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23rd Nov 2020
Green coffee beans much healthy approach to lifestyle

Green coffee beans: much healthy approach to lifestyle

Feeling sleepy or tired or having trouble while getting up from bed, and need a boost of energy? What else better way can you think of to kick start your day than having a cup of coffee.

For centuries coffee has been an integral part of our lives and is so important to us like tea is to an Englishmen. Coffee comes in so many varieties and flavours. One such type is GREEN COFFEE.

In this article we would be discussing about various aspects of Green Coffee both positive as well as negative, let it be Benefits and side effects of green coffee or benefits of green coffee pills, health benefits of drinking green coffee beans, benefits of green coffee extract and much more, let’s get started.

What do we understand by the term “Green coffee” or “Green coffee beans”?

Green coffee is just like regular coffee. The basic difference in the two are, green coffee are just regular normal coffee beans which are not roasted and they remain raw. Due to this quality of green coffee beans, they retain more amount of chemical content present in them. Whereas in case of black coffee beans, this chemical content is lost due to roasting of beans.

Is green coffee beneficial?

You may get surprised to know that green coffee is much more beneficial for our health if compared to our normal black coffee which we consume. And these benefits arise from the fact that they lack roasting process, which in turn accounts for more chemical content retention.

What are the benefits of Green coffee or green coffee beans?

There are enormous health benefits of green coffee or we can say health benefits of drinking green coffee beans. Few of them are listed below:

Green coffee is beneficial for treating obesity

There are enormous research which showed or suggested that obese adults who have been consuming green coffee beans or green coffee extract 5 times a day for approximately 4 to 12 weeks, experienced an average loss of about 2.7 kg of weight than the individuals who have been consuming the normal roasted coffee beans or coffee bean extract.

Green coffee is beneficial for treating high blood pressure

A study was conducted and it was found that the individuals who have a problem of untreated blood pressure issues can treat this issue by simply consuming green coffee extract or green coffee beans. Though the result may show slight change but something is always better than nothing.

Green coffee or green coffee extract can be beneficial for type 2 diabetes

Drinking or consuming green coffee beans or green coffee extract is very beneficial in type 2 diabetes because it brings blood sugar level back to normal in the body.

Green coffee can be beneficial in case of Alzheimer’s disease

People who are consuming green coffee or green coffee extract are less prone to disease such as Alzheimer, and other health related issues such as Dementia.

Rich source of anti-oxidants

Green coffee extract or green coffee beans act as an excellent source for anti-oxidants.

Gives a boost to metabolism

Green coffee extract or green coffee beans provides an aid to the body by increasing its metabolism rate.

Reduction of extra fats accumulated in the body

Consumption of green coffee on regular basis may result in reduced level of fats in the body.

Can green coffee be effective in terms of weight loss?

Green coffee was found out to be an effective source of weight loss in some individual, though we can’t say this for an overall population. There are so many ongoing researches related to this query, let’s wait for the result and hope for the best.

Benefits and side-effects of green coffee

As we have discussed earlier, there are many health benefits of drinking green coffee beans, but every positive thing is often followed by few negativities, for every pro there exist a con, similarly green coffee beans too have some side effects. Some of the major side effects of green coffee as listed below:

High levels of Homocysteine

Consuming large doses of green coffee can lead to increase in the levels of homocysteine. This is due to the chemical chlorogenic acid found in green coffee.

Increased level of anxiety

It is advised to consume green coffee in a limit or else it may lead to increased levels of anxiety.

Bleeding disorders

Consuming green coffee beans at a high rate might be harmful for people suffering from bleeding disorder; this is due to high concentration of caffeine in the body.


Patients suffering from diarrhoea are advised to take green coffee in a controlled amount, because high caffeine content in the body may worsen the situation.

Unregulated blood pressure

High consumption of green coffee or green coffee beans in linked to unregulated or increased rate of blood pressure in the body and this effect is also due to accumulation of high caffeine content in the body.


If green coffee is consumed in an uncontrolled manner, so it may lead to osteoporosis and this is due to decreased levels of calcium. This decreased level of calcium is due to the caffeine present along with various other factors.


High green coffee intake can build pressure inside the eye due to high caffeine and hence may result in glaucoma.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

If the case of diarrhoea is worsening day by day due to high caffeine intake, then it might lead to IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.

High level of cholesterol

High intake of green coffee may lead to increased levels of caffeine which in turn results in high cholesterol level.


Continuous increase in the caffeine level or increased consumption of green coffee leads to insomnia or other sleep related disorders.


