cup of coffee.  

Is there any age for you to start reading?

When we are young, people get so indulged in their busy lives that they don’t even have a moment to sit and think, as soon as they realize this fact, old age strikes. 

But according to us old age is the best time to complete all your long-forgotten task hanging in your to-do list, as now you have ample of time to devote to various activities and one such productive activity could be of reading books. There is no specific age for you to start reading. Its never too late. Start now! 

Cultivating the habit “reading”

There are some studies which says that a habit, let it be of anything can be achieved within 21 days but there is not much firm evidence for this. As it may differ from person to person. 

Setting up goals such as reading is one of the most beloved resolutions among people of all age nowadays. It may sound a difficult task for the beginners, but believe me, it is very simple and easily achievable. All you to have to do follow some basic steps. 

1: Start from a list-

The best thing beginners may start with is making a list of books or magazines or even articles they want to read. This will somehow motivate them to read enlisted books or articles. 

2: Time management-

Some say “they don’t have time for reading” but this is a mere excuse, we do have time, other activities such as surfing the net or watching television program consumes it away, we just don’t realize this fact. Thus, one must restrain its timing in other non-productive activities and make time for reading. 

3: Carry something to read-

It is one of the best ways to incorporate the idea of reading, that is wherever possible, do carry something to read let it be the newspaper or an article cut out or do read the signs on the roads or instructions written on a plane or a train. By doing this your mind will shape its way of reading. 

4: Make time slots-

Making time slots is an effective way of incorporating reading. Decide a time for reading, reserve a time slot in a day only for reading. Let’s just say you decide to read for 20 minutes a day. Follow this habit for a few days and see in no time your reading habit will be developed. 

5: Find your spot-

There is always a spot in our house which we like the most or feel the most comfortable while sitting there. Do keep some magazines and books handy on that spot or try reading them out there. You will feel much more relaxed and enlightened. 

6: Make a diary-

For every book or story you read, write down its summary in your words for a better understanding of the story. This will increase your urge for reading as well as will improve your writing skills. 

7: Library day-

Once in a week or in a month, whichever way suits you assign a day for a library visit. On that day check out the various book titles present in the library and interact with fellow readers or like-minded people. This helps you to build a good understanding skill along with a push to read more. 

8: Favourite snack-

Combine your reading habit with your favourite snack or drink like tea or coffee. It will not only increase your reading will, but would also help your body relax and make reading much more do-able habit. 

9: Set goals-

One may set goals such as “today I have to read at least 10 pages from a book” and then gradually you will see yourself passing from that goal. 

10: Good book-

Read the summary of the book first and then see if it fascinates you, then definitely it is the book you were searching for. Take help of your fellow readers, they can suggest you some good books which can incorporate the idea of reading in you.

11: Deciding your genre

There is a whole long list of genres from which you can choose the one suitable to you and start with it. There are different genres such as adventure action, mystery, mythology, romance, science-fiction and many more. According to me the best book for beginners could be from mystery and suspense genre because it will help them to get glued to the book and eventually encourage them to read further.  


There is almost a mountain of books to choose from. And selecting a single book can be a difficult task to do. We recommend the budding or upcoming readers to select a book which is not only good but also it connects with readers. We have made a list of such books for you, though we won’t spoil your element of surprise by telling you the entire plot. 

The list is as follows:

1: MALGUDI DAYS by R K Narayan:

This book is written by a very famous Indian writer and the stories are set far-far away from modern times. People from aged category will find this as an absolute delight and can relive some moments of their childhood.  


Also, if someone is having trouble in reading a whole novel, then this option by RK Narayan is the best as contains several short stories and is more popular among young children. Budding readers can opt this novel too. This is one of the best books to read for the beginners and that too from a beloved Indian author. 

2: THE CATCHER IN THE RYE by J D Salinger:

This is a very famous and highly recommended novel for the beginners. The plot revolves around a boy named Holden, who is recently thrown out from the school. And soon he decides to go on an adventure trip to the city. Read this novel and get to know how things unveil for the little boy. 


3: THE GREAT GATSBY by F.Scott Fitzgerald:

This is a beautiful story of how a boy and girl fell in love with each other and the credit of narration goes to Nick Carraway. The plot revolves around a rich man named Jay Gatsby and a girl named Daisy, we won’t go any further or else we would spill the beans. This novel is surely a great read.  

THE GREAT GATSBY by F.Scott Fitzgerald


This is an amazing Hindu mythology novel set in ancient times. In this novel the plot revolves around the protagonist “DRAUPATI or PAANCHALI” and things are narrated from her point of view. 


