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15th Aug 2022
Primary Sources Of Calcium

10 Food Sources Of Calcium For Your Bones

Calcium is a critical mineral that performs several functions, forming the building blocks of our bones and teeth. The recommended calcium supplements for seniors are about 1,200 mg or 1.2 grams. Ideally, you should spread the intake to a range of foods to have a healthy diet.


1. Milk


Milk is one of the most popular sources of calcium rich foods. One cup of milk can give up to 352 mg of this mineral, which is about a quarter of the daily recommended value. These mineral levels can vary based on the source of the milk.


2. Cheese


Cheese is also an excellent source of calcium in food. The body absorbs calcium more readily from dairy sources than plants; therefore, it’s essential to include these in the diet. A 30-gram block of cheddar cheese has about 200 mg of this mineral.


3. Yoghurt


Next in line on the top sources is yoghurt. One cup of yoghurt contains 254 grams of calcium. Yoghurt is also a rich source of probiotic bacteria, which is essential for the digestive system.


4. Beans and Lentils


Beans and lentils are rich sources of protein and fibre along with calcium. One cup of beans can give close to 240 g of this mineral. Include a cup of these in the diet daily to fill your calcium sources food quota and other sources.


5. Soy Milk


Soy milk is among the best foods rich in calcium for vegetarians, vegans and lactose intolerant people. A cup of fortified soymilk can give close to 340 mg of this mineral.


6. Spinach


Spinach is an excellent source of dietary fibre and several minerals, including calcium and iron-rich foods. One cup of cooked spinach can give 254 mg of this mineral. Leafy greens should be a part of our diet to maintain good gut health.


7. Almonds


Almonds are delicious and nutritious, containing everything from dietary fibre to proteins and antioxidants. They are also one of the foods high in calcium recommended as a healthy snack. One cup of almonds contains about 385 mg of this mineral which is close to a third of the daily recommended value.


8. Figs


If you love figs as a snack, you can rest assured that you get a good amount of this mineral during your breaks. One cup of dried figs contains 242 mg of this mineral.


9. Canned Fish


Canned fish and fresh fish are calcium-rich foods for bones, and a serving of 100 grams can give you 325 mg of this mineral. Fish are also excellent sources of lean meats and omega-3 fatty acids.


10. Tofu


Tofu is one of calcium rich foods for vegan. Half a cup contains 861 mg of this mineral, which is also a great source of protein.


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Calcium element is an essential mineral needed for maintaining strong bones as we grow older, and it can be obtained from various food sources such as plants, dairy and meat. The best way to intake this mineral is to incorporate as many different sources as possible into the diet.



Which foods increase calcium absorption?

Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt have readily absorbed calcium.


Which is the number 1 source of calcium?

Milk is the most readily available source of calcium, and one cup of milk can give 325 mg of this mineral.


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