It is advised to take green coffee in adequate amount or else side effects in terms of restlessness can be observed.

What should be the appropriate dosage for green coffee?

  • Though there is not an exact figure about how much green coffee intake should be considered normal but, it depends on various factors such as consumers age, health related condition the consumer may have etc.
  • Regular or normal consumption may seem to be beneficial for our body health but Increased green coffee consumption may lead to various health related issues which might be harmful for the body.

Benefits of black coffee vs Green tea, which of the either is more beneficial?

Both of them, that is green tea along with black coffee is found to be beneficial for our body but condition being if taken in proper quantity, large amounts may lead to various problems.

Green tea and black coffee contain different amount of caffeine in them and due to this variation, the results they have on or body may differ from one another.

  • Both of them are effective in reducing the risk of liver cancer.
  • Both of them can reduce the cognitive decline experienced in senior citizens, but this effect can be seen in small quantity of green tea whereas in case of black coffee large amount is required to produce same result.
  • Green tea is more effective in lowering cholesterol as compared to black coffee.
  • Green tea is much more suitable for relaxation than coffee.
  • If you require an instant boost of energy, then all you might need is just a cup of black coffee, and you are all set.

These benefits of green tea vs black coffee may vary from person to person and depends on how an individual consumes the same.

Should coffee be advised for senior citizens?

In survey, it was observed that the coffee consumption in older adults was higher as compared to any other age group. Coffee is beneficial for our health, not only for elderly but also for any other age group if taken in a controlled manner.

What effect does coffee has on elderly people?

Coffee is taken in proper amount, may account for healthy lifestyle. But to much of good thing is dangerous in any scenario possible.

Effect of caffeine on older adults

Caffeine is observed to have enormous effect on elderly people or older adults, few of them are listed below:nbsp;

  • Elderly people are more prone to health-related issues such as dehydration. And consuming large amount of coffee (about 5 cups a day) may result in dehydration.
  • Dehydration due to caffeine can have further effects such as light-headedness, frequent falling.
  • High caffeine intake can lead to revving up of nervous system.
  • In elderly people, high levels of blood pressure are seen as an after effect of high caffeine consumption.
  • Various sleep related disorders are also found among people consuming coffee at high rate.
  • Reduced bone strength is also an effect of high caffeine intake and can lead to various joints related problems.

What are the benefits of Green coffee with garcinia cambogia?

Now a days, taking supplement along with your daily in-take to produce a desired result is not out of the box. We all make different combinations of tuff to meet our daily requirements let it be in weight loss or anything. One such combination is of green coffee with garcinia cambogia. It has various health benefits, some of them are listed below:

  • Suppression of appetite
  • Effective weight loss
  • Increased metabolic rate

But all these advantages come only if you take the two in adequate amount.

How much quantities of green coffee extract must be mixed with garcinia cambogia?

If one is mixing the two products that is, green coffee extract with garcinia cambogia. He or she should stick to the instructions which are given on the label of the supplement; any wrong amount may lead to harmful side effects. Thus one must read and follow the instructions correctly in order to get the desired outcome from it.

Are there side-effects of mixing green coffee extract with garcinia cambogia?

If it is consumed in adequate amount or if the mixture is prepared keeping in mind fixed quantities of the products, as mentioned on the label, one might not face any side-effects as such.

What are the possible side-effects of mixing green coffee extract with garcinia cambogia?

As mentioned earlier, there won’t be any side-effect if the mixture is prepared by following the instructions given on the label of the supplement. But if it is prepared on your own, one might hamper the quantities given and thus leading to side-effects.

The various possible side-effects of green coffee extract with garcinia cambogia are:

  • It may lead to diarrhoea.
  • It can cause nausea if consumed in large quantities.
  • Can lead to increased heart rate.
  • Might cause anxiety in the consumer.
  • It leads to insomnia or many sleep related disorders in the consumer if not taken in adequate amount.
  • Can cause dry mouth which is a symptom of dehydration.
  • Sometimes dizziness is also experienced by the consumers if it is not consumed properly.

Various myths related to coffee consumption

There are various myths related to coffee, few of them are listed below:

Pregnant women shouldn’t consume coffee-

Though caffeine taken in adequate amount won’t harm the foetus but still it is advised that pregnant women must limit the caffeine in-take.

Coffee often stunts one’s growth-

This is totally a myth, but taken in excess amount is harmful for the body.

Coffee can reduce weight effectively-

This is also a myth, though coffee can increase the metabolism rate of the body which in turn can cause reduction of weight slightly but not too much.


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