Let it be the famous game of “CHAUSAR” held between the two clans or Pandavas being exile from their own kingdom, this novel tells us about the obstacles she has faced & struggle she has undergone in her life and how things unveil for her in the path of destiny. 

This novel is loved by people of all age groups. 

5: RICH DAD, POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki:

This book is a collection of various valuable and practical lessons that the author understood or learned while growing up in his childhood. The plot revolves around the two individuals, his own dad (poor dad) and dad of his best friend (rich dad). 

RICH DAD, POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki

This book gives us the practical knowledge which is very much needed in a business minded world like that of todays. 

6: THE SECRET by Rhonda:

This book aims to be a self-help book for the readers, it encourages and focuses on the power of positive thinking and the idea of this novel revolves around the scientific law of attraction.  

THE SECRET by Rhonda

7: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI by Paramahasana Yoganada:

This is kind of a spiritual book and take the readers on a journey with the writer itself. This book unfolds various aspects of life with such an ease, thus making it worldwide best seller. 

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI by Paramahasana Yoganada

If you truly want to know the true meaning of life, do read this book once and you will be a different person by the end. It helps to find a much more enlightened version of yourself. 


It is very renowned book by Sadh Guru and it aims to take the readers on a spiritual world or a spiritual journey. This book surely acts as a source of enlightenment for the audience. 



It is a group of nine stories illustrated by the author so beautifully, you wouldn’t want to miss any of them. The stories cover various aspects of human lives such as marriage, relationship etc. apart from this, it is suggested by many famous personalities such as Oprah Winfrey. Thus, making it popular novel among the readers community. 


10: SHOEDOG by Phil Knight:

This is the life story of founder of NIKE shoes company. It tells the readers the struggle one has to undergo with sheer will and hard work in order to succeed in life and business. The book takes you to 1960 around 50 years back and then the story continues as a timeline.  

 SHOEDOG by Phil Knight

This is a motivating novel which covers aspects like business, struggle and eventually success. 

11: A TRAIN TO PAKISTAN by Khushwant Singh:

This novel takes you back to the time of partition. Through this book one shall understand the level of hardship and pain people have undergone during that time. And tells us the how impactful the political decisions are sometimes over the local community. Thus, making it an excellent book with such a great description.  

A TRAIN TO PAKISTAN by Khushwant Singh

12: THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS by Khaled Hosseini:

This novel is all about two girls Mariam & Laila living in Afghanistan. The story set sail from a place known as Herat where Mariam used to live and tells us all about the type of life people experience in war affected zones. This novel is a beautiful depiction of hardships of people living in such areas.  



The novel is a heart melting tale of two boys, Bruno & Shmuel who despite of living in the same areas, experience different standards of living. One of them had all the luxury while the other was a prisoner deprived of almost everything. The story revolves around their friendship. This book is such an exceptional story highlighting the horrors of a world war. 


14: CALLING SEHMAT by Harinder S. Sikka:

This story is based in the era of 1971 when there was an atmosphere of tension between the two nations, India & Pakistan. The novel depicts the story of a brave Indian girl or spy, and her major contribution in achieving the victory in 1971 Indo-Pak naval war. This book surely keeps the audience glued right from the beginning to the end. 

CALLING SEHMAT by Harinder S. Sikka

Even a famous adaptation of this novel is made in the form of movie named “RAAZI”. 

15: TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE by Mitch Albom:

This book depicts a story of a college professor named Morrie and his student whom he hasn’t been in touch with lately. It tells us how efforts are made by the student to meet the professor and how does this meeting bring a change in both of their lives. 


This story contains a variety of emotions such as happiness, then sudden sadness but in the end will leave you weeping.  


What to say about this man, the name does all the justice when words fall short to praise his. Read his books and inculcate the life changing habits mentioned in it.  


One of the main lessons to learn from the journey of this man is “how to embrace failure” it is one of the most important aspect in life and is explained so well in the book. 

By reading his book, audience find itself way back in time in a small south Indian village, where we found one of the best presidents India had so far. 

17: A MAN CALLED OVE by Fredrik Backman:

This is a story of 59 years old man named Ove and the struggle he undergoes in finding a meaning for his life. The readers are said to experience a range of emotions such as hope along with sadness in the story. But this novel is much more popular in the aged people as they can connect with the story. 

A MAN CALLED OVE by Fredrik Backman


This book includes a collection of letters from our then Prime minister Jawahar lal Nehru. In his letters he answers various questions asked by his daughter. And now these letters are published in the form of a book.  


