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22nd Dec 2020

Olive Oil: Types & Top Health Benefits for the Elderly

Olive oil, made from olive fruits, is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. The scientific name for olive oil is Olea europaea. Olive oil is extremely beneficial for the body. Experts claim that continuous use of olive oil eliminates all kinds of health problems in the elders.

This incredibly healthy oil is a part of the Mediterranean diet. As people age and enter different age groups, it becomes essential for them to opt for substitutes for a healthy and disease-free life. For the growing adults, olive oil is like the first step towards a healthy tomorrow.

Types Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is of different types, and their harvesting and maturity can play an essential role in preserving the taste. The different types of olive oils are listed here:

1: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is considered the best among the other types of olive oil. Along with the quality, it has a superior taste. Experts extract it from virgin olive oil without making the use of any mechanical or chemical treatment. It works as a magical anti-inflammatory product, and boosts skin and hair health. It also protects elders against insulin resistance and maintains blood cholesterol. Belonging to different brands, the skin benefits of extra virgin olive oil can vary. The pricing, taste, aroma, flavours, etc., might change, as well. But the health benefits of extra virgin oil remain more or less the same.

2: Virgin Olive Oil

It has a slightly lower quality as compared to extra virgin olive oil, but can still amaze elders with its health benefits. Even the flavour is pretty good—people prefer this type of olive oil is mainly for frying and sauteing the food. Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, it reduces inflammation and has some significant effects on cancer genes too.

3: Refined Olive Oil

This type of olive oil is also known as pure olive oil. It gets prepared from refining method. This fat version consists of oleic acid, but it is available 0.3 grams per 100 grams of oil. Regular consumption of refined olive oil can prevents strokes in elders. One can also blend it with other oils to increase the maximum benefits.

4: Extra Light Olive Oil

As the name suggests, the extra light type of olive oil has a lighter colour and flavour. However, unlike its name, the calories in it are not that light. Extra light olive oil is the right choice for baking purposes. Interestingly, the extra light olive oil contains some heart-friendly nutrients. Hence it is adequate to prevent heart diseases and blood pressure.

5: Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

The cold-pressed olive oil is the one that is pressed without any kind of heat. There might be other cold-pressed oils that might have undergone more than one press. If you happen to come across a label which mentions ‘first cold-pressed,’ it means that this oil has experienced only one press. Also, this is the one that is considered superior in comparison to the other pressed extra virgin olive oils.

6: Lampent oil

This type of olive oil is not used for eating or for skin and hair. It is used only for technical work and fuel.

Nutritional Value of Olive Oil

There are immense health benefits of consuming olive oil. Olive oil for elders is a great pick. So before you ditch the other oil to switch to olive oil, let’s tell you the nutritional value of olive oil for elders.

Talking about one spoon of extra virgin olive oil that is approximately 13.5 grams, the nutritional value of Olive oil is as follows:

  • 120 Calories
  • 14 gram Fat
  • 2.2 Saturated Fat
  • 1.8-gram Polyunsaturated Fat
  • 10-gram Monounsaturated Fat
  • 0-gram Trans Fat
  • 0-gram Total Carbohydrates
  • 0-gram Dietary Fiber
  • 0-gram Sugar
  • 0-gram Cholesterol
  • 0-gram Sodium
  • 0-gram Potassium
  • 0-gram Protein

Top Health Benefits Olive Oil For Elderly

People above 50 years of age should increase the consumption of olive oil. Elderly females who consume one spoon of olive oil within their daily diet have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Olive oil also has anti-inflammatory properties along with antioxidants too. Some discoveries show that these compounds are known to activate the tumour suppressor and the apoptotic genes. These are the ones that initiate the programmed death of the cell. Here are the top health benefits of olive oil for elders:

1) Heart diseases

Instead of using saturated fats, it is suitable for elders to shift to consuming olive oil. With olive oil, there is a reduced risk of contracting heart diseases and strokes. Also, there is a reduced level of blood pressure and issues related to cholesterol.

2) Olive Oil and Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a common health issue amongst the growing adults. A study conducted shows that consuming olive oil can play a significant role in clearing up the plaques. These plaques are known to damage the neurons of the brain. Even in medical science Mediterranean diet improves the functioning of the brain. Also, there is a reduced risk of contracting problems like cognitive impairment.

3) Lending support in Bone Health

The bone health should be good in both, the adults as well as the elders. To maintain good bone health, the intake of calcium should be adequate. Supplements are an acceptable option, but natural things genuinely do wonders. Olives additionally help forestall the deficiency of the bone mass in problems like age-related osteoporosis. A few mixes in additional virgin olive oil can well stimulate the bone-framing osteoblastic cells. However, if undertaken, a few olive oil examinations have likewise seen increments of bone framework proteins and other bone-defensive impacts.

