The Role of Alkaline Diet in Post Covid Recovery & Prevention


Since the global outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, multiple reports and articles have flooded the internet talking about Alkaline foods that may help you prevent getting infected. Besides, as the cases of post-COVID-19 recovery complications gather pace, these reports and articles also claim that the mentioned foods can ease the discomfort or prevent complications in the first place.

While we all are familiar with the general health benefits of the Alkaline rich diet, understanding its role in post COVID rehabilitation is what everyone is more curious about. Let us begin by understanding the concept of the Alkaline diet and then gradually move towards a list of recommended foods. Further, we will also be discussing the importance of an Alkaline rich diet for COVID-19 patients on their way to recovery.


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What is an Alkaline Diet?

The normal pH level of our gut ranges between 1.5 to 3.5, though highly acidic but enough to maintain a healthy digestive system. But, there are times when this balance is disrupted due to the intake of acidic foods, leading to gastric issues. In some cases, acidic foods cause a loss in bone mineral density to an extent that it results in Osteoporosis, a common disease in elderly people. 

Also known as the acid-alkaline or alkaline ash diet, it claims to alter the pH level in the human body accompanied by improving immunity, managing weight and even combating cancer. Its concept is based on eliminating the food from your diet that can cause your body to produce an excessive amount of acids and replacing them with ones that are likely to alter the acid level in the body, thereby maintain a recommended pH balance. 

All in all, following an Alkaline rich diet plan during post COVID recovery, proves beneficial in maintaining the overall wellbeing to gain back the strength of your body that was lost while fighting with severe infection. However, please note that there are no medically approved claims of Alkaline foods helping you prevent the infection. It can only contribute by helping you build immunity and resistance against the virus and speed up your recovery time. 

Alkaline Diet Plan for Post COVID Recovery

Here is a list of the best Alkaline foods to include in your diet plan. However, it is important to first check for any kind of food allergies before intake and also consult your doctor. Besides, if the patient is very old, one can also get the right diet for an elderly person from a nutritionist. 

1.    Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy greens are bestowed with high amounts of Vitamin A, B, E, folic acid, minerals, iron, calcium and phosphate. These vast reserves are vital for the body to perform normal functions whilst building a robust immune system. Try incorporating the following Alkaline vegetables in your diet plan during post COVID recovery. 

●    Kale
●    Lettuce
●    Spinach
●    Cabbage
●    Collard greens (Haak)

2.    Citrus Fruits

Popular as one of the high-quality Alkaline foods to include in a diet chart, citrus fruits can help speed up the post COVID recovery process. Following a diet rich in citrus fruits help to detoxify the system, boost immunity and even avert the risk of cancer because of the richness in Vitamin C. Several studies have shown that Vitamin C also helps prevent the onset of cold and flu, which are among the mild COVID-19 symptoms. Here are some of these fruits to include in a COVID patient’s diet plan at home.

●    Lime
●    Lemon
●    Oranges
●    Gooseberry (Amla)

3.    Roots

One of the highly nutritious alkaline foods that help to maintain the body’s pH level. They are believed to be a great source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre that produces good bacteria in the gut, reduces cholesterol level and lowers the risk of bowel cancer and heart problems. What makes them the best foods for COVID recovery is the high Vitamin C and antioxidant properties as oxidative stress and inflammation are the key factors resulting in complications during or post-infection. Some of the roots to include in a COVID patients’ diet include,

●    Beets
●    Garlic
●    Carrots
●    Potatoes
●    Turnip (Shalgam)

4.    Nuts

Nuts are an all-time nutritious food, however, their richness in antioxidants, protein, and plant sterols make it a good inclusion in a COVID patient’s diet plan who is recovering at home. Including the following nuts in the daily diet can help strengthen your body and boost the immune system.

●    Walnut
●    Almond
●    Cashews

People are seeking different types of solutions, including diet plans to stay safe and prevent the life-threatening COVID-19 infection. However, it should be mentioned that including Alkaline foods alone in your diet may not be able to cure or prevent the infection, but can help to boost your immunity, which in turn can help to speed up the recovery.

Start Reaping The Benefits From Alkaline Foods

Owing to the given qualities of Alkaline foods, health experts suggest having a good blend of these nutrition-packed foods in your everyday meal. This will only help you to recover but also uplift your overall wellness. 

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