The letter covers different aspects such as how our earth was formed or what are rocks etc. this book is very popular among the youngsters. 

19: STORIES by Premchand:

PREMCHAND is a very renowned author in the world of Hindi literature, and often find its way to the top. This author writes simple yet interesting stories, some of them are short and some of them are very long. The best part to it is , there is always a message hidden in his stories for the readers to understand. 

STORIES by Premchand

20: ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell:

This is a type of fantasy or we can say allegoric novel which is set during the time of Russian revolution along with the rise of Stalinism. This story revolves around manor farm and the neglected animals kept in it. Soon they decide to rebel against the humans under the leadership of an old boar.  

ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell

This novel will take audience to a journey of self-introspection, thus making it a must read. 

21: DOPEHRI by Pankaj Kapoor

This is a tale of an elderly widow named Amma Bi. She resides in a haveli found in Lucknow. At the strike of 3, every afternoon she hears some footstep approaching but as soon as she peaks through the window, there is no one. Soon another girl named Sahiba enters her life and bring lots of changes to her loneliness. 

DOPEHRI by Pankaj Kapoor

This story is beautifully depicted and has been adapted in form of plays too. 

22: POKHRAN by Uday Singh:

Pokhran we all know is the site where India first tested its nuclear power. But everyone talks about the milestone which India has achieved but no one utter a single word about the after effects of this test.  

POKHRAN by Uday Singh

This novel revolves around a boy living in that area and experiencing horrors in the form of its after-effect. 

This novel will help the readers to develop a far sightedness for anything in the world. It will give you a message that everything comes with a cost.  

23: THE PROPHET by Kahlil Gibran:

This book is about a prophet named Al Mustafa, who is about to leave the town in which he lives and goes on to board a ship but is soon surrounded by people who are curious to know answers for their questions. So, we spent time with them and gives answers with immense satisfaction. 

THE PROPHET by Kahlil Gibran

This book cover various aspects like actual meaning of life and death and many more. 

Such a book is truly self-enlightening and definitely a treat in the readers community. 

24: KAFKA ON THE SHORE by Haruki Murakami:

This book does not contain a single story but actually it contains two different plots which are seen chasing each other. One plot consists of a 15 years old boy named Kafka who is running away from his dad’s house in order to escape the curse of Oedipal. On the other hand, we have Nakata’s story, who is working in an old-age home due to the inabilities he is suffering from. 

KAFKA ON THE SHORE by Haruki Murakami

This story will definitely keep the audience glued to the end. 

25: MY GEETA by Devdatt Patnaik:

This is a novel written by a renowned Indian author. This book depicts the understanding of various aspects of Hindu holy book GEETA, through the lenses of Devdatt Patnaik.  

MY GEETA by Devdatt Patnaik

He explains various teachings of Geeta as understood by him. This book is surely an enlightenment session for all the readers. Apart from that elderly people will find this novel more fascinating. 

26: HARRY POTTER series by J K Rowling:

we can write a thesis on this masterpiece by J K Rowling, a wonderful author. If this story of a young boy named Harry does not fascinate you, then we don’t know, what else we could recommend you.  

HARRY POTTER series by J K Rowling

There are reasons why this book or series is so popular and common among all the people irrespective of their age groups. This book takes you on a journey to a world of magic & witchcraft. And once you get going with this book, there is no turning back. Our personal all-time favourite and the definitely the best book to read for beginners . 

27: SHERLOCK HOLMES by Arthur Conan Doyle:

This book not only keeps the readers engaged but also encourages them to think what may happen next. And one must not forget about the element of surprise it comes with.  

SHERLOCK HOLMES by Arthur Conan Doyle

In the mystery genre, this is one of the best books for beginners to read. Along with this, it comes with a whole range of series like adventures of sherlock Holmes, returns of Sherlock Holmes etc.  

28: THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho:

You must have heard of the phrase “when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, but did you know its origin, well now you do, these are few famous lines from the novel ALCHEMIST of Paulo Coelho.  

THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho

This is truly a masterpiece. it is not only a great book but also a book that everyone must read once in their lives. It engages so well with the reader and after reading it, one is truly enlightened. The more I praise for this book the less it seems. 

29: PERCY JACKSON by Rick Riordon:

If you are a mythology fan, or if you like characters such as Thor, and this is your book. For all the mythology fans out there, this masterpiece is truly a treat for the readers. 

PERCY JACKSON by Rick Riordon

The story revolves around a boy named Percy, who is unaware of the fact that he Is the son of Greek god Poseidon. Soon he discovers himself and goes on for a breath-taking adventure.  