4) Antioxidants & Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Olive Oil comprises numerous kinds of antioxidants, that are inclusive of phenols as well as polyphenols. A portion of these present antioxidants, namely, oleuropein, is just found in olive oil. These have been found helpful to the elders who consume olive oil in any form regularly. Alongside cancer prevention agents, olive oil contains good monounsaturated fats, the two of which have mitigating properties and decrease high blood pressure and cholesterol.

5) Olive Oil For Eyes

Eyes are an essential part of our body. At the same time, nowadays, being focused on computers, TVs and mobiles all day, our eyes get a lot of emphasis. Also, with time, the eyesight gets reduced with age. In such a situation, you must pay attention to it in time. Here, elders can use olive oil for eye care. One can lightly massage around the eyes with olive oil, as it will promote blood circulation around the eyes, relieve fatigue and make elders feel fresh. Elders can do this before bedtime. Apart from this, one can also consume olive oil.

Olive Oil Benefits for Hair Growth

1: Hair moisturiser

In general, hair gets dry because of synthetic compounds or climate like winter. It’s essential to treat the dryness before it alerts into harm for the elders. Utilising the traditional conditioners should be doing the needful to make your hair delicate and less bunched up yet. But sometimes, the hair is damaged badly in the long run. Olive oil is an ideal substitute of conditioners for the elderly. It profoundly saturates the hair, making it delicate, smooth, and liberated from frizz. It likewise adds a definite try to please hair.

2: Simpler Hair Management

Hair management is a severe issue of the elders. It is anything but a bit of information that sounds like the hair is relatively simple to oversee. Olive oil assists with wiping out the dryness and unpleasant closures. It assists with restraining even the most challenging hair like artificially treated hair and wavy hair.

3: Shiny tresses

Dry hair burdens are, no doubt, a real thing in elders. Olive oil for hair is the best to maintain hair’s normal surface. Olive oil profoundly conditions hair, keeping it healthy. Olive oil preserves the shine of hair.

4: Farewell to dandruff

Dandruff is a bad result of the dry and flaky scalp. Here’s something that you can do utilising – Olive oil. Blend a tablespoon of lemon, squeeze it in with the oil, and rub your scalp with this mixture before washing up. Lemon juice assists with removing dandruff and olive oil saturate as well as moisturises the scalp to prevent the event of dandruff.

5: No more split ends

Elders hair gets harmed effectively during winters, and all that dryness makes their hair inclined to break as well as lousy split ends. Split ends are a significant indication of severely damaged hair, and it’s more than essential to take care of them before this issue gets out of their reach. In this case, elders can take a couple of drops of olive oil on their fingers, and run it through wet hair tresses, minutes after stepping out of the shower.

Olive Oil Benefits For Skin

1) It’s plentiful in many nutrients.

Olive oil has some revealed advantages that might benefit the skin of the elderly to a great extent. As per the International Olive Council, olive oil has many different nutrients and vitamins, including Vitamin A, D, and K, just as vitamin E that keeps the elder skin healthy and young.

2) It saturates and battles microorganisms.

Acne is another major problem among the elderly. To fight the stubborn acne, elders should increase the consumption of olive oil and should also apply it directly on the skin. Olive oil benefits the skin by declining skin inflammation and by executing off the microorganisms that cause the skin to break out.

How to Use Olive Oil?

Although there are many benefits of olive oil, its services increase when you use it properly. Below we are providing elders the easy ways to use olive oil.

  • Elders can use olive oil in cooking.
  • Elders can massage with olive oil on their skin, hair or body.
  • Elders can eat it by sprinkling olive oil on the salad like a topping.
  • Elders can also consume olive oil on bread.
  • Elders can also use olive oil as a hair pack and face pack.

Things to Keep In Mind While Storing Olive Oil

If you want to make the best out of olive oil, ensure to keep the following points in mind while using and storing it:

  • Always store it in an air-tight container.
  • Keep it away from sunlight.
  • Use the olive oil within two months of its packing date as it loses its qualities after that.
  • Keep it away from the stove.
  • Keep it in a more relaxed place.

Side-effects of Olive Oil

Like everything else, Olive oil also has its share of disadvantages or side-effects. We have already highlighted the many benefits of olive oil. Now, it is essential to discuss the side-effects of olive oil as well.

  • Elders who have diabetes should check their blood sugar levels before consuming olive oil in any form. The consumption of olive oil controls the body’s blood sugar levels, but reduction beyond a certain level is not suitable for elders.
  • Elders who are expecting surgery in the next few days or months should consult with a doctor before consuming olive oil. Elders should stop the use of olive oil two weeks before the date of the surgery, as olive oil is known to lower the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Olive oil is not a good option for the elderly with dehydrated skin. Some researches suggest that olive oil contains oleic acid, which affects the natural moisture in the skin.
  • Excessive use of olive oil can cause weight gain among the elders.
  • Pickles made with olive can cause constipation.


Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils. After reading this article, you must have realised the importance of regular consumption of olive oil for the elderly. Its use is beneficial in several types of diseases and is extensively used for the skin problems among elders. However, while using the olive oil, always ensure to buy the best quality as many dealers out there sell their versions of olive oil.

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