Our list of books recommendation is incomplete without it. This book will take you on a whole different level of adventure. You won’t regret reading this book. 

30: THE KITE RUNNER by Khaled Hosseini:

This is a treat for all the book lovers out there or people who are starting their journey in the book world. 

THE KITE RUNNER by Khaled Hosseini

I don’t think that there is any book with such a great plot. If you haven’t read this masterpiece yet by Khaled Hosseini, you are missing out on a major thing. This is one of the most suitable for you to start reading. 

31: Stories of Akbar and Birbal:

This is one of the most beloved books among kids who are finding their way to the book world. This book is a complete mix of wittiness along with some humour. 

Stories of Akbar and Birbal

Birbal was not only known for his sharp mind but also his sense of humour. This book depicts various tales of Akbar and Birbal. Can be enjoyed by anyone who is craving for a light reading session. 


Pick any novel written by this Arthur and you will definitely find yourself in a different world of mystery and suspense.  


My personal favourite from this collection is “And then there were none” where the story revolves around a bunch of people who are invited on a deserted island. Soon one by one they all the murdered, then who is the murderer? You will be amazed by the breath-taking curves its plot takes and will keep you glued to the very end of the book.  

33: GULLIVER TRAVEL by Jonathan Swift:

We all have seen the movie, where a man named Gulliver finds himself on an island inhabited by Lilliputians and then his adventures begin. That was just a chapter of this novel. Do read this novel and unlock a great adventure that awaits you. If we don’t include this book, we won’t be doing justice to the list, this book is the best book beginners. 

GULLIVER TRAVEL by Jonathan Swift


This is the book which is incorporated in the school curriculum. And this is surely one of the books with best plots to date. this book takes you to the adventure of a scientist who has found a formula for invisibility. 


This book covers a whole variety of genre such as mystery, sci-fi, drama along with some elements of horror in it. Your mind will definitely be blown after reading this thriller. 

35: THE BFG (BIG FOOT GIANT) by Roald Dahl:

This is the kind of book which you will be reading before going to your bed. It is like finding a fantasy world right within the actual world.  


In this novel, the story revolves around a girl who is very much fascinated by stuff such as giants and all, and often finds difficult to sleep at night. One night she is all set to go for an adventure that too in the land of giants which was long hidden from humanity. This book will surely set your imagination wild. 

This is a light and great novel to read and surely one of the best books for beginners if you are trying to inculcate reading habits. 

Advantages of reading

Now when you have decided that this is the best book for the beginners, you may ask the following question to yourself that “why is there a need to read a book at all” or is there any plus points in reading it. 

Well understand one basic thing, there is no drawback of reading, as they say, “investment in knowledge, gives you the best return” similarly after inculcating the reading habit in yourself, you may experience various positive change in you in the form of advantages.  

Few advantages of reading are listed below:

1: Sharp focus and enhanced concentration-

Nowadays people like to do multi-tasking, that is doing so many things together. Like listening to a piece of news while searching for something or scrolling social media while engaged in a boring lecture. But due to this the focus and concentration are decreased and anxiety and stress levels are increased. These can be reversed by reading a book, as it demands full concentration and sheer focus. 

2: Improved memory-

Studies have found that people who are engaged in activities such as reading a book or magazine are less likely to suffer from memory loss or any memory-related disease such as Alzheimer or dementia

3: Stimulation of brain-

Reading books often leads to stimulation of neurons (brain cells) thus making our brain more active. 

4: Improved thinking skills-

It comes handy while reading, because when you read your mind is stimulated, and hence you end up thinking what is next in the plot. Thus reading helps you to improve your thinking skills. 

5: Building up vocabulary-

when you read something you come across so many different and new words that you have never heard. So, you start searching their meanings in order to get a clear picture of the book. And this is how you end up building a strong vocabulary. 

6: Enlightening oneself-

Reading is the best way to gain knowledge. The more you read the more -wise you become. 

7: Better writing skills-

After reading so many plots in different books, each writer has a different writing style and while reading it, you are indirectly going through the writing style too. Thus, this will improve your writing skills. The good writers are often good readers too. 

8: Reduced stress levels-

Reading helps you to level down your stress levels extremely. 


You all are just a single step away from the path of wisdom and enlightenment, pick a book and start your journey now. It is never too late to read a book. In day to days world there are so many options a beginner can opt from, but choose wisely according to your will and with firm determination, any habit can be incorporated especially reading. Join the reading world today and shape your personality. 

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